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from diary--user :
Hi, I just recently joined your camera-girls ring, but I noticed that the picture's link is invalid. I know you haven't updated your diary in a while, but I thought I would tell you anyway. If you have hosted your image on diaryland and your gold membership expired, might I suggest using to host your images. Your membership will not expire there.
from mommylap :
MONSTER HOUSE! Yay, and I see that you are a soap fan too- although I am long committed to CBS soaps so my fun SSW type stories are all NYC based. But you know Roger Howarth is on ATWT now, so that's a little slice of OLTL that can crossover. Thanks for adding me to your buddy list!
from herbz :
Just took your Legolas survey, check it out!!! You rule! See ya! Herbz!
from nikitrubl :
Thanks for joining the dead like me diary ring!
from etan :
hi! i found 2002 to be an exciting new beginning, but maybe it's time to update your profile. ^_^
from bender87 :
hey there! thanx for welcoming me. I really like the tenth kingdom and quite excited about joining the ring. Anyway, nice to know you!
from meeyapede :
I love the animals banner. May I ask what you used to make them? (myimager is pretty crappy) Also, the kitty on the right looks like my cat MOO. Yay! MOO! -jl
from cutething :
i' ve been busy designing layouts and avoiding talking about that thing that that kid i know doesn' t want to talk about because no matter how prepared you are for stuff like that, no matter how logical, and reasonable it seems, it still really sucks. ( could i be more vague? ) anyway, thank you for taking my survey.
from mistresslink :
hey thanks for joining mine too! i just went gold so you're my first member...don't you feel special. :)
from shoon5800 :
Hey, I read your new entry. You have not done anything to deserve what your going through. Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Everytime something goes wrong it may be for the better but, you just may not know it yet. Give your problems time to work themselves out and things'll get better. You hafta remember no matter how bad it is it can allways get worse. Keep your chin up! The sun will come out tomorrow..... Bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow..... (sorry I just watched that movie last night.) Good Luck with everything *Namarie*
from mylifeat16 :
Thanks for the welcome, I just got it up now, there was a problem with one of my links :)
from rockchild16 :
I know you couldn't find the tag, the computer went bazurk and spit at me right after I joined. Grrrrr. Thanks for the welcome, though!
from shoon5800 :
Thank you for welcoming me to the Diaryring.... I love Legolas/LotR..... It's the best! KIT..... *Namarie*
from rockerhobo :
lol thanx for the welcome note...l8r.
from harlemrain :
Hi, thanks for the welcome note :)
from lilchasez23 :
Thanks for the note :)
from rainbowmyst :
Thanks for the note; 'tis very much appreciated! And, wow... it's great to know I'm not the only one in love the The Changeling... though I haven't been able to watch it for five years. Scary, heh... Thanks again, and namarie!
from purple4grl :
Hey! I just joined your legolas ring and I am a total fan of you. i'm not a stalker but just tosay. you're cool.
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the arachnophobia ring, and just a thought, you should probably put up a link to your rings page on your main page...i had a hard time finding your rings.

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