Trench Warfare

"Brains, blood and entrails can be painted in a way which makes one's mouth water. This Dix - forgive the crude expression - makes you want to throw up." (JULIUS MEIER-GRAEFE)

My favorite diaries:

urine profile - diary
comments: " the school directory my middle name is Virgin..."
maleta profile - diary
comments: (I've known her for a long time.)
almostreally profile - diary
comments: (stellar/loamy)
shutupmom profile - diary
redd profile - diary
comments: "...when you said, i love you and that is all that matters right now. really only applied to that moment right then..."
thebeesknees profile - diary
comments: (Someone I've been reading a long time, and with excellent taste in the music.)
kelly profile - diary
comments: (I've probably read more entries by her than anyone else in the universe.)
ann-frank profile - diary
comments: "...Achtung! Achtung! Ich bin der Dance Commander! Ihr Dance Commander ist hier! You must dance!..."
sisterdisco profile - diary
comments: (gone? or just living at New Zealand pace)
sopeculiar profile - diary
comments: "...Lately, I've started to feel like a gate-crasher again. Basically, this means that I'm convinced that the world's a private party and I'm not invited..."
robynb profile - diary
f-ckwittage profile - diary
comments: (Pictures. Sadly I've lost the excellent texts she sent from a pub toilet.)
alicatstrut profile - diary
comments: (not gone?)
zeroreverb7 profile - diary
comments: "... I imagined warring angels riding through some ghostly town....wings and helmets...and dust...wrapped up in big heavy metal engines...that seemed to speak and breathe in unison when they passed by. I stepped out of my car and threw my purse on t
eileenroof profile - diary
comments: (Can she escape Edinburgh entirely?)
pepsi-hater profile - diary
comments: (Not often, but I still want to know.)
knock-first profile - diary
pyrena profile - diary
comments: " day i walked into his room and he had collected a bunch of notes and drawings i had given him and framed them into a kind of collage. these things seem creepy on paper, but really they are sweet..."
wherwhenwhy profile - diary
comments: (Sadly I never read this while I was in Aberdeen, or I might not have believed the town's entirely uncultured and worthless.)
everchanging profile - diary
comments: (gone?)
arvianna profile - diary
comments: "...and thinking, honestly wow, how much more off the beaten path can you get than what me and my community members here are doing?..."
proveit profile - diary
comments: "...I am not here to break up hobo fights, so take it down the block if you have to have it out with Ole Bindlepants McGee at 9:30 am, ok?..."
bluperspex profile - diary
comments: "...suddenly mismatched socks would seem endearing and eccentrically comical..."
roister profile - diary
comments: "...He didn�t grasp that it was her cell alone and all she needed was him to see and hear it. He didn�t know that he could look but not be..."
vocalfern profile - diary
riotkittin profile - diary
comments: "...No, my problem is that I don't exist inside of peoples minds..." (if she doesn't update i'll have to read her mind)
heelandlass profile - diary
comments: I'm sure she's hovering dangerously nearby writing about entirely different things to me.
subsidiary profile - diary
comments: (Refreshingly annoyed.)
dinosaurs profile - diary
comments: "... my brother says love you, mitten and i say love you, buster. i know what he means, because we mean the same thing: don't die ..."
fridayfilms profile - diary
tofalldivine profile - diary
comments: "...On days like today, I read fairytales and wonder if the princesses ever told Prince Charming that he just wasn't her type..."
alonelyplace profile - diary
darcy-farrow profile - diary
comments: (gone?)
atavist profile - diary
comments: "...Tonight would be perfect for getting in my car and driving too fast up a motorway to nowhere in particular..."
meganwaits profile - diary
comments: "...Stuff like this just makes you sit there and do nothing, you know. I mean, I might could have had our walk in closet already organized if it hadn't been for that one picture. ..."
megsworld2 profile - diary
cutething profile - diary
doctoredjnr profile - diary
osakamoment profile - diary
comments: "...And maybe that's my problem, because they are the same for me. Love and music. And art. And it isn't just expression, but a physical reality...."
oladybug0 profile - diary
comments: (very informative)
sunfuck profile - diary
comments: "...let us build your THE WOMB today with our cutely pudgey robots, reasonably priced so all can afford to vacation back to the lovely fetal stage, and perhaps even the pre-fetal stage...."
fatbrunettes profile - diary
comments: (Living off elephant stew and cheese made from Julia Roberts's breast milk.)
stepfordtart profile - diary
luminescent profile - diary
comments: "...There's a secret on/off switch somewhere on my back. I'd like to turn myself off at night, if possible..."
annanotbob profile - diary
nwgirlchild profile - diary
pimlico profile - diary
joistmonkey profile - diary
bitterwineuk profile - diary
idiot-milk profile - diary
pernickety profile - diary
joie-- profile - diary
anathema- profile - diary
greenleaftea profile - diary
falloficarus profile - diary
exexex profile - diary
fuschiashock profile - diary
unowhatilike profile - diary
pettyquarrel profile - diary
dulligirl profile - diary
annanotbob2 profile - diary
c-estmoi4tu profile - diary
lostasyou profile - diary
samcorday profile - diary
crowbelle profile - diary

My favorite music:

Belle and Sebastian
comments: not everything from glasgow makes you want to commit suicide
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
comments: virtually unlistenable but jesus was annoying too especially as an adolescent. my tribute band tweenie christ and the wanking baptists starts gigging next year
comments: better than books
Helen Love
comments: love love love love love
Half Man Half Biscuit
comments: remember to bake correct half

My favorite movies:

Andrei Rublev
comments: the bells the bells
The Life of Oharu
comments: best ever movie whore
Streets of Fire
comments: rick moranis
The Wizard of Oz
comments: genuinely terrifying and makes me want to kill pink floyd fans
Paris, Texas
comments: the key to making a good sam shepard movie is not to let him anywhere near the screen or director's chair and probably write as little as possible also

My favorite authors:

Fyodor Dostoevsky
comments: funny
Flannery O'Connor
comments: significantly better than graham greene
Carson McCullers
comments: the finest whiny teenager in the history of literature
B S Johnson
comments: liar
J G Ballard
comments: pervert

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