Land of the Found

"The Female Gallagher"


"A Sexy, Dynamic Performer"

"She eats poo!"

"Restores That 'So-Fresh' Feeling!"

"A Good Friend"

"Gives Cat Insulin Shot Every Twelve Hours!"

"More Rasp than the Hair-Off Mitten!"

Raises questions such as, "Why doesn't Spiderman shoot web out of his ass like a regular God-fearing spider?"

My favorite diaries:

joyfulthing profile - diary
comments: I do so enjoy your interstate archive.
missprisy profile - diary
comments: suzinkaybrayvis, you still rock my world!
nigelmason profile - diary
comments: you make me dizzy, missa Lizzy...
busy-milkman profile - diary
comments: milkmania! grinneriffica!
ladypete profile - diary
comments: peeing in the middle of prayer.
jillica profile - diary
comments: "Like my Gram says, 'You can shit in one hand and wish in the other. Which one will fill up first?' " I like girls with sassy grannies.
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: "If I was walking down the street and a group of 12 year olds tried to ploy me over- saying that someone was hurt, I'd go over there and stab them myself."
ask-obiwan profile - diary
comments: "you know how jaba the hut put princess leia in that gold bikini? well, it was originally me in a gold speedo...yeah, that's right."
blump profile - diary
comments: she says things like, "big hairy cyber stalker with lopsided breasts"!!!
sigyn profile - diary
comments: playing the soundtrack of my life.
wonderwall profile - diary
comments: she's sweet and nice and full of hope and love!
slithy-toves profile - diary
comments: she says she never wears the right shoes but I have a feeling, just because of that, that they're just the right shoes.
c1996 profile - diary
comments: she has a bunny!
pitty-sing profile - diary
comments: "Have you ever licked the inside of a purse you just thrifted? It's a metallic, salty taste, usually, with a bit of a soapy-perfumy hint." It even gets better.
shortblonde1 profile - diary
comments: Oh my, Jezebel how I love thee... Shall I compare Thy Fanny to a Summer's Day?
gingeryette profile - diary
comments: "I am thinking of proposing to my doctor. This, despite the facts: she's a woman and married. I am heterosexual and not at all interested in girls."
grlscout profile - diary
comments: Canadian garden parties, acoustic guitars and Tom Waits. What more does a girl need?
babulu profile - diary
comments: Bob the Bus Driver has delightfully disparate tastes such as N*Sync and Man or Astroman? This and the honesty I appreciate whole-heartedly.
bathtubmary profile - diary
comments: Also a beantowner, will also tell you how your garden grows and also feels braless freedom now and again.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Fried crayon hilarity.
june-miller profile - diary
comments: As random as me. Moves seamlessly from News of sex toys being found in a violated couple's luggage to the giant cucumber on her desk.
pedestrianx profile - diary
comments: And I thought I was hard on myself! Though she does enjoy moments of slackerdom as much as I do. Lovely and thoughtful.
eyesonthesky profile - diary
comments: "I'm afraid of earthquakes and rapists and zombies. I'm afraid I'll see someone in the backyard. I'm afraid someone will try to break in (despite the alarm system)." Me too!
fille6 profile - diary
comments: "inanimate objects have begun hating me. stereo's got a posse." *And* she joined my Krzystof Kieslowski diaryring.
allnitediner profile - diary
comments: I appreciate whole-heartedly her love of detail.
boymonkey profile - diary
comments: "helpless, i decided to sit back for the most part and just watch the corner of his mouth foam as it had been since he first started talking to me."
itsmylife profile - diary
comments: Also inexplicably enjoys demolition. And explains it well.
tina11belina profile - diary
comments: I can't tell you how many times we've sat forehead to forehead solving the world's problems. Ok, yeah, I'm sorry-we're working on it!
peth profile - diary
comments: "I am at the mall, looking for precious gems, spying these goils wearing small tea cosies on their toppages and shorts which reveal their under butts."
organizm2 profile - diary
comments: Fellow virgo, sharp wit and fantasticness.
madamfafa profile - diary
comments: "I briefly toyed with the idea of fashioning all my furniture out of paper mache"

My favorite music:

comments: Believo! is one of my favorite albums of all time. And High Society is great too.
comments: Beautiful, wispy, smart, lush
The Sultans
comments: Rocket from the Crypt guys, any John Reis incarnation is a good incarnation.
The Cranktones
comments: Old school rockabilly, heavy on the billy. Get Vibrate With The Cranktones now. GO! HAVE AT IT!
comments: Um....duh.

My favorite movies:

The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: Wes Anderson has this uncanny ability to be completely funny and completely heart-wrenching at the same time. And Mark Mothersbaugh is such a perfect choice to write his scores. Didja know he was in Devo? Mark Mothersbaugh, not Wes Anderson.
Wings of Desire
comments: An angel falls in love with a mortal and sacrifices his angel life to be with her. She's a circus performer. But it's not silly and circusy. It's amazing.
comments: O, Beautiful Synthesis!
This is Spinal Tap
comments: "We have armadillos in our trousers!"
The Big Lebowski
comments: "Shit yeah, The Achievers!"

My favorite authors:

Joan Didion
comments: "A large woman in a cotton muumuu jams her cart into mine at the butcher counter. 'What a thing to wear to the market,' she says in a loud but strangled voice�She follows me all over the store�jamming my cart whenever she can."
Edward Gorey
comments: �It would carry off objects of which it grew fond, and protect them by dropping them into the pond. It came seventeen years ago�and to this day it has shown no intention of going away.� From The Doubtful Guest
Daniel Clowes
comments: �The Dot; Long have the briny waves left urchins upon her shore. Forever clinging, like barstool barnacles, to floating debris after a wreck.� From #$@&!, The Official Lloyd Llewellyn Collection
Milan Kundera
comments: �Vertigo is the voice of the emptiness below us, which tempts and lures us; It is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves." From The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Pagan Kennedy
comments: I love The Exes. It's fun and I know all of the places she writes about well, because she lives here too.

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