Smashley: The New Adventures

An evolution from young woman to mother, in six short years! I began this diary while in high school, took a long, long hiatus, and now feel like I'm ready to get back to writing least to begin putting my thoughts and feelings back out there again.

My favorite diaries:

deepblue3 profile - diary
comments: An awesome journal; She really keeps everything true and to the point. (Plus, shes a Jimmy Fallon fan :))
jlaff profile - diary
comments: Jlaff is truley the epitome of online journals. He knows how it is, and isn't afraid to tell you in his own... sarastic kind of way. Great ambitions really do pay off.
crayon profile - diary
comments: captured my attention...and held it....and held it....and is currently still holding it.
smashley7192 profile - diary
comments: i know...this is poetry....i just really like it...maybe you will too....i know this is kind of vain....but oh well...everyone falters once in their lives
tasukitoad profile - diary
comments: For some reason, pointed me here. I took the road, read the tire tracks, and continued to drive intruiged the whole way.
wifemotherme profile - diary
comments: I've been reading this forever....and just now realized....i haven't added it yet....i love this diary
porktornado profile - diary
comments: hi-freakin'-larious
breathe- profile - diary
comments: Brianna! She's back!
bare-my-soul profile - diary
comments: Rose is just...beautiful. I love reading this diary.
impetuousme profile - diary
comments: if you read it, you'd like it too :p
wildrose1 profile - diary
comments: I've been reading this for awhile, but I never got around to adding it. I figured it was time.....
herdarlinsin profile - diary
comments: Chrissi! Oh lordy have I missed this woman's advice! Nice of you to come out of hiding. :)
rose-phoenix profile - diary
comments: this used to be bare-my-soul, but she changed her address. :)
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: she's hilarious...and brave to boot

My favorite music:

Fall Out Boy
comments: I know...mainstream radio...but I always liked them before they went public. Haha.
comments: "Now maybe, some would say your life was sad, but you lived it anyway" Rainy day music that really gets the mood set.
Pat Benetar
comments: "Your love is like a tidal wave, washing over my're a heartbreaker, dream-maker, love-taker, don't you mess around with me."
comments: Classic, yet contemporary; i love this band to death.
Breaking Benjamin
comments: Seen them in concert 4 times..I LOVE THIS favorite song is "Forget It"

My favorite movies:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
comments: What can I say? .... You KNOW that you can't resist it either. Admit it.....Say it....I told you.....ADMIT IT!
comments: A classic love story; mixed with the corruption of american youth. Wonderful.
Cruel Intentions
comments: Ooh, seduction, corruption, infatuation, and infedelity. This is my FAVORITE. I'm positive this time.
Lotr/The Hobbit
comments: Fantasy at it's finest!
A Walk To Remember
comments: This movie makes me want to be a better person...

My favorite authors:

Pittacus Lore
comments: Yes, I admit it. I still enjoy the same adolescent books that I used to...
James Patterson
comments: I can never put his books down.
J. K. Rowling
comments: Yes...I am one of those obsessed Harry Potter nerds....I won't deny it.
Stephen King
comments: No one writes a horror book like Stephen King. Try Desperation; its my favorite.
JRR Tolkein
comments: He wrote the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy: What more can I say?

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