My Accidental Affair...

I find there is nothing about me important enough to put here that wouldn't be in the diary.

My favorite diaries:

retailharlot profile - diary
comments: She loves midgets. I love her. Read her. You might learn something...
geeked-out profile - diary
comments: I want to marry her. Seriously. Stalk her and marry her. She is me but funnier and more talented. Amazing. I don't even give a shit she has a kid. "My mother couldn�t have been more of a cunt if she had taken classes. " ---how can yo
imaphatpig profile - diary
comments: a few of her interests: "sex, porn, sex while watching porn." I like her already.
ethelinde profile - diary
beautifulwoe profile - diary
comments: She's so sweet you can't help but love her, and I dislike everyone.
holdensolo profile - diary
comments: nothing there but talent. Beautiful, exquisite, unbelievable talent. If you read this.
invisibledon profile - diary
lardy-butt profile - diary
refusal profile - diary
evaluate-you profile - diary
comments: where I get to make people cry
whitehelmet profile - diary
comments: I laughed outloud five times. And, I NEVER laugh out loud unless you are funnier than me.
onyxpurr profile - diary
comments: I think she may have insulted me inadvertantly...and I liked it.
poopiebitch profile - diary
comments: I can't believe I hadn't added her. I'm an idiot. I've loved her from the time I knew she loved Baked Beans HA
anexperiment profile - diary
comments: I'm addicted to this guy. It might be the cold clear plans he makes to be "social" that are so at odds with my normal ability to plan. Or, it could be the religious thing. Who knows? He doesn't update enough.
hippo-pepperpot profile - diary
beckers-j profile - diary
mookie profile - diary
razor-vixen profile - diary
bluemeany profile - diary
comments: She's in Iraq...and she'll make you piss your pants she's so funny.
hippie-shit profile - diary
comments: i managed to call him while he was drunk, stoned, and up in the mountains, and then later, after snorting some K, called him back and left a message saying: "rex, lisssssteeeennn"
flowermouths profile - diary
girlmoose profile - diary
her-story profile - diary
dulligirl profile - diary

My favorite music:

Norah Jones
comments: I feel that needs no comment
Diana Krall
comments: I would be her lesbian girlfriend
Damien Rice
comments: I want to have sex with him until my vagina falls off
Counting Crows
comments: Adam is a top notch writer who was handed a guitar. Lyrically amazing
Jack Lukeman
comments: I want to have his babies...and I've never seen him. Its just his VOICE...oh my god his VOICE!!

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

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