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from geeked-out :
aww I miss you
from annivate :
where the hell are they all coming from?
from bluemeany :
So how about this shit -- my computer has suddenly begun filtering your diary as "tasteless"! What The Fuck?!
from flowermouths :
My diary is now locked. To get the password, please email me at [email protected]. thanks!
from flowermouths :
Thanks for the advice! I did what you said and found one. I think it looks pretty good! Tell me what you think. :)
from bradyk :
i don't know you, your diary is funny. i'm always drunk too. fuck. sweet. -brady
from f-i-n :
i hate hurricanes
from poopiebitch :
dammit! I can't use tags in notes. shit.
from poopiebitch :
Yes and amen to Angelina's boobs.<br><br>Oh, and Jesus said that "...where two or three are gathered together... am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20 {and no, I DIDN'T have to look that up}) So you KNOW he was a party animal. I'm going to hell now - *snort*
from retailharlot :
So... O wise one... I am currently wearing Bonne Bell sponge-on watermelon lip gloss with sparkles. I put on Soft Lips French Vanilla before bed, I wear Burt's Bees watermelon formula (which is actually mauve and minty) when I'm going out, and Carmex when I lose the others. TELL ME ABOUT ME.
from beautifulwoe :
I LOVE your layout, your new photos are GORGEOUS. Hugs. Woe :)
from invisibledon :
Well I may need that sort of service at some point but for now I think I'm going to see how really not talking to him goes.
from geeked-out :
It's not too hard, do you have a gold membership? If so go into the Help Secion and FAQs and under how to use the three optional fields in your diary it'll tell you how to do it all. If you need help figuring out where to insert it in the HTML let me know. =) I can only assume Val has pissed some higher power off.
from poopiebitch :
Girl, I live it up in the Memphis area. Actually, just south of Memphis in Mississippi, but you know. I wish I could jet over to AL, you won't be far from me.
from poopiebitch :
I drove through a pothole on the way home today, and totally thought one of my tires was flat while I was driving down the highway. I pulled over on the shoulder and checked the tires... twice (they were fine). Suddenly I remembered your post the other day and it made me laugh, so I had to share. Don't you feel special?
from poopiebitch :
What's up with the locked diary, dude? Everything okay? [email protected]
from shmacky420 :
You love the Counting Crows?
from imaphatpig :
Emailed you. Check it.
from invisibledon :
I've only been to Boston once and I'm way too literal when I shouldn't be and I'm thinking this is one of those times.
from invisibledon :
You must have an older version of the guy phrase secret decoder ring the newer one reads like this: What are you doing?= I was wondering if you would like to f*ck later today. Nice to meet you= Wow I wonder if she wants to f*ck Have any milk?= I'm too lazy to go to the store and buy food and don't have any money cause I spent it all on beer and do you want to f*ck? Lovely weather we are having today= At least it isn't raining.
from sole-review :
Hey, sorry if I'm bugging you, but I thought I'd remind you that you have a person under your name to be reviewed. ~Pink
from evaluate-you :
You forgot to add yourself to sandpaper's system buddy list so I did it for you. Remove yourself from it or Check/change your comment if you feel like it, biotch. Love, Pig.
from sole-review :
Perfect with me! (the note was about me asking you if you'd like to review at my site, lol) If you are willing, read how the scoring works, and then e-mail me ([email protected]) with your reviewer discription. Make sure in this discription you mention that you "are not afraid to make people cry" ect. I look forward to hearing back from you. ~Pink
from sole-review :
Hello, I'm the owner of Sole Review. I am trying to create a review site with the possibility of anybody getting a good grade if they pick the right reviewer. Therefore, I'm trying to get as many reviewers as possible with all different ages, backgrounds, insights, and grading styles. I'm writing you about this to see if you'd be interested. I don't expect this to take up too much of your time, for the reason that if there are lots of reviewers, then each reviewer should only have to do a review once every two weeks or less. If you're interested, read the rules and scoring of the site and get back to me, Pink. Thanks for your time.
from esvapi2305 :
Hello! Nice rabbit! How are you? WOuld you like to chat?! If so, you can reach me at: [email protected]
from imaphatpig :
thanks a bunch. i really really really need to hear that. because i have been having the hardest time remembering and believing that for myself.
from xoxo-designs : : free diaryland templates + free custom templates
from kittycake4u :
omg i noticed that you love DAMO. he's amazing and i wanted to tell you that if you go to it is really neat you can get songs and chat in the igloo all sorts of stuff anyways, maybe i'll see you there sometime. cheers, kasey
from rawrxmuffin :
your blog made me laugh x] that cat is awesome btw.. props
from retailharlot :
That thing about feeling "isolated" just because you can't reach someone on the phone the exact moment you want to? I get that. Having it now, even, which is odd since I haven't picked up the phone to call anyone. So I'm self-isolating based on the idea that if anyone calls ME before 10 am, my house had better be burning the fuck down. I've been meaning to ask, though, since you're a social worker and I once wanted to be one... If you could turn back the clock, back to your college days, would you still pursue the same career?
from retailharlot :
I tried that email address. It didn't work. =( Now I'm reflecting on the fact that you've updated three times today and I've been sitting here all three times. Of course, I blame my job, keeping me here for 12 hours a day. But still. PATHETIC.
from retailharlot :
Eek, I always forget to pay my bills. ALWAYS. At the last minute, I'll call the VOX operator chick for my utility companies and pay with my debit card... Luckily, VOX isn't so advanced as to have an attitude (yet). And I wholeheartedly agree about the chasing a dream that we don't even know we want thing. My mother is always on me about having children, and one time I asked her why. Her answer: "That's what people DO. They grow up and get married and have kids. Why do you have to question everything?" Sigh. By the way, this is like my nine-millionth comment. How retarded.
from retailharlot :
And you've got a higher-than-average percentage of Bush voters around you, down south. I pity you. Though I admit that I am quite skeptical that a Julia Roberts movie could be anything BUT horrible. I think the only movie that I have ever, ever, ever liked her in was Mona Lisa Smile, but I really liked the story line and the clothing a lot more than her acting. Blah blah.
from retailharlot :
Oh god. Even "just cat spray smell" is fucking awful. I cannot even begin to imagine the hell that is your home, but am glad that other people care enough to help you restore it to normal. When my roommate moved in, everything she owned was positively soaked in cat-smell (her mother has over 15 cats that live inside), and my entire house reeked for DAYS no matter what I did. We've now got the smell contained to just her bedroom, and don't have a clue how to get rid of it in there. Anyway, best of luck. I would have killed the cat and eaten it for dinner. What the fuck kind of cat pees on a stove, anyway?
from retailharlot :
I wasn't aware that the typical southern woman even attended college, let alone graduated. Hmm. Is I learning new stuff, or what?
from retailharlot :
Obviously. Midgets are hot.
from retailharlot :
I added you to my favorites list, hope you don't mind. Like that's a BAD thing? Anyway, you came highly recommended from the phatpig below me.
from imaphatpig :
i don't know if you care about random people reading about your life but I am. so I guess deal with it. just thought you should know, i just read that one about the linen shift that gwen was wearing and her fluorescent outfit and I spit my water out all over the stack of spreadsheets I am working on because I started laughing so hard. Thanks a freakin' lot.
from pouncer :
Hi! I've been reading you for a while now, I even have you as a favorite, so you're my new buddy! I noticed you don't have too many notes so I'm adding on. You're a great writer, I loved the last entry you had in your newspaper, about evesdropping on old ladies! Too funny!!!!
from sincerelyfos :
HI LORI, I SUCK TOO!!! P.S. if you can find it, listen to Holly Cole's song "Cry If You Want To". It's the eqivelent of a nice, nonjudgemental hug.
from n-9 :
hi. mind if i watch? ;)
from hateyerlife :
hello, i was just being nosey reading diaries and found yours. nicotine gum worked for me. it makes you feel like you just smoked because you can taste it. i started back after two years though. good luck.

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