I am a post-menopausal divorced female. I am a confirmed renter. I am a psychotherapist and an artist. I like animals in general, but I only live with cats. I am now sharing my home with my frail, elderly mother. We get along very well and always have, but having to care for her is a big deal to me. I didn't plan to spend this part of my life taking care of anybody but my clients, and strict boundaries of time & space, plus a (modest) paycheck come with that.

I am an urban person. I live in a very large city, and I love it! I've tried small town/rural and smaller city life, briefly, and I hated it.

I am an introvert, but function very well socially. I am good at addressing large groups & have no stage fright, but I need a lot of quiet, alone time.

I have one child, a grown daughter who is beautiful, intelligent, creative, self-supporting, and emotionally healthy. This is the best thing I have done with my life:pick a suitable partner & raise a child who turned out well, who understands how to be happy and productive/creative.

I have a good wit/ sense of humor, but I am a fairly serious sort of person. I don't enjoy parties unless they consist mostly of people I've known for years. I love 1:1 conversations, but only if they are very deep...or very silly.

My favorite diaries:

so-charming profile - diary
comments: can really write--great wit
porktornado profile - diary
comments: you gotta be there!
kevin profile - diary
comments: won a big diarist-net award, and for a good reason. wish he wrote more often.
madredhead profile - diary
comments: at

My favorite music:

W.A. Mozart
comments: The best. I love the operas.
Eric Satie
comments: Crystalline, poignant, simple--gymnopedies
Joan Baez
comments: Lovely voice. I like her politics, too.
Paul Simon
comments: He has never written anything I didn't like!
Leonard Cohen
comments: "Suzanne"--This is sort of my theme song.

My favorite movies:

2001:Space Odyssey
comments: enigmatic, ambiguous, a forerunner of so much we take for granted now.
comments: just great cinema, great Jack Nicholson!
Godfather Trilogy
comments: I loved this stuff from the first.
Lord of the Rings
comments: Love the movies so far--books are even better.Read MANY times.
Mulholland Drive
comments: Most interesting fairly recent movie I've seen.

My favorite authors:

Jane Austen
comments: I like all her novels--have read them several times.
Henry James
comments: Brilliant-The Golden Bowl is my favorite.
Marion Zimmer Bradley
comments: The Mists of Avalon--changed my world when I first read it.
Isaac Azimov
comments: I've loved s.f. since I was 10 yrs. old.
Wm. Gibson
comments: s.f. for the new millenium

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