...my mind wanders...

i'm a girl who just wants to live life happily. Is that so much to ask for?

My favorite diaries:

idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: ah, this girl is absolutely hilarious.
spookysheep profile - diary
comments: this site looks great. i love anime.
lochnessa profile - diary
comments: "I am me. Yeah. Some call me punk, some call me poser, I call me me, and that's all that matters."
s-e-c-r-e-t profile - diary
comments: very clever idea.
shysuiko profile - diary
comments: sounds like a cool person. plus, she likes anime too. ^_^
voldura profile - diary
comments: "Be Bitter...Run away and from all that is good,it's evil crawls inside, through your pores,and mingles with your blessed blood. "
shroomfaerie profile - diary
comments: ...meow...
sprklenshimr profile - diary
comments: ^_^
elvinarcher profile - diary
comments: "I am Myself, and nothing and no one can ever change that." is she cool or what ^ ^
Blancomeow profile - diary
comments: "just right that night in the sky, With Jupiter rising and cowbells ringing, with fog that blocks the sight of life, but what does it matter anyway, since sooner or later we all just die." oolala someone can write poetry ^_^
wafflechan profile - diary
comments: her entries are good, her layout is nice, and she can draw anime ^ ^
kyousha profile - diary
comments: she's "falling into a dream". i feel like i'm always in one.
minderella profile - diary
comments: i like reading her stuff, it's written very well and she makes some good points.
scamper profile - diary
comments: you should check it out, good times.

My favorite music:

abandoned pools

My favorite movies:

the crow
chasing amy
bridget jones diary
bunch of others....

My favorite authors:

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