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from craigc621 :
Jenn, nice page, I hope everything plays out for you in the end. I'm sure it will. write me sometime. - Project92
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me, if you're interested.
from rumblejungle :
mwahaaha.. i know you would ;) lol. hopefully things will improve for me. they have once before. i dunno. takecare
from rumblejungle :
ah well. i still give a shit.xx
from ladyfrodo :
from wafflechan :
Ah cool art. I don't think I've seen those ones before.
from elvinarcher :
long time no see! how've you been? while you were gone, i've started my own design site... not quite finished, and my partner and I are novices... if you want to call us that! i've seen your latest art; it's great! talk to you later, bye!
from einsam :
i like your style. IM me, shi2eg or e mail me at I want to ask you about your techniques.
from rumblejungle :
screaming is good. shame you can't do it with people in the house... but scream it let's it all out. i think you're strong. you'll get through it.
from kyousha :
Happy Easter! ^___^
from lilmonkichi :
hey!! juss wanna say nice diary!! itz so cute!! ^.^!!
from elvinarcher :
hey! ^_^
from blancomeow :
Thanks for the compliments; it's nice to hear a kind word every once in a while. You're a great writer, so keep it up. And i love your new layout!
from quiver :
Love your site! Will definately be back. Keep up the great work
from ravieslave :
You have a pretty car that would make boys of mine drool all over themselves in a fit of .. drool.
from beangeled :
Nice diary layout you got :) I exactly know how you feel,but that online guy. I guess i've fallen in love with one myself and just really don't know what to make of it. Keep your head up and find your truth :)
from blue-hamster :
nope, my blue hamster ^_^
from dee-heretic :
i love your banner ad and layout. is that a Hamtaro hampster, i see?
from ciaramyst :
Nice lay-out. I found your diary from your banner ad.
from snufkinm :
I've decided to stop and say, 'Hullo there'. My former(living)hampster decide to turn blue on me- he really killed himself, but that's beside the point of why i'm here. Why I am here?: because I thought your layout was calming to my eyes, I also think snowboarding kicks ass(but is far to expensive).Have a good day, Eighteen'er.
from prfectcircle :
omg jenn! i have a diary too!! yay!! =D haha i love you!! XD! call me!
from evilpenguin7 :
hi, i liked ur name so i thought id check out ur diary! how about you check out mine? it's boring but it's sumthin to do. i live in greenfield also. bye
from crazykt :
i was bored and i came across your diary in the "b's" tee hamster. tis great. yea. i like sugarcult and greenday too! just thought you'd like to know...well..ta-ta! -Caity

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