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Recently married, long-time single mother lookin' to add to the brood.

My favorite diaries:

blondeness profile - diary
comments: A great mom of 2 lively boys and a bonus mom to a preteen.
matthewpv2 profile - diary
comments: He follows me around the internet. hehe
myladyseyes profile - diary
comments: Why are the good ones always gay? Life in a voice sweeter than Shakespeare's.
blind-eyes profile - diary
comments: She's so much better at putting my feelings into words.
momofbrock profile - diary
comments: She has the BEST nicknames for her ex. I'm sorry to say, he sounds worse than mine!
it-is profile - diary
comments: Tragically poetic.
find-katie profile - diary
comments: And you have yet to notice... i'm invisible.
burnin-tears profile - diary
comments: Reminds me of Becky - but with a brain and a conscience.
shockedsoul profile - diary
comments: It's so interesting to read about other people's lives and try to fill in the blanks.
lobsterchick profile - diary
comments: So funny!
andreeb profile - diary
comments: Wonder where she wandered off to?
poolagirl profile - diary
comments: Truly inspirational
chaosdaily profile - diary
comments: A wonderfully inspiring story - it's never too late to start over!
smoog profile - diary
comments: SO incredibly funny.
whitehelmet profile - diary
comments: She has the BEST stories! "I'd rather have a dog in my car than a pig!"
rotted profile - diary
comments: Check out her pictures - she has some beautiful tattoos! I especially like her most recent "Smirk."
iluvleena profile - diary
comments: It's Lauren! I found her, i found her!
iamlearning profile - diary
comments: Replacement for an older diary
mnvnjnsn profile - diary
comments: Since i included an entire entry she wrote, i figured i should link her.
pantrypuff profile - diary
comments: My hero! Ahaha
gigle-more profile - diary
comments: Found you :)
cocoabean profile - diary
comments: A new life, a new diary!

My favorite music:

comments: Only the greatest band in the world! Stephen Tyler's mouth is almost as big as mine!
Anything 80's
comments: Pretty much - I guess I just never really grew up.

My favorite movies:

Gone With The Wind
comments: A family classic.
The Usual Suspects
comments: I find something new in it every time i watch.

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Always good for a book you just can't put down. My fav's - Gerald's Game and Christine.
Christina Rossetti
comments: Her life seems to be so much like mine - her feelings mimic mine with incredible accuracy.
Just about anything
comments: As an English major, there isn't much I DON'T like. Note: I said I can read, I never said i could spell.

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