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An English major with a passion for rock and roll, especially the big three of British Rock: The Who, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.

My favorite diaries:

elizbeth profile - diary
comments: Moved on to more sophisticated things than diaryland, but still listed for old time's sake
o-firefly-o profile - diary
comments: Lover of Townshend, rock star to be, and just generally a great person to talk to.
factorygirl profile - diary
comments: Lady from the lovely lands on the other side of the equator
m-1967 profile - diary
comments: Yet another Who fan. And a Monkees fan. Involved in several quality fansites.
madambright profile - diary
comments: Fellow writer, NaNoWriMo participant and school fellow.
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: I don't have the heart to delist, even without regular updating.
blindsten profile - diary
comments: Liz recommended her to me back in the day. Hasn't written in a while.
oddgoogle profile - diary
quoted profile - diary
andrew profile - diary
angrystarlyt profile - diary
my-grain profile - diary
comments: Ex-home of Migraine Design, run by the ever talented Liz. She designs at http://design.hiptobeasquare.com
circleline profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Who
comments: My favorite band in the entire world. Long live rock, be it dead or alive.
The Beatles
comments: Bit obvious, yeah.
The Monkees
comments: Will always hold a place in my heart, though I'm more fond of them as a groundbreaking television series than a pop band anymore.
The Clash
comments: Ah Joe Strummer, you shout and slur your way into my music-heart.
The Rolling Stones
comments: With the Who and the Beatles, they round out the great British Invasion Trinity.

My favorite movies:

comments: Ahh, the Who. I love the truly cheesy aspects of this, including Ann Margaret's "Pinball... It's a fever!" and Jack Nicholson in general. Oh, and Roger's inability to keep a shirt on. Heh heh.
comments: Mods. Rockers. Lovely movie, high angst, and you can't fucking call yourself a mod if you haven't seen this movie.
A Hard Day's Night
comments: Beatles! Also, Help! is a good movie.
The Kids Are Alright
comments: Gotta love the Rockumentaries.
Pride and Prejudice
comments: I could (and have) watch this again and again. Oh, my, Mr. Darcy. *sigh* I love Colin Firth.

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments: Discworld and Good Omens! I love his books, he's a funny guy. I've seen him in person, too, where he handles silly comments very well.
William Shakespeare
comments: It's not pretention, it's the gift of a brilliant professor, to whom I can never be grateful enough.
Ursula K. Le Guin
comments: The Lathe of Heaven is mind blowingly good in book and '70s TV movie form. She's also here to represent classic SF, which I love insanely.
Jane Austen
comments: Elizabeth Bennet is my hero. Really.
Stephen King
comments: I'm a newly minted SK fan. I start to think it's not so bad and maybe I'm desensitized, but then an eye, a palm, a scrotum, and two throats are slit with a straight razor within two pages and I unconsiously slam the book shut in horror. G

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