I am no man

Crazy cat-lady-in-training who likes to climb mountains instead of the corporate ladder, and dance to music when nobody's home.

My favorite diaries:

Evenstar101 profile - diary
comments: "But here's a question that, depending on your answer, may provide the nail in evolution's coffin. Do you honestly think that a guy like Orlando Bloom is the product of ape metamorphosis? You just think about that."
Smeagol123 profile - diary
comments: "I like having money. You get to buy stuff."
MrFrodo profile - diary
comments: "GAH, i have had to push the backspace key so many times...and thats saying something when you look at the quality of my typing anyways"
Proudmary04 profile - diary
comments: "I missed Maine. And I'm glad to be back. New England has something none of the other states possess. I can't describe it. I can't put a name on it, I can't tell you about it. I don't even know where to start."
IHaveDreads profile - diary
comments: "Just your friendly (most of the time) neighborhood Dave"
Snoopy-9487 profile - diary
comments: "That was completely random. I should really stop being random, I'm starting to grate on my nerves. And I'm also starting to lose my train of thought. Seeing how I'm spinning around in my computer chair like I'm a nut."
McDonaldsFry profile - diary
comments: "I think I'm one of those people who get too caught up in one thing and neglect all the others. I need to get caught up in God."
PippinsGirl profile - diary
comments: "Oh, tremble with fear, you unfortunate insect, as the might of the shoe introduces your guts to a hard surface!"
Eowynne profile - diary
comments: "God knows you've turned away. God knows that because His Son died to take away your misdoings, your hurt, your pain, all the things you regret now - He came to forgive you."
Erunamagrnlf profile - diary
comments: "today my signed poster flat came from ebay. who? JG of course. like it would be anyone else! it's staring me in the face as we speak. *tee hee*"
Oboemaboe profile - diary
comments: "Aren't there better ways of making a difference in the world than strutting around in high heels and a bikini for the world to see? Can't you earn your name in the world a better way?"
ElfDaughter profile - diary
comments: "Thrilling. Dramatic. Suspenseful. Just a few of the many terms that can be used to describe M. Night Shyamalan's latest film, The Village."
Annandil profile - diary
comments: "It is early in the morning/evening and my inboxes are both empty and my left foot is asleep. Woohoo!"
Kirei- profile - diary
comments: "I hate girls. We have such poor attitudes sometimes. We whine, piss and moan about stuff that really needs no added emotion, like boys."
NoNannies profile - diary
comments: "Kerry was in Vietnam for only four months, which, coincidentally, is less than the combined airtime he's spent talking about it."
Novice-Dsign profile - diary
comments: The opening page to my new design site. Visit if you dare.
Not-Ruthless profile - diary
comments: "Fear was something Satan was using to hurt me, but God used it. God used this fear to bring about my salvation, and eventually lead me into a solid faith. That's something only God can do."
Pupplet profile - diary
comments: "i want someone to hold me and tell me things are gonna be alright. that i am alright. that i'm not unacceptable just because i don't meet their expections of me. that i am fine the way i am. that they love me the way i am...."
Araquen profile - diary
comments: "I just want to sincerely thank everyone who has and is serving in the military. It's because of you that we have all of the rights and freedoms we do."
ChubbyChic profile - diary
comments: "I may not be proud of my weight, but I am proud of my ability to construct complete sentences. Maybe before you set out to become Richard Simmon's evil alter ego, you should strive to make a passing grade in 6th Grade English."
Hamiltonian profile - diary
comments: A very nice reader of my diary, who actually knows something about US history, unlike most people.
HowGoesIt profile - diary
comments: "hmmmm. tonight, instead of working out, i drank some chai tea and watched television while sitting on my bum. it was very enjoyable."
MyOwnJourney profile - diary
comments: "I...realize with a moment of clarity and horror, that this is why the world hates America. It's not George Bush, or the War on Terror or McDonalds or Christian Fundamentalism. It's this. This animal consumerism."
Mami2Hood profile - diary
comments: "i know a lot of beautiful girls who constantly put themselves down for no reason. i think that everyone is beautiful if you pick apart their features. if you sit and look at someone you will see what im talking about."
Kelly-writes profile - diary
comments: Snoopy-9487's writer diary. Give it a read!
Meg-in-love profile - diary
comments: Loves Lord of the Rings - and Tobymac!
EllJayPea profile - diary
comments: Hilarious! And anyone with the same name as me has to be cool, right?
Dream-shadow profile - diary
comments: This is definitely a girl in her right mind - because everyone in their right mind loves Lord of the Rings :-)
f-i-n profile - diary
comments: Very heartfelt, witty and unique - uses words to conjure up images that can be clearly seen
On-a-string profile - diary
comments: "I don't need to wish anymore. I need to dream, and go for things."
c45530p314 profile - diary
comments: Something new, and something intriguing
Impetuousme profile - diary
comments: I like you already...
Onlygrace profile - diary
comments: Into Jesus - wonderful.
Sunnyrain828 profile - diary
Theumbrella profile - diary
Veronicalife profile - diary
Seattle-rain profile - diary

My favorite music:

Phantom of the Opera
comments: "Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair, down we plunge to the prison of my mind..."
comments: "...for the very first time - I can't deny You."
comments: "See it in the new sunrise, and see it break on your horizion - oh, come on love, stay with me..."
Josh Groban
comments: "Forced apart by time and sand, take a step and take my hand - and don't let it go, never let go."
comments: "Evolutionists - we've got love for you too, but we're breaking down walls seeking out the truth."

My favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings
comments: "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you..."
Pirates of the Caribbean
comments: "If you were waiting for the opportune moment - that was it."
A Night at the Opera
comments: "Now, just put your name here and the deal is legal." "I forgot to tell you, I can't write." "Well that's all right, there's no ink in the pen anyhow."
The Princess Bride
comments: "You're trying to trick me into revealing something. It won't work."
Cinderella Man
comments: "...you're the Bulldog of Burgon, and the Pride of New Jersey, you're everybody's hope, and the kid's hero, and you are the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock."

My favorite authors:

comments: "In the beginning, God..."
Charlotte Bronte
comments: "Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! I have as much soul as you - and full as much heart! -Jane Eyre-
JRR Tolkein
comments: "I do really wish to destroy it!", cried Frodo. "Or, well, to have it destroyed. I am not made for perilous quests. I wish I had never seen the ring! Why did it come to me? Why was I chosen?"
CS Lewis
comments: "All that we call human history--money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery, is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy."
Elizabeth George Speare
comments: "The soldier waited, not understanding. Daniel looked down the road and caught the white flash of Jesus' robe. Then he straightened his shoulders. 'Will you come into our house?', he asked." -The Bronze Bow-

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