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WHAT THE HELL IS A FEY SUICIDE? It is dying unto yourself to love someone that you couldn't love any other way.


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My favorite diaries:

jadedmax profile - diary
comments: I like people who write a lot !!!
shadowowl profile - diary
comments: ex-boyfriend. He doesn't like me at ALL! But I still love him.
dashikun profile - diary
comments: My ex-online boyfriend
shanmeid profile - diary
comments: This gal ROCKS!
dimstar profile - diary
comments: She knows hospitals. I like people I can relate to.
snow666white profile - diary
comments: Writers rule!!! :p C'mon, you know it's true!
imandra profile - diary
comments: knows how to catch a gal's attention
randh profile - diary
comments: ignorance is bliss, but she knows knowledge is power
snowychloe profile - diary
comments: she likes Manson!!! Sa-weet!
kitty-fuck profile - diary
comments: More Manson Fun!
asrael profile - diary
comments: Love the layout and the fun attitude!
blacksage profile - diary
comments: *love* the freakin' page feel/look! awesomeness
moonbaby8u profile - diary
comments: I love reading these entries!!!! :D
exclamatory profile - diary
comments: :) awesome reading!
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: artists float mai boat
coldandgray profile - diary
comments: :)
and-darling profile - diary
comments: gets it

My favorite music:

Marilyn Manson
comments: Fav band of all time! Love the music, dislike the messege
The Beatles
comments: Fav old-school band. Good tunes and good lyrics
comments: "Trip-hop" band, sexy songs
System of a Down
comments: I love them! Luminous turned me on to them. Good music to dance to.
Modest Mouse
comments: Tonzy got me into this band. They're a little bit of everything! I love them!!!

My favorite movies:

Yellow Submarine
comments: Trippy as hell cartoon with the Beatles
God is in the TV
comments: Marilyn Manson's music video collective. Scary.
comments: Speed, speed and more speed! Love this Movie! (Thanx, Amelindy!)
Invader Zim Series
comments: Jhonen Vasquez poisons the Nickalodeon Generation! Huzzah!!!
The Passion
comments: Compelling and dramatic, totally worth every cent to see it!

My favorite authors:

Jhonen Vasquez
comments: "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" creator and creator of Invader Zim. Awesome guy, creative mind, true messege
Joseph Vargo
comments: "Tales from the Dark Tower" influence. His art is kick ass!!!
DC Talk and Voices of the Martyrs
comments: "Jesus Freaks" vol. 1 &2 authors. Stories of people who feared God, not man
Stephen Chbosky
comments: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" My FAVORITE book of all-time since I read it!!! BUY IT!!! NOW!!!
Chad Michael Ward
comments: "Black Rust", "Sin Garden", and the upcomming "Ghenna" series. Totally beautiful art!

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