I believe in what I see, I believe in what I hear,I believe that what I'm feeling changes how the world appears

Name: Jarrod Robert Hammond.

Gender: M

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: bass, books, boobs.

Shoe size: 13

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Send me a message via AIM at the name Geddysciple, or an e-mail at [email protected]

I realized that my profile was lame and conducive to stalking. So now you just have to read my diary to figure out when and where to stalk me.

My favorite diaries:

Ouijum profile - diary
comments: William. He's a cool guy that I met at Vanderbilt's bullshit summer program in 2001. Amusing guy who basically introduced me to the online community of which I am now a member.
lauraeliz profile - diary
comments: Elizabeth. I met her via William, and she has frightened me greatly ever since.
comedychick profile - diary
comments: Somer. She is no longer online here, sadly.
untame-able profile - diary
comments: Stasha. Watch where you step with her; there's thin ice aplenty.
dryice profile - diary
comments: Jen. She's very intelligent and well spoken. Read her diary; it's a fantastic log.
eekyfreeky profile - diary
comments: Even though I'm only in this profile for joining the childfree ring, the diary is huge, so it gets a reciprocated plug. And I'll disregard the note about liking Anne McCaffrey. Pern....ick.
ezmerelda profile - diary
comments: A fellow Rush fan. I just can't turn that down.
ladofwisdom profile - diary
comments: Nick. Rush fan. Year younger than me. Yippee.
pattiesue profile - diary
comments: She somehow became an almost exact opposite of me by using the same life approach.
dominia profile - diary
comments: I swear I'll read it one day! Honest!
immortal1331 profile - diary
comments: Vinnie. I'd be an evil bastard if I didn't link to him.
starshade profile - diary
comments: Another PTY buddy.
kitty2112 profile - diary
comments: There's a massive horde of Rush fans. "A humid motionless mass" of them.
zora-sword profile - diary
comments: CJ. I didn't know he even had one of these things!

My favorite music:

comments: Gods of art rock.
Iron Maiden
comments: The band that defines heavy metal
Jaco Pastorius
comments: World's Best Bass Player. May he rest in peace.
Joe Satriani
comments: One of today's best guitarists
Steve Morse
comments: Today's BEST guitarist

My favorite movies:

The Matrix
comments: You can't beat it for originality
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
comments: Hobbits and wizards and orcs, oh my!
comments: David. Fucking. Bowie. In tight leather pants.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
comments: I wouldn't be a geek if I didn't like this movie.
Evil Dead
comments: Watch them. All three. NOW.

My favorite authors:

Ayn Rand
comments: She's not evil. Really.
Douglas Adams
comments: Funniest. Man. Ever.
Terry Goodkind
comments: Damn he's good!
Frank Herbert
comments: Confusing as hell but good
Isaac Asimov
comments: Genius. He and Bradbury are the grandmasters.

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