You must stay drunk on writing so reality does not destroy you

I'd tell you about myself, but I honestly don't know.

My favorite diaries:

pthm profile - diary
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: yeah, they do, but apparently not on these guys too often. They are fun though. Almost makes me feel bad for some of the things I do. Almost. Not enough though.
timdangerous profile - diary
comments: amazingly fantastic and strange... I love him......
bipolargirl profile - diary
comments: I am always drawn to the non normal....I love her intensity
firealism profile - diary
comments: I ressurected him. I feel so Jesus-y. He's hella cool though, one of my must-reads.
timer profile - diary
comments: pureness
still-futile profile - diary
comments: an out-pouring of rolling word-catchers
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: j'adore mon eric
lostwithzeal profile - diary
comments: I like....
untame-able profile - diary
comments: she's pretty cool, a bit self centered, I mean the chick puts herself on her favourites list. I mean, come on. How lame can you get. but still go and see her, she has self-esteem issues.
geddysciple profile - diary
comments: I am enamored. He made me want to give him a hug. Don't know why, since he lives several thousand miles away and would probably be really freaked out ths chick from cali came to give him a hug. But he is still cool and now I get to read him!! Yea!!
spunout profile - diary
comments: HOLLIE!!! Everyong loves hollie, and if they don't I will kick their ass. One of the few people I actually know in person.
insomniasux profile - diary
comments: a partner diary, it is locked, so don't bother
somatic profile - diary
comments: an intelligent and enjoyable read.
ozzmodious profile - diary
comments: way too cool, very intellengent, entries make you think in a big way. Just a really good guy. And yet, I never seem to find that type who want' to date me
jackviolent profile - diary
comments: I really need to stop having crushes on diaryland people...
untame-able profile - diary
comments: she can be a bitch, as well as controlling and self-centered, but she has a nice ass.
fergie profile - diary
comments: he has inspired me to write a hundred facts about myself. Later. When I have energy
inanity profile - diary
comments: He's cool. Never long entries, just short clever ones.He has wonderful insights, and I am really enjoying reading him. And he's cute. Just one more reason to go see him. I hate the fact that I develop online crushes.
bard profile - diary
comments: see above, it is the same dude. "What's a guy got to do to send the message "I'm a social outcast by choice, so leave me the fuck alone, neanderthals"? Flowers? I'll send flowers."
drackenwolf profile - diary
comments: "Normal. Like everybody else. Bullshit.You think normal could have produced The Raven? Don Juan? or the colors of a Van Gogh? Normal. Give me a break." He's gone now, but that qoute was just too good to waste. *Kiss* Good luck
cutencuddly profile - diary
comments: sweet girl with beautiful abilities
ali-lake profile - diary
comments: clever and amusing...
citiesfall profile - diary
comments: I form attachments waaay to easy. "chrrring. he grasps the handle on the typewriter and thrusts it right, with all the fury and passion of ending a mans life."
wishiwasout profile - diary
comments: how can you not love this diary?
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Daily dose of Uncle Bob.
tasteless profile - diary
comments: everything he writes has a beautiful rounded feel to it.
pigment profile - diary
comments: 'I left this place, there was a wide middle-dark sky, and i said to myself: �See? See how this world is beautiful, how all this is totally bigger, infinite, how there is more to get, now, or the day i die, or whatever�?� ' An extremely n
dinkus profile - diary
comments: the reasons why dinkus us going to hell is wonderfully funny
deucebiggs profile - diary
comments: He's a newbie, but he has potential. I don't think he'll let me down. He better not, or I'll just have to hurt him with a rusty spork. Can sporks get rusty? Hmm....
tfs-fx profile - diary
comments: Walks the fine line between being a saint and a serial killer...don't we all?
mawce profile - diary
comments: I've been meaning to add mawce for a while, quite clever, and is going to help me with my complete lack of computer knowledge.
orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: I want to be in the place he is in..."You can live on beat, on rhythm. These are the moments when life is just right. You just can't keep it that way. That chase, the pursuit of
allan1789 profile - diary
comments: "I wish you would talk to me instead of judging me." I like him... We shall see...
redivivus profile - diary
comments: The more I read it, the more I like it. And I like his diary alot now, so I figure it won't be long before I love it.
perception-s profile - diary
ashes87 profile - diary
comments: genuinely a beautiful person
Iamen profile - diary
comments: He makes enjoyment flow. It makes me happy....
antipathy profile - diary
comments: we'll see, won't we?
over-rated profile - diary
comments: It was funny, I read him first on new year's eve, one of his drunk entries, then I flipped back and discovered he actually could write coherently and with meaning. Hahaha, shit I'm sleep deprived, everything's funny...
maximum profile - diary
comments: "Life consists of two things. Let Downs, and Put Downs." Fellow animosity ring bearer.
ladofwisdom profile - diary
comments: One of the few diaries that forces me to slow down and actually read it, instead of speed reading. Calls himself a pussy, but then again, you are what you eat, so whatever.
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: I clicked on this banner merely because there was a Terry Prachett quote on it. Damn good, damn good.
sex-eyes profile - diary
comments: My best female friend, bar none. I don't know what I would do without her. "Why do they call it the Ms.Universe contest? I don't think I have ever seen any other planets represented besides Earth. God, Earth is so like...planet racist.&
tasha-x profile - diary
comments: Natasha. She's exactly like me, but completely different.
drowntogethr profile - diary
comments: It reminds me of something...
thedirepoet profile - diary
comments: ben: "I don�t believe I�ll detail my whole life story at this time. It will trickle out piece by sharp, pointy piece at a time." However, don't count on him to choose you first, ever.
marieazy22 profile - diary
comments: sweet girl, a good read
tessarex profile - diary
comments: Very enjoyable.
raventengu profile - diary
comments: He's cool. "Does Pokemon porn turn you on or disgust you?" -me "Depends on how well it's drawn." -him
dropsofyouth profile - diary
comments: and the drops of youth always fall into undeserving lips...
orchdreamer profile - diary
comments: A lot like the way I should be, or am, or whatever. You kow what I mean. Goodness.
anthony654 profile - diary
comments: C'est Antoine...
poul profile - diary
comments: I love the view these diaries give into people's lives, and subesquently, your own.
quitenasty profile - diary
comments: I'm a reviewer
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: Dude. I wish I had that much time.
ryanhorn profile - diary
comments: One of the rare males on diaryland

My favorite music:

Jimmy Eat World
comments: kick ass, and sexy in the dorky irressistable way
Nine Inch Nails
comments: Ben got me hooked on them.
comments: I am in love the Mark Chavez. If they ever come to town, my boyfriend better lock me up at home, 'cause I swear......Oh, and their music kicks ass too.
comments: Mm.....growling deep voices are sexy....
comments: Oh baby, oh baby......take me now........ (I am so not being sarcastic)

My favorite movies:

Earth Girls Are Easy
comments: Jeff Goldblum is young and hot. Jim Carrey is young and, well, Jim Carrey, and just a classic eighties movie about some aliens who crash land in a pool 'cause thet were staring at earth girls.
Ghost World
comments: I loved it, and yet it scared me as a definite possibility for my future. Watch it. I command you.
Fight Club
comments: If you haven't seen it, I can't explain. And if you have seen it, there is nothing more I need to say.

My favorite authors:

Terry Goodkind
comments: Wizard's Fort Rule. I normally don't like fantasy, but he kicks ass.
comments: 'No Exit,' The story of my family reuinions. Dirty Hands, The Flies. All that good existentialist stuff.

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