"Hope is a waking dream." (Aristotle)

"To pity those who know her not is helped by the regret, that those her know her, know her less, the nearer her they get." (Emily Dickinson)

I'm Jane: 24 years old, married, the mother of two baby girls. This diary is an unflinching record of my life... I don't leave anything out. It's a safe place for me to tell my stories. My diary has carried me through my abusive first marriage, my subsequent divorce, my experiences as a single mother, up to the present... where I find myself happily married with the family I've always dreamed of. It seems some stories DO have happy endings. Or happy starting-overs. Whichever you prefer.

It has been a difficult life, but I am so glad it's mine. Everything I have gone through has led me to the place I am now... and I can honestly say, it was worth it.

***I am on lockdown again, thanks to unsettling Google searches. Please leave me a note and I will email you the password.***

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