My favorite diaries:

boyinhiding profile - diary
comments: The writing is amazing. I wish he still made entries...I'll leave this here in the event he returns to d*land
epiphany profile - diary
comments: He's a teacher what more can I say. I love the idea of a teacher who keeps a diary about their life. His writing makes me feel like I experience his world entirely.
banefulvenus profile - diary
comments: utterly honest, we seem to share some similar thoughts.
paradiggum profile - diary
comments: This guy should write more. I'm completely entranced by his writing...completely.
aislinn- profile - diary
comments: Intersted in when she will find happiness.
Dani-lou profile - diary
comments: Love her sarcasm against the media
giallothang profile - diary
comments: very sweet, very real
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Unabashedly hilarious!
widower profile - diary
comments: Truly inspiring...and a really good writer too, can't get enough of him and Marathon Girl.
arandomname profile - diary
comments: The writing is simply beautiful.
chazaq profile - diary
stardustcboy profile - diary
evaluate-you profile - diary
buzzkillrevu profile - diary
karaokekatey profile - diary
lightfallsup profile - diary

My favorite music:

Dave Mathews Band
comments: It's just good music. Interesting Lyrics and simple melodies. Dave always gets me in a good mood. Even the sad songs. The lyics are always insanely funny or incredibly profound. The best songs however, fall neatly between the two extremes.
comments: Always been a fan of trip-hop. They are true to from while also following their own beat.
comments: She smart, ambitious, artistic and doesn't take "no" for an answer. She is the epitome of an individual that can do anything with the clay that is life. Her strength...no matter what your opinion of her as a person...is inspiring.
comments: Incredibly talented group. Love their music and their message. They are the Beetles of this generation.
Basement Jaxx
comments: I am completely addicted to them. Simply cannot get enough of their music.

My favorite movies:

Amores Perros
comments: An absolutely fantastic Mexican film. Incredibly raw, I highly recommend it.
Spritied Away
comments: The animation is so beautiful. If you see it, get the Japanese version with subtitles. There seems to be more emotion in the japanese language when you see this movie.
The Fisher King
comments: Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors. This was by far one of his best performances. If you haven't seen it...go to Hollywood Video right now...NOW!
comments: I was never a big John Travolta Fan. But, this movie still brings tears to my eyes. Great story, great soundtrack, great cast.
Requim for a Dream
comments: this movie and "Dirty, Pretty Things" give such breath to the dangers behind the desire of dreams over reality.

My favorite authors:

Richard Bach: One
comments: Dr. Suess
Alexandre Dumas: The Three Muskateers
comments: Shel Silverstein
Mark Helprin: Winter's Tale
comments: Edgar Allen Poe
Brian Greene: Elegant Universe (Theoretical Physics)
comments: Jonathan Caroll
Michio Kaku: Hyperspace (Theoretical Physics)
comments: Rohald Dahl

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