At least my brain isn't as impaired as my liver...

I have come to determine that many (MANY!) of you are very disturbed. Welcome to the dark side.

My favorite diaries:

PorkTornado profile - diary
comments: The reason I now pee with one hand on my wallet.
Juddhole profile - diary
comments: A hockey fiend that likes to bag on Texans. It's okay, we Texans can take it because we really are that good.
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: I like people with creative rage. It's like, the 3rd best kind of rage.
Anisettekiss profile - diary
comments: Took my DL Notes virginity. You always remember your first.
ChicagoJo profile - diary
comments: A fellow Texan on this place? Even if she did move up north for awhile we've still gotta show her love.
Bethany9 profile - diary
comments: Anyone that has the balls to do this to a guy (I'm positive this guy deserved it) is okay in my book.
Twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: The best invention ever. A way to cram numerous funny people (and a couple of schmucks) on to a page together!
MeeshaPeesha profile - diary
comments: What's with me and all the Chicago people? I blame Jo.
KristinTracy profile - diary
comments: I am living, breathing want. The very anthropomorphization of lust.
AliBoomBoom profile - diary
comments: Beautful. Southern. Brunette. Yes, the world does, in fact, revolve around her.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: What can I say, it amuses me, and that's what I'm here for.
Bingoguy profile - diary
comments: Pretty good read, eh?
Autumn-Kitty profile - diary
comments: Okay, so my profile is turning into a listing of every Aggie I can find on DLand.
LeeboZeebo profile - diary
comments: Exhibit 'C' of my Aggie loyalty. He's one funny SOB (but keep your clothes on!).
HotCarl profile - diary
comments: I prefer Arthur Bryants BBQ... its messy and filling, kind of like cheap sex with a one legged whore.
SirAwesome profile - diary
comments: How 'bout a little skeezy Hollywood gossip?
ienjoycorks profile - diary
comments: Nice daily one liners.
Understood profile - diary
comments: He appears to be a sick fuck named Casey. Isn't Casey a girls name?

My favorite music:

Lyle Lovett and his Large Band.
comments: You want creative lyrics you can understand?? Bingo, you found 'em.
Robert Earl Keen
comments: A great Aggie singer/songwriter
Jason Boland & The Stragglers
comments: 'Everything works, except me of course.' and 'My baby loves me when I'm stoned' all on one CD? Gotta love it.
Bruce Robison
comments: He and his brother Charlie are the pride of Bandera, TX
Roger Creager
comments: Another Aggie starting to make it big.

My favorite movies:

The Usual Suspects
comments: Kevin Spacey at his best. One of the few movies that really had me fooled.
Shawshank Redemption
comments: Just great storytelling.
The Tao of Steve
comments: Men and Women are so stupid.
comments: Amanda Peet at her finest.
Office Space
comments: with an honorable mention to Super Troopers, Friday, Caddyshack, Bad News Bears...

My favorite authors:

Larry McMurtry
comments: The best we have from Texas, and like most uppity Texans I think that means the best period.
Stephen King
comments: Hard to argue with someone who's sold as many books as he has. Plus, who would want to; I mean this guy is fucked up and he might kill you.
Tony Hillerman
comments: Navajo folklore murder mystery. Think it sounds shitty? Read it and prove yourself wrong.

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