Searching for the silver lining

I am just another girl trying to find some peace and happiness in a world that makes absolutely no fucking sense.....

My favorite diaries:

soulstealer profile - diary
comments: I think she may be gone, but I am keeping her here in hopes she will one day return.
warmslippers profile - diary
comments: "I have just been amusing myself by making out all the checks in Dan's checkbook to... myself. It's fun and usually pisses him off because he get those super expensive foil embossed checks. Mission accomplished. "
lovelylibra profile - diary
comments: another fellow libra trying to find love in the world. she is smart, active and if i wasn't so damn lazy...
chickenabuse profile - diary
comments: "Maybe the price you pay for always being right is having people close to you refuse to listen..."
knock-first profile - diary
comments: "Destruction is just another form of creation and I like to play."
sturge profile - diary
comments: "Also, I wish McGriddles were free. With free delivery. And with a free blow job."
keilakeren profile - diary
comments: Very introspective and insightful. I enjoy reading about her journey through life.
mcclain profile - diary
comments: "And I blew off guaranteed sex with an ex. That�s what we like to call moving forward."
widgetbitch profile - diary
comments: "boys are my drug and this one looks like he's not going to be too expensive. Kind of like the marijuana of relationships"
curejeff profile - diary
comments: "i wonder if i will ever grow up and just what, exactly, that means anyway."
solstice36 profile - diary
comments: "I never wanted to be the �you have to get to know her� girl. No one ever wants to get to know the �you have to get to know her� girl. Most people think it�s a crock of shit that the get to know her girl isn�t what she seems to be on the surface. &qu
eloquent- profile - diary
comments: An elite group of diarists that so graciously invited me to join. So I guess that makes me an elitist now too, go figure.
hydrogeek profile - diary
comments: Just a funny, funny girl. She lives in Texas also, so that helps!!
noophiechick profile - diary
comments: " back in those days, holding hands seemed a more deviant, more intimate gesture, than say, a blowjob on the first date. "
labeled-girl profile - diary
comments: A beautiful writer...
rachel26280 profile - diary
comments: I like her, despite the fact that she's a Pepsi drinker.....
gotmedown profile - diary
comments: Makes me wish I was able to read my teachers journals back in the day....
andreeb profile - diary
comments: Funny, witty and insightful. And a damn good writer. She's been nominated for a Pulitzer, so take that!!
surfinbyrd profile - diary
comments: A lot of fun to read. Smart and quirky.
daring to be profile - diary
comments: "I am so glad I didn't waste my time going back to college when there is a vast pool of knowledge inside the little boob tube."
brokenkarma profile - diary
comments: A deeper side to a girl I really enjoy reading about.
insidiom profile - diary
comments: My guy's other journal. Apparently he thinks he is going to write in this one, unlike the other.

My favorite music:

Dave Matthews Band
comments: How can anyone not like them?
Ani Difranco
comments: she has helped me get through many a breakup
comments: a friend drug me to a concert last year and I have been a dedicated phish phan since...
comments: one of the few cd's i can listen to ALL of the songs
comments: I am currently in love with the 'Closer' and 'Garden State' soundtracks.....

My favorite movies:

Sliding Doors
comments: this movie helped me see my life in a whole new perspective
comments: because for some reason it just touched me
comments: this one makes me feel normal
Donnie Darko
comments: a walk into a different dimension
Lovely & Amazing
comments: Catherine Keener is brilliant in this absolute MUST for neurotic women such as myself

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: Laugh out loud funny and so so smart.
John Kennedy Toole
comments: 'A Conferderacy of Dunces' was absolute genius.
Dean Koontz
comments: A writer of great characters, I prefer him to Stephen King anyday.
Neil Gaiman
comments: I read 'Stardust' and fell in love with his writing. Then the 'Sandman' series. He gets serious props for making 'Death' cool.
Janet Evanovich
comments: Bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, kicks ass.

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