When I'm not in my right mind, my left mind gets pretty crowded...

Just another 20-something, jobless, graduate wastrel, living in London. Except I am bendier than most!

Sorry everyone, I had to lock my diary. Please email me for the username and password. Any requests by any other means (ie. notes) will be ignored.

My favorite diaries:

cornflake1 profile - diary
comments: Vicky never was a cornflake girl. She thought it was a good solution.
confused1 profile - diary
comments: Poor Angel/Faith/Debi is so confused she writes backwards...
deadbeatpete profile - diary
comments: Smoking weed gives you red vomit aparently...
hidden-depth profile - diary
comments: Giiiiiiiiiiiiina!
kangaroopoo profile - diary
comments: Also check out her fabby design site poodesigns.diaryland.com!
limadesigns profile - diary
comments: My diaryland template design site!
liannesy profile - diary
thatweirdo profile - diary
phoenixtease profile - diary
poppy2001 profile - diary
quoted profile - diary
comments: QUOTE ME DAMMIT!
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: I got 90% when they reviewed my old diary.
highlandcoo profile - diary
comments: Jenny is lovely. Like me, she has an obsession with highland cattle...
sheepdip profile - diary
comments: A friend who used to have ME but has since been healed by the love of God.
vondage profile - diary
comments: Go tell her you love her! Worship Queen V!
weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: is my stalkee. My ONLY stalkee, I hasten to add.
missmolly1 profile - diary
no-answers profile - diary
magicalaqua profile - diary
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dreamdamage profile - diary
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goodehouse profile - diary
diaryquotes profile - diary
comments: This one cracks me up. Sod quoted, they never update anymore. This is where it's at these days!
unclaimed profile - diary
hot-crumpets profile - diary
picklebrains profile - diary
comments: Stories by deadbeatpete. I still read this, even if he's given up on me *sigh*
spacebabe profile - diary
scottym profile - diary
comments: A fellow brainfogger! And he's lovely!
neckachief profile - diary
jazmyne321 profile - diary
gemofajewel profile - diary
vickiediablo profile - diary
chillidip profile - diary
girlzanna profile - diary
abi-dabs profile - diary
a-rainbow profile - diary
comments: Kat is wonderful and needs to take care of herself more. We've been through some similar experiences. :(
trinity7 profile - diary
comments: I didn't know Trinity had a diary! Now I shall always be reading as she's special! :D
kindofmagic profile - diary
comments: Anne aka Fergie - now I have no excuse to forget to read her diary!
secretsmiles profile - diary
comments: My partner in crime!
xylem profile - diary
comments: This person added me quite randomly and I'm not sure why but love it! The pic always reminds me of Bo Selecta "Craaaaaiiiiig Daaaaaviiiiid!"
kathiec profile - diary
wordwarriorv profile - diary
comments: The crazy man who I'm going out with and is the other half of 'Shelvi'
babsbasford profile - diary
comments: Such a darrrling! Mwah, sweetie!
alicesbaby profile - diary
comments: Alice is pregnant!
arthursmummy profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: Shirley Manson, will you marry me?
comments: 'Cause nobody loves me, it's true. Not like you do.
No Doubt
comments: All I wanted were the simple things, a simple kind of life.
Sheryl Crow
comments: Deserves her own entry - my all time idol!
Alanis Morissette
comments: Dido, Meredith Brooks, Republica, Nelly Furtado, Greenday, Feeder, Catatonia (RIP), Kosheen etc.

My favorite movies:

Some Like It Hot
comments: Fantabulous! And all other Marilyn Monroe films rock too!
The Italian Job
comments: And Alfie, Zulu, Get Carter etc. Michael Caine is just a national treasure!
Girl, Interrupted
comments: Mmmm! Angelina. Same goes for any other AJ film!
comments: And all the other Jay & Silent Bob films, of course!
A Clockwork Orange
comments: Stanley Kubrik films YEAH! All of them rock, except Eyes Wide Shut which just sucks. My Dad worked for this guy!

My favorite authors:

Margaret Attwood
comments: I was told to read Cat's Eye when I was 14 to help me come to terms with being bullied. I fell in love.
Amy Tan
comments: Magical, every time.
Roald Dahl
comments: Dirty Beasts and Revolting Rhymes - classics I will never be too old for!
James Herbert
comments: Steven King, Anne Rice, Mary Higgins-Clarke etc.
Christina Rossetti
comments: Can you tell how she's influenced my poetry and my life in general?

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