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My name is Lou...I am not a Nidyit. I am an Nidividual. I do not suffer fools and therefore want to get away from myself at every opportunity...

My favorite diaries:

Steffateetee profile - diary
comments: The BESTEST and MOST WONDERFUL little sister (and hilarious friend) in the whole world!!! x x x x x x
smartypants profile - diary
comments: is it possible to be THIS amused by one woman??? she is my idol :-) (and my reason for being here may I just add!!!)
big-bean profile - diary
comments: she's the big bean!! Nuff said xxxxx
pixie-jess profile - diary
comments: Jessssssiiiiiiiccaaaaaaaaa!!!! Mwa!
skinnylizzie profile - diary
comments: I like the way she thinks....I LOVE the way she writes :o)
the-moo profile - diary
comments: Lovely lovely Mooooooo!!! I LOVE YOU!!! x x x x x x x x x
kellbelle profile - diary
comments: Why has it taken me so long??? MWA :o)
j-quest profile - diary
comments: She's fucking punk! She's fucking ace ;o) x x x
leesmry profile - diary
comments: makes me :o) lots x x x x x x x x
flufflebunny profile - diary
comments: Soooo beautiful and makes me laugh LOTS!! xxxxxxxxx
lacatch profile - diary
comments: I send her *huuuuugs* x x x x x x x x x x x
gaffor profile - diary
comments: badgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadger
jenniclaire profile - diary
comments: No longer a stranger!!! *HUGS* x x x x x x
blogperfect profile - diary
comments: Noli's review site
cera-jeanne profile - diary
comments: How can I not love someone who choses to dress up as a BEE????

My favorite music:

System of a Down
comments: Oh...my....god. If you don't like them give them time
Foo Fighters
comments: But not their newest album....my ears cannot be abused by it anymore....Kerrang I HATE YOU!
comments: I have always loved them (well, since fat of the land, okay, I'm a bopper of the teeny kind) but a recent gig has made me realise my love for them is deeper and stronger than I thought. Bless you Dance Gods (no, they haven't sneezed)

My favorite movies:

comments: Watch it....watch it now....or I will come round your house and...and...MAKE YOU WATCH IT!
Waynes World
comments: Sch-wing! I love these films!
Slice'n'dice gorefests
comments: Current faves include Saw 2 (better than the first but you HAVE to watch them both (in the correct order of course) in order for this to be true), battle Royale and Zatoichi (I laughed very hard)...and Rob Zombie's House!!!!

My favorite authors:

Robert Rankin
comments: The running gags, the lovable characters.....this man is my God and I want to live in his world!
Stephen King
comments: I am not liking 'Wizard and Glass' however...grr Steven King....GRRRR!
Terry Goodkind
comments: My first and last love affair with fantasy - I can't read any other fantasy books for fear of being VERY disappointed :-(
Tom Sharpe
comments: Funnneeeeeeeee

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