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There comes a time when you truly realise that you have nothing at all insightful to say. So I will say nothing.

My favorite diaries:

mizlizzy profile - diary
comments: An angel on earth. Inspires me greatly.
liquidhuman profile - diary
comments: She is my secret twin, her diary is the bestest... read it now you fool!
pink-pearls profile - diary
comments: She is super sassy, clever, honest, goofy and manages to make me laugh.
anotherwish profile - diary
comments: It is her fault that I even found out about this site... Blame her!
grinzal profile - diary
comments: Sometimes the simple things in life are the most interesting! Plus she is a Foo Fighters fan.
im-the-mary profile - diary
comments: The whirlwind adventures and life of a girl in Sydney... She rocks, rocks I tell you!
anhnie profile - diary
comments: She is sweet enough to give you a tooth ache.
pinkbowshoe profile - diary
comments: I totally love this diary... Random and Funny, but she can be Serious. Sunglasses are no longer necessary when reading it, but it is still all kinds of cool
doll-of-pain profile - diary
comments: Crazy Chelsey from Canada... She is too cool for School!
brodyblue profile - diary
comments: She's cool, she plays the bass and her diary is kickass... Read this diary you must!
snow666white profile - diary
comments: This is a brain I would be interested in taking a walk around... Plus she's super nice!

My favorite music:

Foo Fighters
comments: My all time favourite band.
comments: Totally kickass band
comments: Her songs are so thoughtful, beautiful and inspired. Not many people can make me cry, but Jewel sure can.
Orlando Gibbons
comments: My favourite composer ever... Not too well known by the world at large and this is definitely their loss!
Honourable Mentions
comments: Rimsky Korsakov, The Beatles, Coldplay, Thomas Tallis, Simon & Garfunkel, Jeff Buckley, Tenacious D, Slipknot, Ben Harper, Nirvana, Van Morrison, Probot, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Led Leppelin, The Who, The Clash, System of a Down

My favorite movies:

Kevin Smith
comments: Love all of his films
Monty Python
comments: I love all of the films, books and series
High Fidelity
comments: John Cusack and Jack Black kick ass
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
comments: This movie is just beautiful.
Honorable Mentions
comments: Napoleon Dynamite, Garden State, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Jackie Chan Films, Adam Sandler Films, Evil Woman(Saving Silverman), Crackerjack, Shallow Hal, Love Actually, Big Fish, The Nightmare Before Christmas, I am Sam, Amelie, Four Weddings & a

My favorite authors:

Paolo Coelho
comments: Brilliant and Inspiring author
C.S. Lewis
comments: The Chronicles of Narnia are my all time favourite books
Irvine Welsh
comments: I've read them all... Totally kickass
Michael Moore
comments: Political Humour... What's not to laugh about the state of World Politics
Wait... there's more...
comments: Michael Palin, Charles Bukowski, Douglas Adams, Ben Elton, J.K Rowling, Harper Lee, The Dalai Lama... yeah... too many to mention.

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