mary-mary... QUITE contrary.... locked because it's necassary

"hadalamb" for now

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead."

"I want a lover I don't have to love. I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk."

I wish there was someone who I could talk to late into the night, without realizing it was that late into the night.

"blame us cause we are who we are. hate us cause you'll never get that far." -bte- "at the stars"

"To live is the rarest thing in life. most people exist - that is all." - Oscar Wilde

let go of the past.

My favorite diaries:

netma profile - diary
comments: whoever netty and mama are.... they rock. haha. it's a wonderful community of craziness and incessant babble. check it out if you're bored and in the mood for nonsense.
katrina03 profile - diary
comments: katie is f-u-n! i like her taste in music, wiritng style, and passion for hating the male race as i do. we simply must concert one day soon.
tripp profile - diary
comments: i like jacob and i always will. he's one of those rare intriguing people i can't seem to get enough of. ((his head is swelling as he reads this)) haha
starbucks03 profile - diary
comments: my bear. love her style of words. i owe my love for DAVE to her. among other lessons i've learned about life.... and love. one of my best friends. she takes good care of me. MAMA
truthsblood profile - diary
comments: poems. the deepest poems i've ever read. i wonder how he has such beautifully morbid thoughts. but i shouldn't wonder because this is the mystery of "clark". he likes to pretend that he doesn't like me, but he does. i promise.
lizsummers69 profile - diary
comments: liz is just plain awesome. she doesn't tell you what you want to hear but she makes what you NEED to hear somehow more enjoyable because your hearing it from her.
ea-brady profile - diary
comments: "shady brady" is such a pretty boy. i dont mean like a "pretty boy". he's just pretty (most girls would say... hot) my soon-to-be neighbor. oh the excitement. SMORES!
rob-e profile - diary
comments: robyn is one of the few people in my grade that i absolutely love to death! i want to hang out with her. i'm blissfully happy for her and kyle. she deserves happiness. :)
ea-kyle profile - diary
comments: kyle is very cool. i wish i could get to know him better. he looks like the member of a band. i know he is one, but he looks band memberish. (EA) aww. he's beside robyn.
kelleyg profile - diary
comments: kelley. my advice. kelley has a way with words . they aren't poetic or complicated. but they get to your heart and you fully understand. i always have fun with kelley. unless she's mad. but we love each other anyway.
jewels77 profile - diary
comments: my boon. julie gives it to you straight. no bullcrap. she's always been a best friend to me. been there for me through ALOT of crap that i've gotten myself into. i love her always.
c-jack3 profile - diary
comments: i used to stalk cory when i was about 5. he loves to reminisce *in public* about this, so i fiugre i would for once. i love cory. one of my best friends. i can argue with him forever on our differences. he looks out for me. i like that.
ea-drew profile - diary
comments: drew is really cool. we have had a few convos on yahoo! about chocolate milk in boxes and we've used to paper cutter machine together before. haha im running out of things to say. but yeah, drew is a very cool one. maybe we'll become closer.
ghettok-la profile - diary
comments: kessy. we're so funny about the fights we get into. we seem to stay mad at each forever, but somehow (or another) we always go back to how we are. we're *usually* in the same chapter, but i think we switched book and didn't tell each other.
blueMETHOD profile - diary
comments: Clark is now writing in, not one, but TWO diaries. oh the excitement!
katiemann31 profile - diary
comments: my katie! she doesn't write often but has good points on things. katie is so caring and sweet. she's been my best friend since 5th grade and always will be. we dont go to the same school and we're still this close? we can make it throug
renewedgrace profile - diary
comments: bethann seems so sweet. i knew her when i was little. WEE wisdom. yeah right. i dont think i ever said "weee" or any other fun sounding words there. has a double name like me. VERY cool! ;)
whit7 profile - diary
comments: i think this is reagan;s... she keeps it locked but reagan is the coolest sophomore EVER. we trip out together in geometry. WHITNEY!
fev42 profile - diary
comments: ryan. wow. theres so much to say about him. his diary is one of my favorites. very intresting.
ambergurl profile - diary
comments: greasy weasel. i really like amber. i can't fully explain why. i just like her. she's just cool. i think if we ever had a 30 minute conversation we would find a lot of things in common. she is cool in my book. and it's more like a notepad
ashred profile - diary
comments: i like ashley. she's really sweet. we had a good conversation once about 80's stuff, i think. haven't talked to her in a while though. but she is real sweet.
hi-phi profile - diary
comments: chris is very unique. i respect his off-the-wall character and mind. he;s very intresting and at times perverted. but a great person all together. he = coolness
unamerican profile - diary
comments: i love this. just read it. it's a mirror of her thoughts so beautifully transported from her mind onto a keyboard.
silentsigh profile - diary
comments: i *sigh* a lot. and her diary is very cool. and she expresses herself well. a quality i once had. until i became accustomed to censoring myself. but censorship is best when living in grenada.
atnight-lake profile - diary
comments: dammit clark. not tall silent bastard. : ->
hay-fatty profile - diary
comments: i really like haley. always have. she's never crossed my mind as anything but sweet and cool. she doesn't like being tall but i think it's neato. she confided in me once and i was happy to be trusted., :)
emily-c profile - diary
comments: grammy! my lovely friend. she is just the sweetest thing ever and she has abnormally (but nice) soft arms and hands.
donedeeds profile - diary
comments: i love my deeds. also love that she has a diary. (that she never updates!) she's just one of those people you know? that fall under the category "people you relate to". and she fits in there with few others. on my "top ten people
ker-lin profile - diary
comments: kerri is a very wonderful person. easy to talk to. nice handwriting. hehe love you kerri. (MERRI)
brief-lives profile - diary
comments: my little friend whom i can be utterly strange with and pretend that he still accepts me. haha but when i need him to not take my bullshit excuses he's there.
killingkarma profile - diary
comments: braids makes me feel tons better when the world seems to be crashing down on me. as soon as i feel like i know him i dont but it makes me like him even more. and he talks fast because his mind works fast (so i say)
glitteraloft profile - diary
comments: i love robyn and im thrilled that she and i have a class together (finally) this year. we play phone tag a lot. haha
kelleylauren profile - diary
comments: kelley has a new diary and she forgets to update from time to time but it;'s lovely because she is lovely but so damn busy with work and other things :) but UGH! make time for MEEE!
death-munk profile - diary
comments: zach thinks i don't like him, but i do. i would say something but he might get mad.
keeds profile - diary
comments: avorite diary. i absolutlely love it so much that i feel i must copy and paste to better explain my thoughts or just to share his with the world (or whoever reads my diary) this diary rocks. - deepness -
stolen-fate profile - diary
comments: haley mitchell agrees with me on the appropriate ways to fall in love with music. find it yourself or hear it by word of mouth. oh yes!
katemitch profile - diary
comments: mitchells! my lovely.

My favorite music:

Incubus, Dash Board Confessional, Trapt, Sublime, the starting line
comments: MAROON 5, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Dispatch , John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Adema, Korn, Cher, Puddle of Mudd, Nickleback, Silverchair, the strokes, injected, bush, tantric, tonic, custom, blink 182, lauryn hill, local h, gob, nirvana,
audiovent, 3 doors down, 3rd eye blind, swithfoot
comments: Taking Back Sunday, Fleetwood Mac, Ben Harper, Vanessa Carlton, Kylie Minogue, Ashanti, Blues Traveler, Chevelle, Michelle Branch, Better than Ezra, Alien Ant Farm, Candlebox, Bangles, onesidezero, sum 41, blink 182, nick drake, travis, vast, sister hazel
Radiohead, Alanis Morisette, linkin park, dispatch
comments: Cold , Eve 6, Revis, Evenscence, Matchbox 20, In gram Hill, Flickerstick, Fuel, TRUSTcompany, easily amused, jason mraz,kill hannah, goodnight city, outkast, the used, norah jones, pete yorn, ataris, finch, smashing pumpkins
Garbage, Ludicris, Live, rooney, kelly osbourne,
comments: Pearl Jam,, Stone Temple Pilots, Brand New, 7 channels. Lynard Skynard, Led Zeplin, Aerosmith, evanescence, something corporate, story of the year, DAVE, weezer, social burn, sugarcult, all-american rejects, jimmy hendrix, boxcar racer, bob marley
New Found Glory, Our Lady Peace, Jimmy Eat World, System of a Down
comments: ok GO, vanessa carlton, rusted root, beck, bright eyes, mandy moore, the hives, the vines, the white stripes, taproot, audiovent, cher, no doubt, lifehouse, billie holiday, greenwheel, frank sinatra, Avril Lavigne, Beatles, Course of Nature, Default

My favorite movies:

"Cant Hardly Wait"
comments: A classic teen movie... reminds me of the first time I ever watched it and how things were then,
"Donny Darko"
comments: favorite movie. it deserves no explanation or reason. some things are better left to the imagination.
"Vanilla Sky"
comments: The strangest depressing movie I've ever seen. But still one of the best ever. it takes 2 or 3 times to understand completely. makes me think of cole for some reason.
"You've Got Mail"
comments: haha. dont even ask about this. it just is. not in this section of movies, but "Identity" deeply disturbed me. little boys forever scare the hell out of me. thanks.
"Breakfast Club" & "Sixteen Candles"
comments: 80's movies are the best! Molly Ringwald and that dorky kid. love it love it. I also have to include "Valley Girls" because i can relate.

My favorite authors:

Judy Blume
comments: "Forever" is one of the best books I ever read. I couldnlt put it down seriously.
ALSO Judy Blume
comments: "Summer Sisters" two girls and their teenage summers. i can relate to vix and cat. cried at the end.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
comments: great gatsby rocksmy world! i would love to have lived in the 2o's!
Rebecca St. James
comments: Wait for Me... a turning point in my life last summer. The realization that mine was not what one would call "a perfect or godly" relationship. Made me realize how real relationships should be, under God's influence. Everyone should read it

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