Mistress of the Dark's Diary of Darkness

Alliteration's fun, isn't it? Also specializing in rambling rants, insanity, and general sillyness.

My favorite diaries:

badsnake profile - diary
comments: Perceptions used to be here but I don't like him anymore. Badsnake gets this space just for having taunting cats at her door.
katybug profile - diary
comments: She lives near me..what can I say?
phantasy profile - diary
comments: Steph. Blah blah blah...I can't be bothered to think at the moment, come back later.
grifeichadam profile - diary
comments: Person's moved on, but his diary remains?
marn profile - diary
comments: She's already popular, but how can you not add a woman who makes Emily Dickinson look like a party animal? She would also like to be someone's bitch.
oddgoogle profile - diary
comments: What can I say? The idea's cool and I've been on it, so that automatically gives it favorite status.
gawain profile - diary
comments: The man's Person from the future, come back to point his finger at him and laugh, how could I not read him? Besides, he amuses me.
dr-rndmprsn profile - diary
comments: Dear Random, you're a person.
foolmagnet profile - diary
comments: Cat Momma & her rants about friggers make me laugh.
black-fury profile - diary
comments: *waves hi to chica in her new home* That is all.
thefelineone profile - diary
comments: Because I find her oddly fascinating.
pablo profile - diary
comments: For being British and the use of the word "doxy" in an entry. Also, for the disparagement of Harry Potter & G.W. Bush
superfuryman profile - diary
comments: Because he's just that cool.

My favorite music:

Janet Jackson
comments: I suck at naming band names. Can't I do genres instead?
comments: Just about anything other than country, rap, or opera.
Savage Garden
comments: 80's music....(Sensing a theme here?)
The Temptations
comments: 90's music
Sugar Ray
comments: 50's, 60's, 70's music...plus whatever I forgot.

My favorite movies:

Gremlins II
comments: Gremlins I was also good.
The Breakfast Club
comments: One of the best 80's movies.
The Usual Suspects
comments: Kevin Spacey. Could be worse, could be Kevin Bacon, the whore. At least I didn't give in to the masses & say American Beauty, but that was good too.
Real Genius
comments: Val Kilmer is usually good. I can't remember other movies. There are many though.
Ghostbusters I & II
comments: Certainly more than 5, although I liked both Ghostbusters.

My favorite authors:

Anne Bishop
comments: Good Fantasy Author
J.D. Robb
comments: Futuristic Mystery
Laurell K. Hamilton
comments: I don't know what to call her...Supernatural Suspense? Oooohh...alliteration!
Catherine Coulter
comments: She writes Suspense & Romance and some Romantic Suspense...depending on which book it is.
Jayne Anne Krentz & her other noms de plume
comments: Contemporary romance. So I like romances a bit more than the other ones, sue me.

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