***monkey business as usual***

****updated 2020****

Why did I feel compelled to return to this old soul searching and waffle posts of random sh1t

Still married

3 kids

Working hard retail

In a major rut in all areas

People holding me back

People dragging me down

Want to embrace positive change

But I also lost the biggest and best influence in my life my mum

No one understands except a few friends who’ve experienced this loss too

Just need guidance and some kinda voice from somewhere

*****to say it’ll be okay*****

I can’t do negative people anymore!!!

The prof below made me laugh how sweet and naive of the world I was once

I'm a happy, bubbly, young(ish) Brit SAHM to two toddler-aged children called Ethan and Isabel.

I've been happily married to my lovely husband Dave for nearly four years. We also have a 6 year old house-rabbit called Honey, but he isn't allowed to roam freely anymore due to damaging our home too much.

Life round here is never dull!

My diary is locked, but if you wish to read along just email me for the password at - [email protected]

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My favorite music:

KT Tunstall

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
Shrek 2
Pirates of the Carribean
Forrest Gump

My favorite authors:

Sophie Kinsella
India Knight
Chris Manby
Anna Maxed
Freya North

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