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Something profound should go here but I'm to pissed to think of anything. That sums it up pretty well. If you read my rants then you get an A for patience ;0)

My favorite diaries:

dyingpoet profile - diary
comments: It is bittersweet and charming I have to go back to this one again
thepeachtree profile - diary
comments: makes you want to give her a hug and a smile because you understand the need to give and feel love
letterwriter profile - diary
comments: Decent poetry, it's very human. You can get a mental picture as you read.
soulwatcherx profile - diary
comments: When I read the entry about the Chestnut tree I knew I had to put this in my favorites even if another entry is never written
enigmotion profile - diary
comments: "You are a poetry runner, Conjuring melodies like a helpless hummer"
crayon profile - diary
comments: "How about the fact that I now have a date on Sunday? an officail, mutually agreed upon DATE. with someone I really like. and she really enjoys the fact that I'm a dork."
letters2dad profile - diary
comments: read it and you'll understand why I put it here
spikyhead profile - diary
artlifelove profile - diary
eviltech profile - diary
comments: "cannot find brain"
lostinmylove profile - diary
comments: She is powerfully honest and brave. Even though I can't relate I felt for her as I read every word.
katiedoyle profile - diary
comments: This is so hillarious I couldn't resist adding her so I can come back again and again
themarassa profile - diary
comments: Very down to earth, very human I like her a lot.
niceguymike profile - diary
comments: He is a lot like themarassa in the down to earth aspect. Just added him but I really like what I've read so far
irisheyes70 profile - diary
understood profile - diary
comments: comical and ironic since I'm a Catholic Repuplican (good thing I don't lack a sence of humor ;0)
ratherbored profile - diary
comments: HAHA...this kid is friggen hillarious! I was doubled over in my chair.
Nightdragon profile - diary
comments: I like his train of thought ;0)

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