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from final137 :
Catholics are the tool of the devil.. all denominationalism is.
from pyroguysr :
Your positive message in your blog rocked! Blessed be!
from final137 :
I just saw my own banner..haha.. anyhow, I felt like I was supposed to come I'm supposed to leave you a message. That's all I know. God bless.
from pyroguysr :
I was going to post this at your church blog, I would just be repeating a lot of what has been said: Bono is a Catholic, has a rock-star's pompous bloated image self-importance and SUCH a typical liberal, it's not funny. Having said that, U2 has ALWAYS sung songs of "Hey, would you please stop all the disagreement and violence? We all have commonality in our beliefs so why not try to get along?" I mean, did the people going to that concert even READ the lyrics they sang along to? U2's songs have always been at the forefront of a United Ireland and condemning the violence that Protestants and Catholics, Jews and Muslims perpetrated against each other "in the name of god," so it was a natural progression to get the three major religions of the worlds, all which share the same common roots to try to come together. While I'm not a big fan of Bono or U2 anymore, the reason >> I << believe none of those that posted about him being an "antichrist" could hear anything after that point in the concert was probably the deafening collective thunder of their evangelistic christian, muslim or jewish minds slamming shut over a message of love, peace and tolerance / looking for a more common ground that should have been preached by their respective ministers, rabbi's and imams. When it comes right down to it, the fragmentation of religious beliefs hasn't ever really been about "beliefs" per se, but about power - and who controls it. And those in "power" manipulated the masses by mincing over differences in phrasing and meaning, then stirring up their faithful with purposeful misrepresentations of what those words mean. I agree with you Rachel. Religious beliefs are going to breed differences. What we all NEED to do is to RESPECT each other's beliefs just as we respect each others differences in hair color, eye color and skin color. People will believe what they will believe. They've had their "revelation." But, to me, it's NOT a revelation, it's hearsay. I have had my own revelation... and man-oh-man, is it different! Doesn't mean theirs is any better or worse than my own... just different.
from pyroguysr :
You need to do an update in the worst way.
from pyroguysr :
If I may be so bold as to have you go read my diary entry on veterans, I'd be very proud to have you comment on it!
from katiedoyle :
*great* to hear from you. :) your mom told me it's been hard for you; near broke my heart. i can't find your email, so send it, and i'll write more often. xo, kd
from pyroguysr :
It makes me proud to find diaries of those sacrificing their time and their lives for the good of the world. I've two of my "boys" (former boyscouts) over there and they won't be coming home until March. I've added you and my prayers go to you!
from jamsjunction :
I'm a fairly new reader. Its good to hear your safe, and doing well considering. I will definitely keep you and your husband in my prayers.
from katanabright :
10.01.05 Hi - Don't know when you will read this but I honor you and thank you for your service; you and your family - two legged and four - will remain in my prayers. pax tecum. Be safe. Be well.
from nightdragon :
Hey, right back at'cha! I clicked on one of your banners - it appealed to me - and learned that you're a Bushite! I was going to leave you a message last night, but it was very late and I needed to get to sleep; I had planned to leave you a note today regardless of whether you'd noticed my presence or not ... Now I'm off to add you to my list and I'll find the time to read your diary soon. Bon sant� ~ ND
from teachin-usa :
Your banners are obnoxious.
from nateboxley :
You scare me
from katiedoyle :
um, could you stand a little more to the right? i think there are a few blades of grass still between you and the fence. ;) i'm kidding! it just goes to show that even someone on the right (that would be you) and a person on the left (that would be me) share a pretty fair amount of common ground. we both have our extremes, but by and large, we tend to sit pretty close to the middle. you're just a seat or two to the right of it, and I'm a seat or two to the left, but we're both in the same middle section; there are no aisles separating us. so why the hell can't congress and the president get that thru their thick skulls and find the damned middle ground that most of america lives in and wants to see reflected??? seriously, i don't get why it's so frigging hideous. :( and it freaks me out you and i speak to each other when it is. ;) kd
from fightn4life :
My prayers are with you. My hubby did a tour of duty in Viet Nam...Lord I recall the horror of being a wife& mother of our little girl while he was away. Our youngest daughter too joined the service right before 911. I was more frightened for her than she was. She ended up with a bone spur and recieved a medical discharge. She cried as she wanted to serve our country. I had to write to let you know you have so many hearts and prayers with you very day, along with all our soldiers. God Bless you all. Sandyz
from rae-babe :
Awwww...I like to think that friends of all different perspectives is the best way to go. That way I can confirm my beleifs because I disagree or change my mind on a belief I once held but had you there to knock some sence into me ;0) *I have a little secret - about 50 to 55% of my closest friends are so far in left field we have to use a flag just to wave and say hi to each other ;0) It's fun to have little bashing sessions and know you can still go out for ice cream with each other afterwords with no hard feelings* However, I can't quite bring myself to a neutral feeling when it comes to the ACLU *cringe* I think it has some thing to do with the 10 commandments issue or the town built on crosses that had to take all the crosses off of the town logo (even though that was their history), or even their lack of interest in the town in Michigan that decided to blast the Muslims sing song prayers all over town but won't do the same for christians. It could be the fact that the original leader of the ACLU was one of the head honchos in the 60's that was trying to bring about communism in this country. He even had a list of the things he wanted to accomplish and a lot of those things have happened or seem like they are about to. Anyways, that is my little tantrum for you ;0P Also, even if I wanted to back out of my deployment now it's to late. Either I go, get severly injured or my hubby and I screw like jack rabbits until I'm to round to deploy :( Needless to say, my hubbys been a horny little devil lately ;0P --I know I know, To much information, right? It'll be good for me. Seeing what you see in those third world contries really makes you appreciate things like water, tooth paste, grass, ebola-free food, plumbing, soap (face wash is a hot item down there you know - you have to stock pile the Neutrogina and you can sell it on your own little black market - you think I'm kidding don't you!), my wardrobe, bug spray, electronics, cars. All of those things you take for granted every day. I really must be crazy if I want to live in a place like that for the rest of my life, huh? Well, I'll worry about that when it comes.
from katiedoyle :
sorry, but i forgot i noted you in the first place to say i really think you should let someone go who hasn't gone. you did your time. just about anyone in your position would have deferred to someone else, so you shouldn't feel guilty. i understand why you do, though. the military and americans are lucky to have you. kd
from katiedoyle :
man, you are so far left, i can't believe we speak to each other! that's an amazing collection of pubbie links you got goin' there! :) i'm not a huge fan of the aclu either, but they perform a valuable service and are incredibly important in this country, so it would be bad to disband them. consider them a guard dog that sometimes (a lot) gets too zealous in its duty. if everyone in a system thinks exactly alike, things tend to get perverted for lack of control and restriction. we need groups like the aclu, even when we don't like them. i think the judges who made those decisions you cited (the family wearing buttons and couey) are just *wrong*. i am often amazed at the lack of common sense people show. frankly, i see nothing wrong with the jurors being made to see the victim. that's why the case is there. criminals are allowed far too much latitude in this society, for sure. i am fully conservative in my views on that...which is why the aclu makes me INSANE. but i also give them money. go figure. i commented back to you in my comments. kd
from xnavygrrl :
Wow I'm so with you. This country was built on the backs of immigrants. Most people I know that are trying to get citizenships are some of the hardest working people ever. I think to close the borders would be a travesty.
from the-mistake :
you totally stole my name.
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from irisheyes70 :
You didn't offend me at all about the religious thing. I used to be Catholic. :) I still think it's a lovely faith, just not for me. It confuses me daily why holier than thou types act the way they do. Why can't they realize they are creating the opposite effect of what they want? My nice neighbor calls them Bible Thumpers. I love my Bible, but I don't go around thumping it just to make noise, you know what I mean? Thanks for your message, and I'll be looking for those Mustang Lights!
from thedonut :
Don't be afraid of buying a car. Ask friends where THEY had good experiences, or stick with something like Saturn, where the price is fixed/non-negotiable and fair. Our car-buying experience finally ended. We have the registration today finally! Good luck!
from enigma104 :
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my buddylist, I really hope that's okay, and that I think your journal is really great(which is probably rather obvious, seeing as I added you to my buddylist, hehe). Anyway, I hope everything is well. Cheers {[alex]}
from hellstragedy :
my boyfriend is one of the frrst 50 to go to iraq if the draft goes into effect. i usually try avoiding the tv shows,ect. on war but i realized now i need to know. thank you for having the bravery to stand for our country. i hope you and the rest of our troops return safely.
from befuddled21 :
hey thanks so much for the website about freedom of press.
from themarassa :
Thank you for sharing those letters. I love hearing about real-life love stories, and Isaiah sounds wonderful. Thanks also for suggesting that I actually talk to my husband about my "issues". I did, and everything seems to be straightened out. *hugs*..~Amy
from rae-babe :
He pulled through fine...He has burn marks that will never go away but he will live and they sent him home to a hospital near his family...We were all very releived.
from themarassa :
I am so sorry to hear about your acquaintance. I hope he pulls through and returns to his family healthy, happy, and SOON. My heart hurts for his family... only two days out. *sigh*
from katiedoyle :
(after it posted, i wondered how you'd react to it)
from katiedoyle :
thank you for your comment. kd
from themarassa :
It's funny, I was just thinking about the attitude down here. It's amazing that our cultures are so similar, yet so different. Americans are really inexplicably uptight about a lot of things. I find that I would rather shield my three year old from glorified violence, but I feel (like many other people from my country)that nudity and sex are natural parts of life. This isn't to say that I would want to pop "Bondage Babes 17" into the VCR to entertain her, but I just don't see the big deal if she walks in on my husband after he has gotten out of the shower. It's odd that way, and kind of hard to get used to.
from themarassa :
Heehee, my poor hubby. Trained for combat, NOT trained for the menstrual cycle! Thanks for letting me add you, I really have liked what I have read so far. And, I feel like I have to get acquainted with my new reads, and therefore couldn't POSSIBLY vacuum.... Thanks! :DMuch love, Amy
from themarassa :
I just added you, hope it's okay. :)
from parlance :
Who are we to say that the heart cannot weep? It beats, afterall.
from artlifelove :
Thanks babe, kind words and encouragement are always appriciated. I hope you can get home soon to your love.
from chrisheinz :
I love reading your diary! keep it up, great stuff!
from musicnut :
Yeah, I try to make her feel loved and wanted. They treat her like a little kid.
from quotheraven :
Our story is amazing! It's like straight out of a dream. He plans on coming in April! How small this world really is.
from velvet-heart :
I'm full of shit- Don't pay any attention to my museless ramblings... really I'm stupid..
from velvet-heart :
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.. where did you come from?? You blew me away with your note- thank you thank you thank you!~ Hmm you might like my newest entry.. its freakin awesome!!!!!
from vikanda :
thanks for the note. i'm really proud that you joined the airforce and have also found the love of your life in doing so. congrats! i met my husband via the army. just drove to Savannah for the first time a couple weeks ago. it was amazing! it reminded me a little of new orleans. i was born and raised in chicago, so we're fellow IL. i just left germany about a year ago. my husband was stationed there after i finished my enlistment, and i was able to complete a degree while i was over there w/him. nice meeting you! here's my email if you ever want to chat some more: [email protected]
from thepeachtree :
Your diary entrys are so meaningful. Its like, someone will tell you some great advice, but you just dont understand it yet. Someday though, someday.
from thepeachtree :
"Love is the highest achievement you can accomplish in life. If you really want it no consequence is to great." Amen sistah. I think its amazing how you just knew what was right to go into the air force and how you just followed your instincts is so cool. Hopefully throughout my life I�ll come to a moment like that. Love is wonderful. Just as wonderful as the people who tend to find it I suppose. Stay wonderful forever... And thank you soooooo much for the lovely note you left in my friends note section, we both, defiantly appreciate it. Much love, and happy wishes for you.
from thepeachtree :
Hey, its Jesso... A good friend of mine had her best friend die, and found out just a hour ago. If you were going to leave me a note... don�t. You should go to her diary and leave happy hopeful thoughts in her notes section. Thanks a lot kid, she, and I, would definitely appreciate it, from one Diarylander to another... ( )
from soulwatcherx :
congratulations on getting married tomorrow! :D I hope you'll have a fanstatic day, and enjoy your stay in Rome!
from thepeachtree :
I love your new layout. Its so orrigional. My only suggestion is that you make a section for other links, such as profile, notes, guestbook (which you need to get), email, exc. whatever... I'm happy for you that your getting married. I just went to a wedding not long ago, its such a beautiful thing.
from thepeachtree :
I'm exactally liek that with people. I find any excuse, any holiday to give presents. For the end of the year i'm giving out what would jesus do bracelets to say "have a good smmer but dont do anything stupid, because jesus wouldnt" Get it? They didnt. Easter was jellubeand. Christmass i gave out cds. It goes on and on...
from limblessdoll :
Thanks.I'm sure it'll be fun...although I'm not feeling to great about going to the beach *shudder* so many people in bikinis
from limblessdoll :
locked my diary again these pass and username will stay the same now = ) username: glassy passw:blood
from enigmotion :
Why thank you very much. I try to keep things new. :) Thanks for the note. Love, Cat
from limblessdoll :
er...hello,I wanted to say thanks for signing my guestbook and leaving me a note = ) it cheers me up when people write to me.

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