Small and delicate...growing wild.

A fresh start, a new beginning. Sometimes we all need a little change and a place to record our growth, this is mine.

My favorite diaries:

Andrew profile - diary
comments: The magnanimous creator of diaryland which, thankfully, allows multiple diaries as I collect them...sort of.
bgsyncrosk8r profile - diary
comments: A wonderful girl with a great heart and a personality that shines...she also has the cutest island boyfrien ever.
DaSauce profile - diary
comments: After a long hiatus he has returned in all of his sweet and loving glory. Read this for an amazing chronicle of single fatherhood.
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: Sometimes vulgar and sometimes inspiring but always refreshing (and devilishly handsome to boot.)
Kitchenwitch profile - diary
comments: A lady who is serving as a bit of an inspiration, she is struggling to raise a wiccan daughter in a "christian" country and loving a husband that sounds in a word: great.
l-luthor profile - diary
comments: The diary of one Lex Luthor per "Smallville" what can I say, I'm a sucker for a man destined for tights and gorgeous men destined for super villianhood
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: The level of awesome is sometimes more than I can handle.
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: A funny and down to earth woman with an interesting writing style and a great design...btw she is a lesbian (!)
porktornado profile - diary
comments: With the wit of a well seasoned comedian applied to the humor of a junior high boy, he can't go wrong.
queenmothy profile - diary
comments: A great friend and an even better writer, she has stood by me through much and I greatly appreciate her.
Scanzilla profile - diary
comments: When evil robots take over the world, this man will be at the forfront of the invasion....How sexy.
Squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Some people hate her...I for one support diaries written by squirrels
Switchcraft profile - diary
comments: With a following of teen age girls after his muscles he makes for a real american hero...but make no mistake, this marine has a heart of gold and a head on his shoulders.
urbancadence profile - diary
comments: An adorable, clever boy.
jesbohn profile - diary
comments: I may not always agree with her, usually I don't, but she always is amusing and I can respect that.
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
leslieirene profile - diary
isislovesyou profile - diary
his-holiness profile - diary
comments: He is of priceless humor and wit...don't let the devil theme fool you children, he may seem like the boogeyman, but he seems to have a big heart. Besides...the devil is just something people made up to scare little children and sanctify silly rules.
gumphood profile - diary
comments: I'm just now learning about the humor of gump...."The Humor of the Gump"...I would go see that movie.
KymeriaEve profile - diary
comments: She is sweet and spunky and full of ambition. However she is also full of crap. Just kidding.
reviewgump profile - diary
hissandtell profile - diary
thedevlyn profile - diary

My favorite music:

Dropkick Murphys
comments: Irish punk rockers from Boston. How orgasmalicious. Not only are they punk rock, but they also have a piper. Be still my beating heart.
Less Than Jake
comments: A fun and witty ska-punk band, full of outragous humor and a healthy dose of smart ass attitude.
Maroon 5
comments: I have a feeling they are a flavor of the month, but oh it tastes so good.
comments: A head trip a minute. The vocals are amazing and the lyrics divine.
Postal Service
comments: Pretty

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

edmund spenser
comments: Really, everyone read the "Faerie Queene" it is the best. Then go read Geoffry Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" and then you should go read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight oooh goodnes, just go find a book of old english literature
Robert Jordan
comments: I'm such a fool for this kind of fantasy liturature. I find it thrilling.
Terry Brooks
comments: See above

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