Squirrel X : psychotic, psychic, recondite, rural, southern varmint

Hey! I'm Squirrel X.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: empathy, liberty, privacy, creativity, novelty, coffee

MY HOBBIES INCLUDE BUT ARE BY NO MEANS LIMITED TO: animals, reading, writing, blues, jazz, movies, politics, riding, yoga, walking, cooking, travel, fine arts, not-so-fine arts, anomalous phenomena, the Craft, Tarot, NBA, NFL, computer stuff, caving, The Marx Brothers, and target shooting

GENDER: female

BIRTHDAY: Halloween of '63

LOCATION: the South

OCCUPATION: divination

CHILDREN: Licorice Kitty, a black male feline; Mr. West, a white male canine; Timmy, a black and white male myotonic goat; Nadia, a black and white female myotonic goat; Lady Lucky, a brown and black female canine; Daniel, a brown and creme male canine; Robert E., a brown, black and white male canine; Jett, a black female feline; and the Hollywood flock, Hedy Lamar, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Bette Davis, and Myrna Loy --- white Leghorn hens; Rocket, a black, male, saddle mule; Stonewall, a chestnut, male, saddle mule; Rose, a Brown Swiss cow; Art, an orange and white striped, male, feline; Sin´┐Żad, a grey, white, and black, female feline; Nathan, black and white, male Poland China pig

FAVORITE WORD: nonpareil

MOST LOATHED WORD: 'impact' used as a verb

FAVORITE COLOURS: black and white


FAVORITE SCENTS: peppermint, vanilla, freshly cut grass


FAVORITE POETS: Walt Whitman, Charles Bukowski


FAVORITE FOODS: movie popcorn, green grapes

FAVORITE ACTOR: Christopher Walken




FAVORITE ARTISTS: Edward Hopper, Maxfield Parrish, Kees Van Dongen, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali, Ralph Goings, Roy Lichtenstein, Charles Ball, Vincent Van Gogh, Davis Cone

FAVORITE TAROT DECKS: Rider-Waite, Halloween, Victoria Regina, Dali

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: South Park, Crank Yankers, History's Mysteries, Crossing Over, Booknotes, City Confidential, and Six Feet Under



FAVORITE PLACES TO HIDE OUT: museums, movie theaters, malls, and mountains

FAVORITE HOLIDAYS: Halloween, Easter and St. Patrick's Day




FAVORITE SHOW CAVES: Dixie Caverns of Virginia, Appalachian Caverns of Tennessee

FAVORITE PHILOSOPHERS: Goethe, Kierkegaard, Locke, Nietzsche, Kant, De Beauvoir

POLITICAL P-O-V: Libertarian

ORGANIZATIONS I BELONG TO: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, Animal Legal Defense Fund, American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, American Humane Association, The Animal Defense League, American Civil Liberties Union, International Ghost Hunters Society

Expanded profile available at: http://squirrelx.diaryland.com/020905_88.html

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Auntie-mari profile - diary
comments: She sure is somethin' special. Readin' this diary is like time spent with a good friend. It makes you feel better about yourself and the world in general.

My favorite music:

Ella Fitzgerald
Duke Ellington
Etta James
KoKo Taylor
Leonard Cohen

My favorite movies:

Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Rear Window

My favorite authors:

Raymond Chandler
Stephen King
James Thurber
Flannery O'Connor
David Sedaris

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