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My name is Steve. I'm 22 years old. I am a recent college graduate. I'm a homo. I like to chant "down with douchebaggery!" because, you know, I hate it. You really ought to love me right about now. Funk soul brotha.

My favorite diaries:

fiestada profile - diary
comments: If I had more than one older sister, she'd still be my favorite
biensoul profile - diary
comments: Her passion for shoes may outweigh my own, but I rival her passion for TBH
perceptions profile - diary
comments: Sad that he's no longer with us, but a great read nonetheless
sfn7 profile - diary
comments: Do you believe in reincarnation?
faux-homo profile - diary
comments: Gay sex and drugs. What more could you want?
tubaboy profile - diary
comments: If I lived in Texas, I'd want to be his roommate
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: The MAN's got skills
fergie profile - diary
comments: "If they install animatronic go-go boys I swear I'm never setting foot in that place again."
devian profile - diary
comments: "When you are straight, you are this complex being. When you are gay--Oh, well they are so neat and clean and BOY can they make good quiche!" We're getting married one day.
buddhababy profile - diary
comments: Shutup and listen, the man's got something to say
ebm profile - diary
comments: "The lump in my throat ... is much akin to a humongous cock in the mouth of a sassy teen." (fiestada gets credit for finding this gem)
amishboy profile - diary
comments: I highly suggest his original expos´┐Ż on Jesse Camp
smoog profile - diary
comments: Lovely. Devian has exquisite taste.

My favorite music:

comments: I'm sorry, they're just damn catchy
Foo Fighters
comments: I know nothing about him, but I think I'm in love with Dave Grohl
Gravy Train
comments: "You Made me Gay, Girl" just makes me laugh... a lot
Easy E
comments: I'm only familiar with one of his tunes, possibly his only one, but Gimme Dat Nut is the greatest
comments: Gotta show some love for my boys.

My favorite movies:

Troop Beverly Hills
comments: My all-time favorite. I'm coming girls, and I've got the fondue!
Super Troopers
comments: Who wants a mustache ride!? I do! I do!
Corky Romano
comments: I SHOULD BUY A BOAT!!
comments: I *told* you not to eat those shrimp!
Half Baked
comments: You've gone 'n smoked yourself retarded.

My favorite authors:

Dan Savage
comments: Whenever I think of The Kid, I still get a little misty eyed
Nathan Smorynski
comments: Despite the awful grammar and spelling, his first book holds a special place in my heart
comments: Not really an author, but they write plenty, and boy is it good!

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