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nothingplace profile - diary
comments: "she could wrap her hand around my face yet already has my unabridged attention"
strangelilme profile - diary
comments: "we just stay at this distance. both longing. both lonely. both needing each other more than we can say....but no one says anything. no one ever says anything."
sundry profile - diary
comments: " I might find myself lapping merrily at my own forearm, as JB bursts in the door. He'd be like, "What are you doing to yourself?" and "Why is Nicolas Cage here?". He's all nosy like that. "
idiot-milk profile - diary
comments: "I am the goddess of all things baked. Worship me, infidels."
heartshaped profile - diary
comments: "never fall for a pretty face when / you've already got someone with a pretty soul."
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: "Is it just me, or have, like, half of the people in this country been replaced by blind, idiotic robot sheep that have been programmed by Ari Fleischer and FOX News?"
xenorevlis profile - diary
comments: "my life stands as a story of horrible trial & error, though through more educated instances it's been filled with immensity that could turn any meandering asshole into a blissful little boy."
heartracer profile - diary
comments: "i think i lost my fucking mind / in all the empty cups / in pictures / that memory lost"
jennydarko profile - diary
comments: "He said "I don't know, it depends on where we are and who we're with." ...WHAT???? WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT??? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU, ASSCLOWN????"
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: "Jesus reportedly said, "Follow me." I doubt he would beg and make an ass of himself trying to convince anyone he was the son of God. Why should anyone else attempt such a ridiculous task?"
jozkajozka profile - diary
comments: "its a word to inspire drama. a little play in the head, a reason to feel fucked up for no reason other than being extremely bored of not really feeling much at all."
partedclouds profile - diary
comments: "there is a girl below/ you/ one the other side of the/ world/ and she is kissing your/ fingertips."
forgetmexx profile - diary
comments: "and the other thing is, i really think you should tell me everything, even if you think i'll get upset about it. i mean, we all find things out eventually and it's no use trying to keep secrets. i'll just get more pissed that way. &qu
uber-bear profile - diary
comments: "Oooh, I could use my General Studies law knowledge to cheat [ my Dad ] out of all of his possessions! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA! Not that I would, of course."
penmaster profile - diary
comments: "I wasn't just shielding myself from the climate. I was also fighting to keep what remained of my soul. "
whymeohgod profile - diary
comments: "I'm not sensitive to cultural biases and the future well-being of the environment and the people who live here; I'm a jewish, nigger-loving, tree-hugging, liberal, pot-smoking hippie."
downcasted profile - diary
comments: "I'm hoping that tommorow never comes, but time won't stop because of me. "
scrying profile - diary
comments: "i can't stop. i wouldn't if i could. it means too much for me to stop. and the pain i'd experience if i quit is far greater than the pain of trying."
amazinfuckup profile - diary
comments: �You said once that nothing you said ever made a difference. I hope you never find out how wrong you were.�
needle-n-eye profile - diary
comments: "beauty isn't contained, it flows."
rainscent profile - diary
comments: "i once said you are the biggest contradiction i know. i saw you last night and i have changed my are the most beautiful contradiction i know."
resisting profile - diary
comments: �three years have passed, the trees have faded, and i have failed at so much on my own.�
glass-veins profile - diary
comments: "I don't want to be a creature of the night anymore; I want to be an angel of day.
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: �I wanted to protect her from some sort of abstract, pubescent terror that hurts some young girls, sensitive ones, ones that write stupid poetry and paint pianos.�
soul14 profile - diary
comments: "Things are so much simpler now that I have cast off that black coat around me. Things only get complicated when we want it to."
firinne profile - diary
comments: "and almost everything else is going to hell./ i'm thinking i should probably give a shit./ but.... hmm... nope."
rev-elation profile - diary
comments: "when that didn't work either, stupid criminal retard decided to just ransack my car and steal all of my cds. i seriously hope he's a lesbian, because my entire cd collection is comprised of lilith fair dykey artists."
sanetwin profile - diary
comments: "You will lean in for that first kiss/ a breath apart, we'll pause,/ and in my flesh/ you'll see the marks/ and be lost to me."
juli-anne profile - diary
comments: "I'm always so scared that someone is going to backstab me."
mia-cara profile - diary
comments: "Where the hell has decency gone?"
cazteapot profile - diary
comments: "I hope your pizza doesn't attack you because it's a really an MI5 agent and it wants to kill you because I told them about the pot in your room, and kind of also said you were planning to nuke the world"
beatupinside profile - diary
comments: "You're yelling the thoughts that are supposed to be hidden in the depths of your mind. "
gaffor profile - diary
comments: "You couldn't figure out any diary? No wonder you had problems with mine then. Perhaps you are used to chewable pages and more pictures."
ebm profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I think that maybe I dress totally retarded and should probably just ride a unicycle and get it over with. "
pumpkinhouse profile - diary
comments: "I really think it's about time I stopped favoring my wounded parts and just get out there and BE."
ripped-photo profile - diary
comments: "Beauty never leaves someone, it's always there. You just have to find it."
alicefalls profile - diary
comments: "Friday night I entertained a select group of my coworkers and became the beericorn. Oh how drunk I was."
dearcynthia profile - diary
comments: "y'know i'm here for you.. if you ever need me.." "yeah... you're here to fuck things up for me.
sanity-lies profile - diary
comments: "It was as if we were all almost strangers, forced to get on because of some distant family tie; and I hated it."
paperbridges profile - diary
comments: "the excitement of uncertainty is slowly giving way to the safety of that which is known, and i am so glad, so glad."
resrap profile - diary
comments: "Killing my libido a second at a time with hymns and prayers. It's terrifying because it's getting easier."
nothumbsup profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I think I shouldn't be celebrating holidays, but then I'm like "Fuck that, I like free things." so I do it anyway. "
iwillsurvive profile - diary
comments: "But why would you be using a vibrator as seen on Sex and the City and suddenly think, "Hey, I wonder if this will help my unexplained calf pain?" "

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