life beyond the minimum safe distance

here by my side, you are destruction. here by my side, a new colour to paint the world.

-matt good

My favorite diaries:

airykah profile - diary
comments: rica is perceptive, thoughtful, and one of my best friends.
hardrain profile - diary
comments: what can i say? heather is my sweetie pie, and my e-sister; i luv her. *hugs*
mercuriehg profile - diary
comments: mere is the coolest. she should win some sort of award for that... she's an awesome buddy.
angelshoes profile - diary
comments: vanessa is groovy and smooth, and her poetry is simply lovely. we exchange wonderful mix tapes! i luv her.
leiascully profile - diary
comments: mary, my best online friend that i never *get* to talk to ;-) a super pal, and big sweetheart.
key-is-c profile - diary
comments: i adore my emily!!! she is such a good friend.
mariel profile - diary
comments: i can't say enough good things about mariel. she is so talented, artistically and creatively. i luv my megan!
powerpuffmoi profile - diary
comments: mgb-pal, who always offers support and advice.
pinkribbon profile - diary
comments: another fellow mgb-lover! has great music taste, and lovely, fun entries.
jadedpill profile - diary
comments: love is love. you guys will make it; all my best.
newagesoldr profile - diary
comments: you have to see it to believe it. one of my fave diaries... i can relate! ;-)
implosive profile - diary
comments: big cutie, who loves bnl and mgb and all that good stuff.
dave-genn profile - diary
comments: even better than psycho. now *that's* a compliment! :0) an archive of gold, old entries.
dgennspants profile - diary
comments: what can i say? i admire this girl. she does absolutely incredible artwork, is witty, and a loyal mgb fan.
green-day profile - diary
comments: my *rl* friend carla. she is a cool chick who is gonna be a rock star one day.
krakkernuts profile - diary
comments: mgb, mgb, mgb... oh, excuse me for a moment... ;-) i enjoy this diary.
skatesy profile - diary
comments: my friend trevor's diary, who i met at a matt good signing... big surprise, ha ha
mgbsoap profile - diary
comments: tamara! she rocks my world.
modern-art profile - diary
comments: breathtaking poetry, lovely girl.
umboula profile - diary
comments: matt good made me do it.
apparitions profile - diary
comments: mandi! beautiful insightful writing. i can really relate to her. a giant sweetheart of an APA pal!
kaookie profile - diary
comments: aubrey! we are mgb layout buddies! :0) weee. a good & happy read.
def-chikk profile - diary
comments: kesi, another APAer friend. i talk to her at matt good events. she's really cool.
dead-star profile - diary
comments: at last there is nothing left to say. except for this enjoyable diary. or something.
furpatroller profile - diary
comments: lisa, a rocking new zealander, and a friend of mine from PTD chat. she's sparkly.
skysonfire profile - diary
comments: lia, a strange, delightful, intelligent girl from PTD chat. she is almost too much fun. almost.
damnthediva profile - diary
comments: become privy to the beautiful mind of anthony. one of my favourite reads, and when i met him he was cool and a half!
imgarbage profile - diary
comments: chad!'s all that i ever wanted to be...
offentrot profile - diary
comments: lindsay, aka one of my best friends on the APA-type circuit. :0)
jawshoowa profile - diary
comments: my good mgb-loving friend josh. not only is he cool, he's damn hot. and by that i mean sexy. *blushes*
shoethrower profile - diary
comments: rhett! didn't actually throw the shoe. if he did i'd have to kill him.

My favorite music:

Matthew Good Band
comments: just to make things clear, mgb is my number one obsession, and my own audio of being. i don't care if they broke up, i'm in denial, damnit. they feed my heart, my head, and my spirit. matt's voice is the epitome of heaven.
The Tea Party
comments: 'angels' was easily the best single of 2001, as corny as that sounds. i love the energy and intensity of this band, and, moreover, their fusion of eastern and western sounds. the result is amazing, and definitely unique.
comments: introspective, talented, groundbreaking, intelligent, poigant, soul-stirring music ... and fucking unbelievable. i have loved them forever, and they are my very favourite band after mgb. thom yorke is a demi-god to be worshipped.
comments: damn, they're good. this is music that speaks to the heart but not to the sap. love songs that don't make you want to gag, yay!
Matthew Good
comments: obviously, as weapon is my favourite song. the man is just brilliant, period.

My favorite movies:

Empire Records
comments: orange m and m's, baby! i've seen this movie so many times, but it never ceases to make me laugh out loud, and who could resist all that music n' dancing?
Return to Me
comments: david duchovny, enough said. *drools* this is the sweetest, most wonderful romantic comedy ever. you must see it!
Playing by Heart
comments: gillian anderson is terrific, as is this movie. makes you laugh, cry, and think. i could watch it over and over and over...
Harry Potter
comments: my favourite movie. j.k. rowling rocks the casbah! come on, admit it, you know you love harry too.
American Beauty
comments: i *love* this movie. sorry, but i do, heh heh. a fascinating detour from the regular movie scene. hysterical and beautifully dramatic.

My favorite authors:

J. D. Salinger
comments: Catcher in the Rye is my favourite book; it is a masterpiece topped by no other.
George Orwell
comments: writing that makes you think, and sends chills down your spine. 1984 and Animal Farm, of course. he's a genuis.
Mary Parker
comments: i, the ever loyal EpsilonBeta, am quick to compliment and edit her amazing X-Files fan fiction. she is going to make it someday.
Matthew Good
comments: erhm, yes, he wrote a book. let's just say some of his work is better than the rest. but he's still brilliant.
Douglas Coupland
comments: mmm, microserfs. yum, generation x. tasty, miss wyoming. truly delicious author, and above all, poignant. some of my very favourite reads.

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