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i'm back, and getting ready to explode; into a million, bloodied pieces.

My favorite diaries:

girlgenie profile - diary
comments: "i'd love to offer you some heppiness on a platter only happier/ lovlier and more full of light..."
spikyhead profile - diary
comments: "when you sniff my armpits, you can really smell how much coffee is drink..."
dead2you profile - diary
comments: "it won't matter/ tomorrow/ when the world/ has GONE and FLOATED/ off into space/ and i'm wishing upon/ fallen stars/ praying that you/ die..."
inspired111 profile - diary
comments: "memories of rainy days in the past, and october nights that held our first kiss..."
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: "i think the best thing about being a man is eating a whole pizza by yourself. my tummy hurts."
heartshaped profile - diary
comments: "never tasted exhaustion/ like this/ she's a pacifist, a/ lover, but/ she still wants to/ kill him..."
spit-tears profile - diary
comments: "and every time he said he was sorry/ it became a new story/ anotherr checkmark on their list/ of reasons why/ he should be scarred again/ the boy was perfect..."
the-massacre profile - diary
comments: "i wonder if her realizes/ how his words effect me/ this little girl/ his 'minor' girlfriend..."
thefallofart profile - diary
comments: "i am only but a circus clown waiting to entertain the crowd out here tonight. i am put here so those vultures pick me apart with their beak..."
hu-man profile - diary
comments: "and my head is filled with all these new strange songs, gifts spilling from your lips and into my ears..."
widexeyed profile - diary
boyafterboy profile - diary
comments: "did you leave it with the scars/ of a war torn ravished heart/ do you cry your eyes to sleep..."
thisskin profile - diary
comments: "your voive is like music/ but played backwards/ the notes tumbling over each other/ in broken rhythm..."
andwebreathe profile - diary
comments: "i'm a mass of bones, tarped and tightly canvassed with shin, scattered with a few scars..."
thevictim profile - diary
comments: "i will fail and/ i will fall/ so much more/ before the end..."
itskillingme profile - diary
comments: "smash in this heart/ stomp on these ribs/ bash my skull in/ do anything, anything/ just don't make me live this way..."
cutouthearts profile - diary
comments: "and i'm left with my tear stained pillow/ that begs for your head..."
jen-yellow profile - diary
comments: "it isn't until i reach this point that i realize how fucking ugly and imperfect i am."
punchdrunken profile - diary
comments: "cheers to the early expiration date of new romance knocking at our heels."
enjoyaudrey profile - diary
comments: "strawberry lipgloss and alcoholic letdowns..."
pain-junkie profile - diary
comments: "your lips the poison that kills me/ your tongue gives birth to/ butterflies in my stomach..."
toxic-hearts profile - diary
comments: "somehow it hurts when i'm the only one making an effort and you're the only one tearing us apart..."
emo-rambling profile - diary
comments: "i wish i could be as heartless as you..."
suicideinc profile - diary
comments: "rewind to girls mixing powders and playing dead on front lawns after midnight wrapped in boys' jackets with lies pushed deep down in the pockets..."
volted profile - diary
comments: "come on and wipe your feet on all my dreams..."
smokin8balll profile - diary
comments: "i feel your eyes staring, tearing/ right into my heart..."
dejectedhell profile - diary
comments: "my mom is giggly. she kinda acts like she's on coke. it amuses me."
forbidensoil profile - diary
comments: "we use to wish upon the darkness/ swallowing all the torment we could possibly take in/ but somewhere we got full off the bullshit/ and vomitted it all in protest..."
fallmode profile - diary
comments: "my hell would be very cold..."
thedistiller profile - diary
comments: "no hope, but no harm/ just another false alarm..."
brokenmirror profile - diary
comments: "i want to/ breathe life/ radiate beauty/ speak magic..."

My favorite music:

the distillers
comments: rancid, the clash, operation ivy, the queers, the aquabats, anti flag, dropkick murphys, pennywise, bad religion, lars frederiksen and the bastards, tiger army
comments: misfits, alkaline trio, billy talent, metallica, marylin manson, evanescence, tapping the vein, my ruin, bleeding through, system of a down, as i lay dying, the rasmus
comments: the white stripes, yeah yeah yeahs, jet, the hives, the vines, pixies, the strokes, audioslave, franz ferdinand, the von bondies
comments: long beach dub allstars, authority zero, tsunami bomb, slightly stoopid, the early november, fall out boy, blink 182, new found glory, the starting line, good charlotte, taking back sunday, glasseater, dashboard confessional, brand new, the used, atreyu
jason mraz
comments: tori amos, the cure, the smiths, ani difranco, the murmurs, babes in toyland, helium, fiona apple, jonah

My favorite movies:

nightmare before christmas
kill bill
lord of the rings
slc punk
empire records

My favorite authors:

comments: because i will be great
comments: because he is great

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