my name is pilcrow. at least in the beginning, so many people put a whole lot of effort into what they wrote online. it was my first experience of staying up way too late reading the lives of strangers. intoxicating.

My favorite diaries:

girl101 profile - diary
comments: it doesn't keep you up at night like it does me
smalltalk profile - diary
comments: our luck struck like winter lightning on a white night
sentimental profile - diary
comments: in the evenings i remember how the fireflies would take the place of the ladybugs
clearskies profile - diary
comments: i finally drove out where the sky is dark enough to see the stars
monday-night profile - diary
comments: some people are so goddamned beautiful just being themselves it almost hurts to not be joined at the hip
metalheart profile - diary
comments: we swirl in sad circles with the fireflies each night, dying for a taste of the light
cadilliac profile - diary
comments: i will buy the flowers myself
thisisamess profile - diary
comments: someone always wants to listen to hate
pitter-pat profile - diary
comments: with the sea, and the only thing letting you know you're not drowning is the tap tap tap on the glass wall
greentealeaf profile - diary
comments: my heart is a cloud and it floats very low today
bedroomwalls profile - diary
comments: with our swollen fingers, we write secrets on thin sheets of dust that's thrived on countertops
andthisair profile - diary
comments: wrapped together, like our bones belonged to each other's bodies
spindle profile - diary
comments: a drummer with his mouth gaping open, silent, he should be howling
elusive-you profile - diary
comments: i just want to be able to kiss you again and believe that this has a chance
the-prude profile - diary
comments: the boy that was supposed to have nothing but my V card, has my everything
swallowthkey profile - diary
comments: sometimes i just want to love like eating dirt, face bruised and pressed to the earth
voxophone profile - diary
comments: goodnight boy, go to sleep boy, shut up boy for me
ping-island profile - diary
comments: i don't go around locking fire exits just because i'm pretty sure there won't be a fire

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