The diary of an inspiration stricken teen.

I (fortunately) realize what makes me happy. Music, friends, acting, singing, entertaining algebra, being respected by people I respect, and, of course, having people think I'm funny.

My favorite diaries:

chibi-kami profile - diary
comments: we went out to eat; on the 4th of July, to a Chinese restaurant
nightingale- profile - diary
comments: everything I've ever done in my life has been discovered and scrutinized, and if it hasn't, I felt guilty about it later for that exact reason
dreamynight- profile - diary
comments: there was anger in his eye and sadness that may grow....
leep4life profile - diary
comments: there's no where left to go, in a car with no gas
watercolored profile - diary
comments: Deep to an extent that I don't understand
rosebynename profile - diary
comments: Vibrant
i-havnolover profile - diary
comments: in a dark dark room, there it was. everyone breaking away from reality. we flew, we fell. it was beautiful. no i was not high.
why-lime profile - diary
comments: And then I realized that I have nothing to put in a secret diary.
etc-whatever profile - diary
comments: eat rice krispies. it tastes like my childhood. a little bland you say? well, just add a bit of sugar and toucho presto!
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Iím pretty sure I need to revolutionize my dance dance

My favorite music:

comments: Just gotta love "The Prophet" and "Death on Two Legs", oh, and I suppose "Bohemian Rhapsody"
The Beatles
comments: Say it with me: "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", "Eleanor Rigby", plus, "Let It Be" is the song I 'jam out to' when I'm down and upset.
comments: The only song that is a big deal is "The Way".
Chicago/Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
comments: great songs
The Goo Goo Dolls
comments: Iris, Slide, Name, Sympathy, Black Balloon, Here is Gone

My favorite movies:

comments: Frodo... Aragorn... Legolas... Cap'n Jack... Will Turner...
The Birdcage
comments: Wow.
The Crucible, Fiddler on the Roof
comments: Classics
Dirty Rotton Scoundrels
comments: Another Wow.
The Fugitive/US Martials...
comments: Same movie- different titles. The main characters are all the same except for one... same plot... good stuff.

My favorite authors:

Orson Scott Card
comments: for the Ender and Ender's Shadow series.
Philip Pullman
comments: for the Golden Compass series
JK Rowling
comments: for the Harry Potter series
JRR Tolkien
comments: for the LOTR series
Orson Wells
comments: for 1984- a book that changed my views... and made me slightly more preverse...

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