[come away with me and i'll never stop loving you]

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

My favorite diaries:

emmaray profile - diary
comments: "BUT saturday I will get to see the BESTEST!!!!"
punkedupqt profile - diary
comments: "and so i change my msn screename to 'someone jump out and just prove to me not ALL of yall are like this!'"
aboutagirl- profile - diary
comments: "If you're an elderly gent and can't get it up, it's intended to be that way."
kaybiff profile - diary
comments: "And not just any corny--No. We're talking "cream of corn" corny. We're talking mushy, gooey slathering of secret sauce and soggy, limp corn. We're talking messy. We're talking sloppy. We're talking dirty."
talk- profile - diary
comments: "I was watching Moulin Rouge last night and I started crying at the end when Christian was holding Satine as she died. Must be because of 'that time of the month.' Probably made me emotional."
andrew profile - diary
comments: "I'm pretty sure that the first human clone will be of Oprah (and it'll be genetically engineered to smell like gingerbread cookies)"
xmyxsundownx profile - diary
comments: "That boy, I tell ya. He's a keeper."
taken-by-you profile - diary
comments: "The Wonderful Miss xsoozenx sent me a letter, and I received it today. :) It made my day :), but more like :D! It was in response to this entry. She is definitely my hero for this week, and perhaps next week or so as well, depending on how things go
realthoughts profile - diary
comments: "did we dream about the attention a wedding brings, or did we dream about the love a marriage brings?"
insideaway profile - diary
comments: MIA
dullstar profile - diary
comments: "Spoiled spoiled spoiled."
anamal profile - diary
comments: "Hello."
imazook profile - diary
comments: "V.D. (Valentine's Day)"

My favorite music:

comments: Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, FM Static, Midtown
Dashboard Confessional
comments: Home Grown, Brand New, Distorted Penguins
comments: JamesonParker, Hawthorne Heights, Gastby's American Dream
comments: Spitalfield, Something Corporate, Count The Stars
comments: Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Finch

My favorite movies:

comments: Ok not a movie, but I have the DVDs.

My favorite authors:

JK Rowling
Dave Pelzer

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