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from blankwave :
Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain A synthetic chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana makes new cells grow in rat brains. What is more, in rats this cell growth appears to be linked with reducing anxiety and depression. The results suggest that marijuana, or its derivatives, could actually be good for the brain. In mammals, new nerve cells are constantly being produced in a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is associated with learning, memory, anxiety and depression. Other recreational drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine and cocaine, have been shown to suppress this new growth. Xia Zhang of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, and colleagues decided to see what effects a synthetic cannabinoid called HU210 had on rats' brains. They found that giving rats high doses of HU210 twice a day for 10 days increased the rate of nerve cell formation, or neurogenesis, in the hippocampus by about 40%.
from dope-slave :
hitchhiking rules. pineapples rule, too.
from blankwave :
I wish i still had that one, but my hosting site went down and i lost the image, plus im not that good with the html. i really miss that template though. that had to be like a year and a half ago right?
from pocket-pool :
When I decided to lock my diary due to excessive bullshit hate mail and such, I sent an email to everyone who had put me on their fav list giving username and password. Most don't seem to have gotten the mail, so here I am cluttering your notes page. The words you need are "stone" and "wall", without the quote marks of course. xoxox
from blankwave :
sanks a lot!
from blankwave :
did you create your new template? i want one that is cool and will work for weblog-type postings. all the cool design sites are gone.
from blankwave :
i dont think i got your email. what address did you send it to? of course i still like you. i'm starving right now, not that you needed to know, but i think it's time to go find some food stuffs...
from blankwave :
he lives around briargate right now. and absolutely hates colorado springs. i grew up there frim ages 10-17. i can't stand that place. although the city is pretty, i'll give it that.
from pocket-pool :
Your stats will have exploded today -- just me catching up. I'd lost you there for a bit. From mints to pinapples. Food fetish? ;-) If you'd been keeping up with me you know I went through a very dark period. I pretty much back now. I'm following your story with Elijah and your inner thrashings carefully. You write so well! Of course I really like it when you share your sexcapades (May 1 -- elevator -- woof!) Oh. By the way, for a strange coincidence the day you first had sex with him was also the same day I last kissed Ryan. Cosmic tagteam?

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