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from kellysux :
from jamiexuiowa :
and the beat goes on...
from kittyrae :
yea!!! nice boys are the best theres just not enough of them -kat
from mandywarhol :
like your username. x
from kittyrae :
ive been there before.too many times actually
from jamiexuiowa :
wassa matta girl?
from jamiexuiowa :
grace, something really bad happened. i had to PW protect my journal. IM me when you see this, but anyways, the username to view it is"jamiediary" and the password is "valley"
from cautionary :
the history class. NO QUESTION.
from jamiexuiowa :
i switched it back to the old one b/c i couldn't quite get the two i tried to work for me. the purple snowflakey one made every entry double itself. and the holding hands/kissing couple one had too many html errors, but i'll find a newer better one!
from cautionary :
my email is [email protected] and my aim name is putdownyourpen, if you ever need to talk. I hope everything is okay.
from jamiexuiowa :
lol, new diary style, I'M BACK IN IOWA... life is good!
from cautionary :
i've been busy & tired & neglecting diaryland. i sort of forgot about it. anyway--i saw b&s a couple weeks ago and it was perfect and my friend squeezed my arm so tightly when they ended with "sleep the clock around" // how are you?
from jamiexuiowa :
um, so, i don't really think you care. but i read some of your diary and it's interesting. go ahead and read mine. i don't know, i guess you are gonna lock it now. i only saw it cuz sometimes i go and answer a random survey. anyways, leave me a note or something.--Jamie
from indie-snob :
hello there! i have some reviews at my site I think you may be interested, such as Cursive, the Flaming Lips w/ Sparklehorse, the Faint, the Postal Service, Sleater-Kinney, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bright Eyes. I have a bunch of other album and concert reviews too, so check it out. thanks!
from cautionary :
assuming you got the job at blockbuster. congratulations. how's the pay? i was thinking of applying there. do you have to be 17 or 18? gosh, i ask a lot of questions. my job equals black pants and gray collared shirts. i'd rather wear the blockbuster attire, at least you can wear tennis shoes. uniforms are so lame.
from leely :
you write so lovely ♥exoh
from avoidance :
holy shit!!!! (sorry) my mom told me that my aunt and uncle were giving me $100 and i was excited about that. but whoa. holy shit. (i like money?)
from cautionxkat :
From what I've read my opinon stands correct, but thanks for leaving a note, it made my day
from tinfoilheart :
i thought the ides of march was the 15th?
from avoidance :
officially my favorite person, considering cursive is like my seocnd favorite band. i'll make you a mixtape or something.
from avoidance :
i want a man like bukowski, too.
from katiebugoo7 :
some photograph lover got a photograph taken of herself! i'm so jelous of your pumas!
from tanked :
i wanna be a suicidegirl tambien.
from jewelrytears :
dear god, that game made me laugh so hard.
from fairyduck :
love your journal. great layout, excellent favorite music, and great words. keept up the good work and check out my page if you get bored one day. peace
from jewelrytears :
whoa, you're from jefferson city? i have relatives there. are you going to the bright eyes show in columbia? i'm toying with the idea of driving down for it, for my cousin lives there/goes to school there and i'd have a place to stay. conor is god. that is all.
from girl101 :
life used to be life-like, now it's more like show biz. i wake up in the night, and i don't know where the bathroom is, and i don't know what town i'm in, or what sky i am under...and i wake up in the darkness and i don't have the will anymore to wonder. everyone has a skeleton and a closet to keep it in...and you're mine. every song has a you, a you that the singer sings to, and you're it this time, baby, you're it this time. when i need to wipe my face, i use the back of my hand, and i like to take up space just because i can, and i use my dress to wipe up my drink......i care less and less what people think...... you are so lame, you always disappoint me. it's kinda like our running joke, but it's really not funny. i just want you to live up to the image of you i create. i see you and i'm so unsatisfied. i see you and i dilate. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 so i'll walk the plank and i'll jump with a smile. if i'm gonna go down, i'm gonna do it with style, and you won't see me surrender, you won't hear me confess ������� 'cuz you've left me with nothing, but i've worked with less. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i learn every room long enough to make it to the door, and then i hear it click shut behind me, and every key works differently. i forget every time and the forgetting defines me. that's what defines me. when i say you sucked my brain out, the english translation is //////i am in love with you and it is no fun////// but i don't use words like love 'cuz words like that don't matter, but don't. look. so. offended. you know, you should be flattered. i wake up in the night in some big hotel bed. my hands grope for the light. my hands grope for my head. the world is my oyster; the road is my home, and i know that i'm better off alone ////////// ani & nine stories lovelovelove. big smiles for you. also: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 /[that is all for now]
from bexx :
Banana- Yes, please post those pics of Isaac if you can. He is quite a character. I ended up spending about 2 hours after the show near his presence, sometimes talking to him. The best was that we were fighting for a drumstict that I took from the drummer. -B
from praerieboy :
Explosions In The Sky? Is it from the tape i sent you? Not that it matters; any way kids start digging on Texas post-rock is fine with me, by hook or by crook.
from bexx :
banana- Hey, I see that you like Modest. Check out my diary, I have pics of Isaac up that I took from the Ugly Cas show I saw in June. -Bexx
from twin-bee :
you seem like a very interesting person we share many interests smile.
from girl101 :
it/s a beautiful day for you <3 keep smiling
from javablues :
I just happened to find your page, absolutely love the setup!! So adorable! Anyways, please visit my site :o) ~ Liz
from egbridges :
yeh. they stayed there twice both times they played in Bloomington, IN. they are nice. did I write something about that in my diary at some point? or do I know you in real life?? AIM screen name: EGBridges
from praerieboy :
if you stop writing here, i will probably miss out on everything you do this summer. i don't want for that to happen. Don't give up, Gracely.
from unendurable :
glad you liked the zine. i can send you free copies of all three. email us at escapefromune[email protected] hope you come to smith. i <3 <3 <3 it.
from tomorrow :
looking at schools sans parents is the best and only way to go. if you need your parents there, you shouldn't be looking at schools yet. i hope you have a blast!
from babyoverlap :
Hey Grace. This is Megan, like my name is not OVERLY unique. Im sure you remembered it was me. Ok, my game plan for moving. It's Sunday right now, im headed home to Mtn. Home today. Packing of cource...mabye ill put it off ;) Monday,im getting stuff from class, some of my books i left there. No big deal, just means i have to get up early. Then Packing again. Tuesday we are renting a U-Haul and doing that big thing, then wed..we're in columbia all unpacked and ready to go! :) Thursday..relax. We found a place to live and its a thing of apartments, basiclly made for undergrads...perfect~! party house~! lol Its called Forest Village and its on a perdy well known street/area called Green Meadows (apt is on the corner of providence and green meadows.) Well I better go back home so I can get'a packin' woo hooo~! cant wait...rage more grace, and have fun on your spring break, i sure wont lol :)
from tinfoilheart :
i hope you have a wonderful time in amherst. i sort of want to go to school there. i think i need a break from rhode island. xo robin
from luna-autumn :
really your diary is one of the nicest i've seen. you did a really great job with the maroon background too! will add you to my buddy list. :) -best wishes, Luna
from starscry138 :
i want to see ani! stupid not seeing ani...
from cheerbaby12 :
Hey! Someone told me you like reviews! So you should check out my review site at the above URL!
from starscry138 :
wow, you listed me as a favorite diary! thanks for the kind words and gesture!
from breakthegrrl :
Hi :) My friends are trying to get a review site going..( and it's REALLY easy. But anyways, even if you don't want a review, it'd be appreciated if you spread the word to other people. Thanks! :) -Stephy
from starscry138 :
your nick reminds me of a short sotry by j.d. salinger. I remember being five, watching Labyrinth and being terrified by David Bowie's balls (spandex! o_O)..I used to cover the screen where they'd be..haha..Just figured I'd share a Labyrinth-related memory...
from indiemittens :
awww you left me a nice note..and i thought nobody knew i had a diary hehehe...of course yr diary puts mine to shame, its great :-) xoxo
from tesstoo :
Hello from a fellow Spark member. Just wanted to let you know I'm reading and I really love your layout. Very nice.
from delacroix--- :
Hey there! Great layout, was checking the ring links to the velvet corner to verify the members. glad to see you are still aboard.
from theshivers :
oops, I accidentally removed you from the Thinking Girls diary ring when I was doing some housekeeping...if you'd like to rejoin --please do! Sorry!
from aquietboy :
beautiful........everything about your diary is beautiful.......
from cerebrate :
I can't see your photos. :( But your diary is sooo beautiful. I'm hearting it (and you!).
from boyrepellant :
you seem to have a lot of similar thoughts/tastes in music that I do. check out my diary and let me know what you think!
from swalochokedi :
why thank you. i use them to seduce certain soul and steal their nice cd collections.
from paulabnormal :
doode, i know i need an update, but my boss caught me updating at work and know he's all over my back... but i'm gonna have on soon, i promise. it's gonna be called "diaryland ruined my life..."
from katiebailey :
Here's my first haiku for you: "It's blowing my mind/ How can people so awful/ Mean so much to you?" That's a stupid-ass poem. Bleh. I can only write haikus about Dave Foley.
from jaundiceface :
Hey there, abananafish i was perusing your diary and then checked out your notes section and was reading through it (specifically the message from seymourglass) and must say i, too, can not wait to read all of the stuff salinger has been working on... however i am a bit concerned that when he dies and the copyrights are up for catcher in the rye, some dude is gonna make the movie (which salinger is, for good reasons, adamently against. ANyway you should check out my diary i have a little contest going right now, so check it out and tell some of your diary friends if they are interested in a chance at winning big. take it easy, talk to you soon! craig!
from seymourglass :
Salutaitions. Thanks for checking out my diary. I returned the favor and then went to your personal site. You have a lot of hair. Or maybe my standard for hair is much smaller than that of most people. Happiness is a very good movie. Die, Salinger, DIE. Die so your brilliant work you have so selfishly hid from us for so long can be published.
from jaundiceface :
Yo; thanks for checking out my diary-- yours rules! I love bright eye's... fevers and mirrors rules. keeping reading if you've got the time, things keep getting crazier! take care. craig.
from katiebailey :
Hi, kiddo. I share your sentiments. My stomach is unsettled, I feel incomplete, and I want to know what's wrong with me. I always tend to think that getting out of this town will fix it, and to a degree it will, or I think that finding a decent boy would fix it, and it would be a good distraction. Then I wonder if it's a huge thing, like the fact that I don't have my life all mapped out. And I bet that's closer. But then I figure a lot of it has to do with my hormones. They're screwy.;)
from madoka :
Hello. I was wondering where the image on your latest entry page (Lost: Madonna of the Way?) is from? Your diary is the most beautiful one I've come across so far. Thanks.
from katiebailey :
Mag found your sunglasses. I told him they were yours. I hope you got them.
from diana1995 :
I like the same music you listed. I picked this name in memory of my ex. Bye
from connie-w :
yr layout is awesome ...
from poodle532 :
hey there. i know how you feel. I was in the exact same situation. except my guy said this: "There are days when I wake up and think you're the one for me and other days I wake up thinking the opposite. I've been waking up thinking the opposite lately." Ugh. Wanna know something? Now that I've been showing that I'm over him, he's suddenly coming back to me. But I suggest that you cheer up and get over him. He'll come back to you; you just decide what you do then. And to Katie: i hope you don't feel down too long. in other words, i hope you feel a lot better soon. xx
from katiebailey :
Hey, sweetie. I would be calling you now, but I'm in a really rotten mood, so I'm not going to subject you to me. I'll be better. I just need some leftover Indian food and a nap. Ciao.
from katiebailey :
Hi, kid. I'm the first to leave a message. After the tone, of course. I don't think you talked about Moll Flanders in any of your entries yet, unless I haven't read all of them.

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