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from melia5553 :
hey anne, well i wanted to join ur ring and well i know a lot of people their including elgan. she is nice right? so leave me a note bye
from rocio717 :
hi,I joined in your ring "lipgloss lovers"but it has picture which doesn't show.I just thought maybe you could put it right?
from thatmarygirl :
i love when you update.
from cherry-girl :
I applyied to join your username and password are my and immortal.
from thatmarygirl :
wow. wow. wow. good luck and congrats on such a good find!
from mary-harper :
hey anne - i'm at now - come visit? :)
from sparklefae :
Oh yay! I correct people on their punctuation and grammar a lot, spelling and such and I consider myself a grammar bitch but I wanted to be sure and ask before I tried. Thanks =0) *will have to work on capitalization*
from sparklefae :
Hi. I want to join your grammar bitch diaryring but I have a few questions. I tend to use a lot of slang and made up words that my friends and I use because, well, we understand them, even if it isn't proper english. This is not to say that I talk ghettoese (although I have been learning it for various reasons and from a certain friend) or anything but I do have a particular way of talking. I was just wondering what exactly your requirements are and if I should even bother. Thanks for your time. Jess
from howdy2324 :
Just a sad note from a Krispy Kreme lover to another. The Krispy Kreme down the road from me is closing. :( If I want donuts I have to go to a gas station. So so depressing...
from jumpfan :
Is Matt high and drunk at some shows?? My friends said he looked like a stoned drunk at the Tyber Creek show.
from jumpfan :
Am i kidding..he's not what?? he's not your bf or he's not hot?
from jumpfan :
hey anne. I love Jump, Little Children too! Is Matt your boyfriend? he's hot.
from angryquail :
from goovie :
yeah, that's how i first hard of jump -- everyone on the nields nook was talking about them after they toured together.
from p-brain :
This grammarbitch ring... Does it count if you're (me) non-american but still want a language as perfect as it can get? I'm a swede and... well, my english could be alot better. I'd like to join, though.
from ejsaturn615 :
Hey its me again, jsut so you know your pic for your kripsy kreme doughnut ring isn't working.
from ejsaturn615 :
Hey, I joined your Kristy Kreme ring. Finally, people who know what they are! I just wanted to tell you, in case you didn't know, that the picture isn't working.
from pixiia-8 :
I just joined the I'm a grammar bitch diaryring..thanks :). Luv, Pix
from faygobabe :
i searched for 'i am weird' on google and found you. we're a like in a lot of ways, except i think i might be weirder. hopefully not too weird for you to get back to me some time. keep all your internet stuff up, it looks great. [email protected]
from ray-andrew :
Quotes are gooooood. So, you must be goooood. Peace to you and yours this holiest of commercial holiday seasons.
from cutelilfish :
I'm sorry I'm sorry. I tried to email you but it got bounced back. You have tooo many addresses! I'll send it along soon, I'll use whatever your regular page pulls up for email, though I fixed the bleu board situation so in a a few days the lock down might end. :) I didn't purposely leave you in the dark. *hugs*
from youth-decay :
Nice Profile:)
from stoopid-me :
yeah i love lewis black! the only time i ever get to see him is on the daily show with john stewart, which kinda sucks. and i wasn't rejected the 2nd time.... >=)
from inthemind :
My diary was locked for awhile, but now it's unlocked. :)
from anne-jumps :
i'm leaving myself a note like a big tool! woo!

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