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from euphoric-fae :
mr. change is my enemy.
from nprjunkie :
Did you go to Andrean High School and graduate in 1997?
from griffi23 :
From Jason Griffith dated 9:08am Tuesday December 21st This is not a threat it is a request. I have enrolled in graduate school at IUN and have discovered that the 330.00 in parking ticket fines are still on my account and in danger of holding up financial aid and future diploma. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer concerning small claims court to expedite the process and obtain this money proper. I have records of my work hours which coincide with the parking tickets at the time. you were on my insurance at the time also. the proof is there. We can go to small claims court and have this on your record or you can mail me a check for 330.00. the email at which I can be reached is Do not abuse or threaten or anything other then respond to this in a professional and adult manner. The emails will also be admitted as evidence if taken to court. Upon recieving an email that you want to settle this out of court I will email you my address in order to recieve payment. I honestly hope this agreement can be reached immediately and appropriately. If I do not here from you soon I will contact my lawyer. Thank you.
from it-is :
Doll, it's never too late to take your life back. I know, I've been right where you are now and it feels like there's no way to make it better and you've dug yourself in so deep you don't know how to climb back out again, but... if you're just patient, and go slowly, and let yourself be proud of the littlest things, then over time you'll realize that you were filling in that hole inch by inch. It sounds stupid, but you have to realize that you are worth the effort. You deserve to be happy. And if you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. <3
from bloom812 :
There once was this real hot norwegian, She used to work the parking lot at the legion, she went to, fantasized about Saddam, it's too bad she never leaves the region!
from leely :
from leely :
you write {{fucking}} lovely. mind if i add you? ♥exoh
from trulypoetic :
this entry is beautifully written...very beautiful
from paintedkiss :
i adore you, & your retro ways <3 i will be back...
from it-is :
It's late, and I'm tired, but I found you and you're now one of my favorite diaries and I just wanted to let you know before I went to sleep. So goodnight. xox.
from thecrankyone :
Hope you have a safe and Happy Birthday! nice pinkishness. btw, did you know your guestbook isn't working, at least for me anyway. ~Holly
from wllybere :
I'm glad you're ok... that accident sounds terrible! Happy Birthday! --Paige
from girl-aflame :
happy birthday! Thank goodness you made it to see another year!
from damodred :
from xdreamyx :
Happy Birthday! Hope all your birthday wishes come true. =)
from lorienelf :
happy happy b-day!!!
from preciousgift :
Happy Birthday!
from elliorange :
Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!
from starlight42 :
Happy Birthday! Just so you know, your guestbook isn't working, maybe you should get rid of the link. Anyway, hope you have a great day!
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from jen69 :
Happy birthday!
from pastagirl :
Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!
from me-undaunted :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a good one.
from manosaur :
yikes. when i was in highschool, i got in a head on collision (and no, i wasn't drunk). luckily i walked away without a scratch, but since then i don't drive. it's some pretty scary shit, this whole 'i nearly died' stuff. glad you're feeling better.
from girlgenie :
i hope you are OK!! <3
from gallinula :
Why don't you tell us how it happened? are you feeling shaken by the experience of ripping a few stretches of metal back until you can see the door handle from the outside?
from gallinula :
Yeah well, it is that time of year, afterall. Might as well make way for the new detritus.
from skatingparty :
hi. i like what you write.
from l-o-l-o :
i have not yet received! but i did get a Jem vhs in the mail today, butbut......i'm still eagerly staling the postman! xo!
from abusedinside :
i'll be home on the 5th. if that means anything. if you want the pword for my diaryland lemme know. <3
from justenough :
i know how you feel about the broken record heartache... & your t-shirts look awesome :) <3
from unamerican :
i watched hall and oates behind the music instead of studying for a history test. i failed the history test. but it was worth it because hey, hall and oates.
from apathy12 :
hey!! i just started reading your diary today, quite the interesting..... well cya l8z
from manosaur :
hey there. i like your diary quite a bit. i e-mailed you trying to woo you over to mine. and here's my second attempt, just for good measure.
from thisisjohn :
weird. is someone spying on you?
from heartshaped :
yr brilliant. i'll be back. xo.
from thisisjohn :
no! for reals.
from thisisjohn :
janet. you are just so beautiful. you know that? i know that.
from creativepunk :
Hi I know this is weird but rightnow i'm working on finals and I came across your journal somehow and I went asa far as signing up to this diaryland thing just so I could leave you a message. Well what I can say is your last entry about " i would rather go insane than go on meds" etc......really got to me, and I understand what your saying. I'm not here to say I can help you, but i'm here to say that fascinates me. So email me if you want -'ll notice I don't even havve one entry in this diaryland.. all for you...what an "aww" huh?:) ok i'm Ty from chicago take it easy
from thisisjohn :
hi. i took that test. i am seattle. but i knew i would be.
from iamdisco :
ay lady, what's up with the password? do i need to knock three times on the ceiling if you want me? email me need my daily dose of pink and pain. and if i sound flippant, i am not...just thinking i wanted to make you a friend.
from thisisjohn :
janet dont hurt. <3 you.
from thisisjohn :
hi. sorry i didnt get to say good bye to you tonight. you left right when i was going to talk to you. yeah yeah likely story, but its true! i like talking to you. you should sendme some salsa. that would be great. i dunno. i think i might disappear of AIM for a while. well see what happens. anyways, <3
from brokenwords- :
lovely pictures ... some are so sad though ... :(
from girl101 :
and it/s a-l-l about sine and cosine, yo.
from eballinger :
Took your little survey. It was fun. I liked your questions. ed
from thisisjohn :
hope you are having a grand time. =) <3
from greybear :
so in order to make up for my lack of decor for the cubicle - i thought maybe you could direct me to an wishlist (or something of the sort)?
from greybear :
i put your number on a paper plane and forgot i had done so... i found it the morning after. i also live at the southernmost tip of ohio and know that walking is actually the process of losing and regaining one's balance.
from girl101 :
what do you mean? i/d like to talk, sometime, maybe. x.
from ethercat : your diary for the first time in a long while...and I think "God. Why did we never catch a blackhawks game again?" Hope everything is well with you evenifitfeelsmediocre. Ihaveafoolishlivejournalnow sayhisometime
from warmglow :
*sigh* why cant i write like you anymore... youre beautiful.
from enfant :
for a second their i thought it was the effects of hallucinogens on my pliant, impressionable mind. but then i realized that yes, it was a fucking pancake on some sort of animal.
from thisisjohn :
thankyousomuch. you made my day. =)
from girl101 :
dancing is fun. i just danced for four hours straight. LOVE. x.
from countmeall :
mmmmmmmmmmmm.....its good
from glitzi :
i'm pretty sure that is what spring is made to do. it's a good kind of drowning. xox, m.
from girl101 :
oldschoolnintendo <3 <3 <3.
tetris & mario. the end.
from girl101 :
you use words m-a-s-t-e-r-f-u-l-l-y.
&i like how you think. xox.
(ps -
from bitchslapped :
where is the beautiful picture?
from heartshaped :
i was just. quoting harold and maude. you know. and. i really like this. i'll be back. xo.
from heartshaped :
i haven't lived. i've died a few times. <3
from thschrmngboy :
hey lost the "n" in thschrmNgboy...i hope you are well...
from greybear :
i'd like to be your mind's apprentice.
from thschrmngboy :
...I rather like your diary, your words...
from brokenwords- :
thank you. <3
from thisisjohn :
ant j e, i agree about the grammar. im the same way. were alike in many ways.
from thisisjohn :
its neat. sometimes i click. and i see you sitting there. pretty eyes. and occasional smile. howiwonderwhatyouare.
from thisisjohn :
yr so rad!!
from powerpuff77 :
from thisisjohn :
down with the OPP? [yeah you know me!]
from thisisjohn :
youre pretty.
from thisisjohn :
you are kind. i will be lucky too, though. with the future one. much love.
from thisisjohn :
i hope you feel better.i can relate. to a certain degree. it was hard after amie left me. for the second time. more so than i can explain. you are awesome though. i like your diary. -john
from warmglow :
::muah:: too many coincidences; you've read wurtzel's "nation," i'm reading it as we speak...i must keep in touch with you, this is getting interesting.
from riot-pills :
sending you.. something. admiration? luck? some kind of amalgamation
from warmglow :
me+me=b.f.f. is the best diary entry ever. i completely connect with you on every possible level. except for the part about you talking about college in past tense... how much older are you? i turn 19 next month... anyways, yes you switched on the lightbulb.. i love your writing
from brokenwords- :
love it. <3
from warmglow :
i can't tell how old you are ..that's a compliment. excellent work, especially the html, something i don't know anything about. thank you for listing me.
from girlgenie :
and it just feels like spinning plates.
from youlostme :
hahaha. i think i am in love with you.
from youlostme :
ohhh. it looks perdy. ("perdy" wow. i am a hick!)
from ctrl-alt-del :
oldhabits die hard
from ctrl-alt-del :
from poetical :
dont know what's going on but you have my support... Sometimes we all need a pause for station identification.
from ctrl-alt-del :
|37 |\/|3 b3 y0u|2 f4|\|745y
from youlostme :
i like the old97's damn it. shit, maybe i am a hick.
from youlostme :
congratulations on your new car!
from angst :
myleg hurts.

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