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from dangerspouse :
There's such a thing as too much sex...?
from atrandom :
I got here on a salty jag of nothing and nowhere, not at all expecting to be derailed. Your map of one in crumbs is delicious. I forgot about my hungriness.
from raven72d :
lovely April entries...
from elberry :
from raven72d :
I'll definitely be reading along.
from raven72d :
Lovely and intriguing entries.
from nationless :
Hii arial-black, I've had this diaryland page for ~10 years or something. I never looked on anyone else's page... but then I randomly looked at yours. You are an incredible writer - and seem like a really cool person!! :D My name is Esther Posner - I'm a performance poet & phd student in geology - originally from michigan - living in germany - just wanted to say hi. Keep being you. :D
from lust- :
What a coincidence! I was born in S'pore. Visiting family til Feb 12. Hope you had a great weekend!
from lust- :
Read your words and enjoyed them, so I'm adding you as a fave. Have a good one!
from famelicose :
"I don't know how long I'll have to wait for the waves to die down so I can escape." I absolutely love this line.
from maliger :
from maliger :
I saw you on recent entries and thought I'd say hi. Good luck on the complications with relationships, we all have those sometimes. If that poem I saw was yours and you write poetry you might check out my community for my poetry and arts newsletter, take care! - Donald
from fairymon999 :
Hi,i'm new here.can we be friends???let me tell you something,more frenz is always good.don't worry,i'm a girl.
from hbaybee :
Hey there =D Interested in a diary review? Don't be silly, OF COURSE YOU ARE! Come to Hitlar Baybee for the best review in town and all the cream cheese you can eat. xo

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