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from kickme-tryme :
Hey, good to get an update from you! x
from motherofian :
I just wanted to remind you that I'm thinking about you <3
from motherofian :
I. Fucking. Love. YOU! That's right. I love you. And your hot ass, too.
from busymomof2 :
Hi! My name is Brianna. I hope you don't mind me peeking around in your diary. Congrats on your pregnancy, and I hope you continue feeling better.
from solitus :
Congrats!!! Keep us updated on your progress and how you're feeling... I know you're terribly busy but I sure would like to know that you're okay. Hugs!
from dreamindiva :
Why don't you fix this thing?!?!
from aperfectself :
I'm sorry that you're feeling so bad.
from dreamindiva :
haha i just read your profile. you hooligan!! you had a baby further on than I did, I didn't know that! i was just past my 17th with Seth.. where the hell has the time gone? my internet is FINALLY getting cut on tuesday. i'll give you a sexy layout eventually i promise!
from dreamindiva :
Awwww, I keep telling you that you should come live with me!
from dreamindiva :
Oo - What's fairy floss?
from dreamindiva :
Silly rabbit.. Click my name and it will open an email to me.. LMAO..
from alicesbaby :
Amberlee, you have the most beautiful baby!!! Thanks for your note in my guestbook - and don't worry, I wasn't referring to you in that other entry you mentioned :)
from solitus :
yeah- moving three times in five years has made me an alcoholic :) (j/k!) Hope you're okey doke!! Sorry I hardly ever leave you notes... My social skills are improving a bit :D
from dillon172005 :
hey I just joined this ring so check me out i'm 17 and due in DEC
from linnyeg :
PLEASE let us know when your period comes!
from jessnlilster :
Hey Beautiful Girl!!
from babicharmz :
are you still chicadeebaby on yahoo? i'm babicharmz now--i just redownloaded it! hope to talk to you soon!
from krugerpak007 :
Hope you feel better soon! xoxo Kathy
from linnyeg :
Wow that's amazing, congrats on the house hun!!
from crawll :
im dear-nobody, its been quite a while since ive been on here, life has got me carried away, i havent talked to you since you were pregnant i think. but im back now.
from dreamindiva :
hey--what's wrong with you?!

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