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from jacqueline21 :
You probably haven't checked Diaryland in the past decade- BUT I happened to log into mine after eons and really really wanted to read the story about when you had a spider in your car. But you have your diary locked. Sad face. Would you ever be willing to send me a copy of that story? I used to read it over and over because it made me pee my pants.
from applerobot :
from raggedyanne0 :
from karmacops :
Mele kalikimaka or however...Happy festivities and the rest. Kampai!
from mmeanaya :
BAH!! you sooooooo need to bust your nut out once in a while. Sex is a wonderful thing my dearest boymonkey...*giggle*
from nochipa :
Nice birdy story.....neh....i can't sleep and thought of leaving u a really clever not to mention useful note.
from haberdasher :
i love you james
from buck88 :
you may see a baby pigeon, take a picture and share it with london, a baby pigeon is like gold dust.
from retrocarp :
Ha ha ha ha! I am back in America and it's fucking weird. I can read all the signs! I can converse freely with the baristas in cafes! Noone comments on my nose (to my face)! I was pants-wettingly glad to read your entry as I thought you had abandoned this diary like the dessicated husk of a roadkilt armadillo. Huzzah!
from nico-nico :
your a monkey. and you made out with jimmy u. i don't know weither to hug you or stomp on your neck until blood comes out your ear. cheers!
from kristintracy :
Two words: SOUP SOBA. Go and get some ASAP.
from buck88 :
hurrah for the update, about time! please continue..
from moobiejoe :
your diary is the shit. i love you like a fat kid loves cake. you amuse me and that makes me happy. don't stop or i'll hunt you down and gut you with a spork.
from vamosajugar :
i should go to sleep. it's after one a.m. i love you
from peteypuke :
cute diary. you are funny as hell.
from mister-ed :
i did not watch my buddies die face down in the mud for this notebook to become so neglected.
from mister-ed :
from kbaa :
from idiot-milk :
It's entirely possible I love you. That is all. Carry on.
from mister-ed :
ha! hoo!
from mister-ed :
from mister-ed :
from jennietx182 :
very different diary... LOVE IT BYE
from calico7 :
countless opportunistic surgeons would gleefully assist you in choosing a new shape, form or color. you're absolutely right- we are dropped into this world with nary a choice as to the equipment provided. madison avenue, cosmetics companies, diet aids, healthclubs, etc. are bouncing up and down and clapping their hands at the fact that we are neurotically dissatisfied with said equipment. ah well, perhaps i'm just bitter because i'm on the wrong end of the lipstick. xxx, c
from ldybug1113 :
Hehe, you made me giggle. Keep it up ;)
from hrhmadcow :
I had a lecturer who didnt shave her armpits. She had this massive frission of dried up pubic hair that cascaded from the arm holes of her nylon summer frock. It was at least 14 inches long and matched the hair on her head flawlessly. I suspect she was using fairy liquid on both.She ran a povery stricken literary magazine that two sheep and an occasional senile old lady subscribed to (occasional like the tables of the same name - the kind that are wheeled out for funerals and visitors to rest plates of vol-au-vents on). I often felt i was letting her down by not suggesting she use her armpit hair to make novelty bed jackets with matching door mats as a side-line.Vive la femminism n all that.
from attempt :
i'll find a way to make you love me dammit, and it will happen because i AM an underaged girl.
from pixie-led :
Very interesting journal. But in general...any job even NEAR Taunton is Hell waiting to happen. Stay away, stay very far away. I wish *I* could...
from insanidork :
Your diary is fucking hilarious. Keep it up homeshit, and is that tattoo real? Exquisite... absolutely exquisite... and just think... I'm only a WANNABE art scholar.
from mister-ed :
from musikpol :
hey~ could u go to my site and take my pollz, it only takes like 5 minz or probaly less.. thanx so much!
from pixiia-8 :
Aww yeah. I love intellectual/artscholar/cool boy/bleep blip dissing/irreverent/cyborg/charrrming people who hate talking to people. You rock. Pix
from bballgirl34 :
get a life.
from pezgirly :
Hi.Your journsl is as funny as dan says you are. *Shit*piss*cunt*fuck*cocksucker*motherfuck*tits*asshole*
from hotrodcherry :
Boymonkey, I'd ride your face anyday.... E-mail me. [email protected]
from filthand40oz :
hey, you think your a gangsta' skrillagorrilla, but you aint nuttin biatch. staightGnuts regonize, regulata! iz on like donkeykong now slut....
from girl101 :
i really like your writing. i was laughing out loud at a few parts & i probably scared all my family away {YESS!! high five}. so thank you for that. & also, boymonkey, i think you must be really hot. how else could you stay warm at a hockey rink? ha.ha.ha. it's late i'm going crazy; i wish i knew you & your circle of friends. yes, yes. alright. off to have some fun with anagrams and write an english paper (we'll see....) x&o.
from c1996 :
from adam :
GAYEST THING EVER! although I suspect james didn't make this cause there's no fucking way he would sign up and not list that fucking Lil' Nemo game or whatever as his favorite NES game. Yes, Lil' Nemo. The game for 5 year olds that rocks his shit.
from boymonkey :
what the dogfuck? someone's gonna get a chair in the face.
from kelly :
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