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from not-ruthless :
It doesn't look like you're here anymore, but I just wanted to say that lemmings aren't suicidal. It's all a lie. Yep. Disney made the whole thing up for a wilderness special and everyone believed them.
from chaos-here :
where'd you go...
from veronicalife :
where are you at? *smiles* please note me on my diary or e-mail me([email protected]). thx
from unapologetic :
I hate when that happens.
from testingomg :
The only problem with England is it's full of English! That will suffice.
from soulontap :
The only problem with Scotland is it's full of Scots! Sorry I always wanted to say that to a Scot. You have some really good writing going for you. For some inexplicable reason I find that people with diaries outside of America actually have something intelligent to say.
from dreamindiva :
i was looking around, and stumbled upon your profile- i just wanted to say that if that's your pic at the top, you're very pretty. ^.0
from makavelli :
you should get a guestbook.
from makavelli :
Stringfellow is immortal. I swear he was that old when he tried to shag Lady godiva.
from makavelli :
hope all is well :)
from makavelli :
Sorry about your gran. I know how you feel, I lost two on Xmas eve in two consecutive years. People tend to drift in and out of each others awareness until silence just falls. Its going to be hard, but all I can say is don't beat yourself up over it, people will be there for you and you will need to be there for people. But at the same time try and focus on the normal things. If you ever want to yak away to me about anything trivial or bullshit..just mail.
from where-i-fall :
I'm sorry for your loss....of two extra days with Rory.
from makavelli :
you write so well...I cannot really define it, but will sum it up with blunt, deep, meaningful and also very very true.
from soulepiphany :
About the bleeding: "goddammit" is all I really have to say about that shit right now. And also, I checked out that diary you linked a couple entries back. The one with the little "official people frightener." (As though ppeople still haven't gotten over their fear of black haired sixteen year olds wearing mass produced bondage pants and listening to Good Charlotte...) I honestly think that if killing were not so damn illegal, I might practice my skills on her. And maybe even those exceedingly ugly boys that scroll along the bottom of her page. I'm fucking thrilled that I'm not "cool" enough to know who the hell they are.
from bluesaiyan :
Don't call my pop up layout shitty.... it's not shitty... it's fun to have pop ups...
from makavelli :
agree listening to Joy Division is the best way to just escape the world..munching on hob nobs at the same time is a pure bonus. Have a proper chrimbo!! x
from makavelli :
I agree thats one shit layout.
from tool-nin-fan :
Those were awful. Especially the stupid popup javascript things.
from makavelli :
Dont you just hate those bloody letters?..especially the ones from the "woman who used to babysit you" or "You know you used to hang around with their kid when you were 4" type ones.. God I hate them, had one a few years ago that ended "If your ever over in Dallas stop by, our home is your home"...I just hate home is certainly not their home..*shudders*..and they always, ALWAYS, have to include little photo booth snapshots of either their tubby little kids or a picture of a baby, just born which quite frankly resembles a foreskin with eyes.
from amnesiafaker :
i found your diary by accident, but from now on i'm going to do a google search for richard branson, criminal, every time I want to read.
from where-i-fall :
Lol...plastic robins. I see why you hate Christmas so much. So do I in this house. Don't hate Christmas in general though. Have you ever not bought someone a 'heartfelt gift'? Like your mum I mean. What do you think would happen?
from where-i-fall :
Eh. Humbug.
from where-i-fall :
I know it's plastic and fake. I want plastic and fake.
from makavelli :
Thanks, yours is awesome too.
from tool-nin-fan :
I never really liked those but I added some just for you.
from parlance :
-sigh- I was hoping they wouldn't be for once.
from tool-nin-fan :
I am sooo jealous of you. i'm glad you liked the show, there's nothing worse that spending $50, driving 40 miles and have to watch some horrible performance. I enjoyed your drawing as well.
from amnesiafaker :
You and Thom make me very jealous.
from rhyme :
ahaha! hi! i will come back and check you out someday when i don't have a headache.
from amnesiafaker :
Not only is it true, it's very, very shiny.
from where-i-fall :
You need a new layout.
from where-i-fall :
Duh. Who needs a DLand Gold membership when you can just ask the all knowing, all hosting Neil to graciously host your images, free of charge eh? Just email me them or message me on MSN and send them on there. Couldn't be simpler.
from darkflora :
oh, and an ian curtis diaryring too?! just push all my buttons.
from darkflora :
again, thank you. and Yay! for fog. heh.
from tool-nin-fan :
ha I put the code up ;)
from darkflora :
if you mean my pages/ diary are good, then thank you very much.
from amnesiafaker :
from tool-nin-fan :
ok, make sure you do ;)
from tool-nin-fan :
I'm jealous you get to see radiohead
from golfwidow :
Thanks for braving the disclaimer and leaving me a note. And thanks for liking my diary. :)
from amnesiafaker :
It's really bizarre that as I came here to read your entry *coughasIdoeveryday* my playlist happened to flip--on its own-- to morning bell just I flipped back an entry. And because I've nothing else to say and that was no reason to leave a note, I want to remind you that you're not alone when you say "Everything that is generally regarded as bad, is also essential to the persistence of life,' : it was touched on in many places [including this, "to regard states of distress in general as an objection, as something that must be abolished, is the supreme idiocy in a general sense, a real disaster in its consequences...almost as stupid as the will to abolish bad weather,"] by Nietzsche. Some kind of wonderful mind you have there. And I, with far too much time to tell you. =)
from i-am-jack :
LOL thanks! ;^}'
from cold--fusion :
Slice me slice me slice me.
from deathlyalone :
go fuck yourself you cunt. You think so fuckin cool by fucking with people on their notes. You have no idea how it is being them, we don.t fucking judge your fag-ass, so don.t start assuming things and making false judgements....whore.
from self-harm :
you don't have a clue.
from self-harm :
*sigh* if you refuse to understand, then fuck off.
from self-harm :
you want to know why i cut? fine. when i was thirteen, my dad beat me in front of our whole street. when i was fourteen, i was bullied to the point that i considered suicide. the same year, i was sent to various counselors and psychiatrists and put on antidepressants. i was made to feel a freak by the people who had once been my friends. i cut myself because it is a release, the rush of adrenaline i get when i do it is incredible. please don't judge something when you have no idea what it involves.
from self-harm :
nigger? wow, original...
from self-harm :
whatever, like i said, you don't know me so don't jump to conclusions as to why i do this. if you don't like what or how i write, don't read it.
from self-harm :
have you actually read any of my diary? there are plenty of entries which explain how i feel. and as for the comment about me seeking attention, i've been hiding my scars from people for two and a half years now. i show my pictures because i chose to, nobody has to look at them. i won't change what i'm doing for anybody, so unless you have something constructive to say, then please refrain from leaving me notes.
from self-harm :
haha. you think i ask for all those notes? no. i just write about how i feel. you don't know me, so don't jump to conclusions about why i cut myself. it's not my fault you are small minded.
from self-harm :
your note made me laugh...because you obviously haven't read all my entries. if you had, you'd realise that was you said was completely wrong.
from rockboy :
i remember thinking i always felt older than what my age was. maybe it's the harsh winters where i live. maybe because some people get horrified by having too many choices, and others fall apart when they only have one. we are the doallars and cents, we are the pounds and pence.
from cold--fusion :
eh.. k.
from laswell :
OK. I know you like rollins if you like saul of course you like henry rollins poetry and spoken word. i like him too. i think he has a great message. "i want my american convenience, bitch.. I want everything.."" everything. ah yes hank. but i need your help. i know you see his suffuring. I am trying to help henry be happy. check out my ideas to make this possible, maybe you want to even help. Id like you to check out some music i have found that i think you'd be interested in its very diverse and multi cultural. very groovin and funky , god its everything to much to describe. But let me know where you stand. thanks for your time... peace
from supergeeky :
gosh! your layout is incredible amazing! i wish i could just steal it from you..sorry, im just in awe.
from cdghost :
enjoyed the words
from bluperspex :
i hear you on the steak! damn... that takes all the fun out of it! you know... that's why we have serviettes, to wipe away the oil from our mouths... hehe, i guess that wasn't her aim huh? :)
from drunkenmime :
ahh..donnie darko is the stuff. so is chuck. nice diary.
from madelaine :
actually, it's just elaine. it became madeleine for french class in high school seven (seven!!!) years ago, then MADelaine, because my friends are cool like that. madelaines/madeleines of the world rock! anyway, just a little bit of etymology for you there. thanks for the note! -elaine
from cold--fusion :
It's all a bit unclear. Scientists were convinced that there was something to be discovered, and when it was announced the general reaction was that it was a hoax and it was denied. Yet laboraties worldwide are still investing millions in the research :)
from laswell :
If you like music, in general we all have a mellow side and the only music that can make you really mellow is pure instrumental. Words only make us sad in the end cuz all love songs make you jealous if your not in love. Thats why we need to think outside of lyrics and focus on the beauty of audio waves. Try Bill laswell, buckethead, praxis, shawn lane, bill frisell, and the mars volta. They are hard to find so you need to look at amazon or something like this. Let me know what you think and if you like them help them spread their message they have a good one that we all need to understand.peace. by the way is cold fusion even possible id like to know more if you know ..
from cold--fusion :
Are you sure it isn't because you want to bone a 14 year old :0
from where-i-fall :
Why does the house have to be empty? Because my mum doesn't know how old Alice is yet and I don't particularly want her to know. Besides, I like the house to myself, whether i'm with Alice or not.
from pora-letters :
Hi there, thank you for the note, and I'm glad it turned you a mush. Your diary is like WHOAH! I love the layout, and I'll come back to read some more. :o)!
from megl42 :
welcome to the jonny greenwood ring, thanks for joining!
from unperfect- :
Thats okay too. :)
from jesushomeboy :
wicked awesome diary. great writing.
from unperfect- :
If you do, I didn't know you read my diary. I planning on re-opening. Because I'm a dumbfuck like that.
from atgaspain :
I'll fucking explode at any time, because my mind is fueled with so much hate that it could destroy the universe. Perhaps some people just got fucked.
from cookie-bitch :
Thanks Maddie..I'm glad I made you laugh
from mooms :
Ha are funny!...i got yr diary bobbins from godsmartin's diary profile thingy..he is hilarious..i feel old now..and you were a bit right...leslie irene's diary is guffy wank
from maskedmofo :
Greetings Heir White Text White Background Diary Person !! The Masked Mofo would like to take the time to personally welcome you into our elite circle! As the second charter member of the Afro-Brigade you will be endowed with certain responsibilities (and special powers), such as being judge of the first annual 'Show it and Fro it, Mofo!!' Contest and 'determiner of afro etiquette in all ballroom situations.' Be aware, you must maintain at least one 'Fro Pick at all times. We'll talk about the special powers after your one month 'Fro review period.-- May the 'fro be with you, always -- (+)8>) <--MMF
from cold--fusion :
Keep them coming, kids! :D:D
from sifu :
You should not tell people to die... Especially the people I love... And don't call them whiners this place is filled with diaries where people can do whatever they want in it. She does not complain aloud in person so suck it up, no one asked you to read it.
from cold--fusion :
Giggle. Can you not read?
from onlyyouknow :
I'm not here to get in an arguement like you did with lil-jinx. But perhaps you should realize that Christianity isn't a religion it's faith. If you don't believe in God... what do you believe in?
from lil-jinx :
Where have I shown you that I'm hypocritical? In swearing? that's a load of horse hockey! I don't give a lick about what you think about my diary. At least I can feel good know that I don't go around bitching about these people or those people who probably haven't done dick shit all to me. Just because you don't believe someone's beliefs doesn't mean you can take them down a few knotches. I'm the hypocrite? Well well... isn't it the pot calling the kettle black.
from cold--fusion :
Anyway, stop turning my notes page into a religious debate and piss off. If you love me this much you can e-mail me.
from cold--fusion :
No, if I don't want your opinion, you could quit your little bitchy hypocritical whinings in my notes, couldn't you. I'll write about what I like thanks, and if it pisses people off, then that makes me pretty fucking happy. Shoo.
from lil-jinx :
If you don't want opinions given to you. Don't bitch and moan about different groups in your diary. More often then not people from those groups will give you their opinion whether you fucking like it or not. So tough shit... deal
from cold--fusion :
Then again, THEY MIGHT NOT! I don't recall asking for your opinion.
from lil-jinx :
Okay.... all I want to even say to you is that not all Christians are like that..... I'm not... I believe EVERYONE has a right to believe what they want to believe. and the more you go around and persecute Christians the more you're infracting on our right to freedom of religion. And you're right. you don't know enough about Christianity to be slagging it off like that. Christianity isn't only about believing in Christ Jesus. it's also in believing in yourself and trying to live your life to the best of your ability. And to say Christians don't have fun.... ummm... I'm a Christian and I have a lot of fun. I just don't participate in immoral fun... but you know what? I wouldn't even if I wasn't a Christian. Christianity is truly a bunch of morals. Please don't sluff it off all together untill you talk to some one who isn't a hardcore if-you-don't-read-your-Bible-everyday-you're-going-to-hell Christian. They may just change your mind.
from godsmartin :
heyyyy babez!!!!222 howz it goin!?!?33 LOL hope ur fyne luv martin *hugz* x0x0x0x0x0x0x
from where-i-fall :
You MUST write more adventures of Boy!
from minstrelite :
Well, I'm not entirely surprised by your note, as I was warned in 2 Timothy 3:12 - "In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." I thought about it, and figured that I might have sounded a little preachy, but I must admit I'm a little curious just what about it struck you as being so wrong, leading you to the proclamation that I am, moreover, "sick." I'd be interested in hearing from you again.
from sistercookie :
Thanks so much for joining my database diaryring. I like your attitude and humor.
from idislikehugs :
Thanks for stopping by to say 'hi.' The greeting is returned.
from davemcflurry :
Hey cool, last time I tried to leave you a note, you didn't have it activated... so yeah, hiii. Good to see you're still reading my diary, I gotta admit to having had the occasional look around here. You've got cracking taste in music as well... ahhh, Radiohead. Erm, I'll stop rambling and leave you to your daily routine and stuff... laters!
from where-i-fall :
I've just spent two hours reading all 91 of your entries, and I do believe it was two hours well spent, for your entries both amuse me, and give me comfort in the fact that there are other people who actually think this world is a bit shit and extremely fake. You're definitely getting added to my favourites, since you are going to be part of my ritual of checking diaries every single day because yes, my life is THAT boring. I go out less than you too! On a seperate note, I think you look rather pretty with that black hair of yours and yes, you do look like the guy from White Stripes. I hope you join me on MSN some time so we can find more faults in the world together.
from pieces- :
Wow, I don't think I have ever been the first one to sign a notes thing. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I really like your layout :) Have a good day!

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