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from unuttered :
Hello! :)
from dyke-o-rific :
Thank you, you seem pretty interesting yourself. :) survey was fun too! Anyhow, hope your day is filled with dragonflies and daffodils.
from candora :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few :)
from babyisblue :
ya it has been a long time... what's new with you sweetheart? ♥rach
from earlyjuliana :
hey cutrachel, you left a message saying hi and I am returning the favor..hey, how r u doing? leave a note or talk to me on aim sometime...
from candora :
sometimes the ones who got away are a whole lot more important when nobody is around today cuz a heart's empty spaces demand filling... I know, I have a whole lot of empty spaces... just got to remember to focus on today and hope someone comes along :)
from inaptbeauty :
yeah, ur welcome dearie
from babyisblue :
well for starters... mikey and i broke up, and now i'm okay with it, but i really miss just having someone to be with you know? and my friend has a brain tumor and she went for surgery but they didn't get it all, and that's about it... so obviously nothing to exciting, or at least good...<3
from babyisblue :
it really has been a long time, how are you? tell me a little about what's been going on with you...<3
from inaptbeauty :
hey, advance happy birthday dear! hm.. i like your designs at qtee-pie <3 great work. im inlove with anne geddes
from aaron777 :
Happy 6 days till your birthday, I hope that God blesses you in everything you do Rachel.
from opaquedreams :
Thank you for joining the i-don't-cry diaryring!!!
from ktequest :
hey I live in LA too. thought it was interesting. Great diary! bye!
from goldencherry :
hey, i know what you mean. maybe life in itself is too good to be true? ��, me.
from goldencherry :
Hey, thanks for the message! and im feelin what you wrote in your last entry.. i know exactly what you mean. <3, me.
from no-yes-maybe :
Hey awesome layout! I really love your diary!
from freakk :
from trixi37 :
Hey, hon! I love that song too! Don't worry about all the drama. I'm sure you're tired of people telling you that this too will pass, but seriously, it will. All things come and go, it's just a matter of how fast they're willing to leave. I know how it feels with the whole hopeless love scenario, even though it seems like me and Devin have been together forever. I had the same problems before him (sometimes even now-lol). Someday, when you least expect it, that one person is going to walk into your life and forever change it. And you'll be helpless and want to be helpless with them for the rest of your life. Gosh when did I get so mushy. Hope I helped you out some. Have a good one! Love ya!
from teriandjason :
Thanks! I didn't know there were other cajuns besides myself and Jason on here. lol! Anyway. Great diary. Don't get too depressed about not being in love. Even though you're 20? I think, love really isn't that great, or maybe I was never really in love. I know that it hurts a lot though, and I've been hurt more than enough times already by other people. Now I'm rambling. lol! Anyway good luck with the love and everything else! Talk to you later, I guess.
from aaron777 :
Thanks for taking a look at my diary. I like the design for yours. Maybe we will get a chance to talk more later, I messaged you on aim, maybe I will catch you next time.
from goldencherry :
Just read your latest, and as for moving to FL... well if its meant to be it will... everything that happens hapens for a reason, maybes there is something you overlooked about where you are now? just a thought...
from goldencherry :
Hey, as far as im concerned, your awesome bc beer for my horses is without a doubt a great song! and your templates kick too... thanks for the welcome!!! .::[Lee]::.
from babyisblue :
hey sweetheart, things are going well with me, how about you?� ♥
from soandsotgs :
hi, i wanted to tell you i liked your diary and that i LOVE user name on neopets is bubblbutt in case you wanna be my neofriend.... i wanted to show you this website that i think is pretty funny.... tell me what you think
from ordinarykat :
"guys are weird" you said it as simple yet as perfect as possible-...
from babyisblue :
oh sweetheart you'll find the right guy i promise! *drys your tears* any guy that's just going to use you isn't worth your time! your beautiful and pretty girls always find someone :) i love you dollface. xo♥
from groban83 :
I wished the best of luck! I think that you will be fine I hope!
from howdytoyou :
ha ha ...your welcome! -Rachel
from howdytoyou :
i just "applied" for the rachels diaryring and was browsing through the members and i just randomly clicked on you and your dog(is it your dog?)is CUTE!!!!!!
from leonmcphelps :
Thanks for the note. I agree, I am awesome. I don't know about the hot part, but I will accept your opinion.
from megl42 :
Welcome to the Willow Rocks diaryring! :)
from babyisblue :
aww hun thank you soo much for the note, your soo sweet. i don't really have any new news on her at the moment, but i have hope that she'll be okay. thanks again! Love RacH xo♥
from bunnisama :
Yeah! If people get bored to death reading about my boring life, they can just screw around with my quizes! Something fun for them to do! ^_^ Thanx for comin!
from vampiresybil :
Hey, sorry it took so long, but Hi back!!;)
from stormyskyz :
hello :) thanks for the signage. i like your diary it's nice.
from ayluros :
Yeah I know what you mean! I love animal planet - hey maybe my major will change back to that - AHH!! TOugh decisions! Anyways girl - I hope you get on the interent later! I'm bored at work!
from slash-mel :
Welcome to tatu diaryring.
from vodkamartini :
Hey, thanks for coming by my diary -- hope you found it interesting. Be sure to stop by again (I promise to update more frequently than I have been lately). BTW, I like the format of your diary.
from first-blush :
Hiya! Umm.. everything I write in my diary is true *nods* ..Anyway.. thanks for your note :)
from babyisblue :
thanks for the note, i hope we stay that way too, i just love him so damn much, don't worrie, you'll find someone who'll be like that, you deserve it... RacH xo♥
from gingernutt :
Thanks yours is nice to :)
from babyisblue :
i love all these layouts you've been putting up these past few days... their all so pretty i can't decide which one i like the best lol Luv RacH xo♥
from silent-heart :
Well, as I see you are a college student, take a governmental history course, and ask your professor who the man is. You will probably get a long answer (read lecture) and will probably be looked at weirdly for the remainder of the class.
from babyisblue :
I go by rach, ray-ray, ray, (and all those rachel nic's you can make of our name) plus tonz more, because I'm also pretty short, like 5'4... not that bad but still not that tall lol... Luv RacH♥
from babyisblue :
I know it's such a popular name isn't it... I must know like a million of them... so sometimes I go by my other nick ♥RacH
from babyisblue :
lol you have the same name as me...

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