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from time2 :
I found your diary many moons ago, over time I have flitted in and out of d-land. I just started reading ceciliaruns again and would like to read you again, if you would grant me permission that is.
from raven72d :
Are you still out there?
from heptarch :
Hi from me. I'm on flyby... checking up on old friends, acquaintances, etc. Seems you've put your blog in Ft. Knox since last I came by. I hope life is treating you somewhat well.
from vintagepearl :
I enjoy looking at trees, even more since I read "Speak" awhile back. And I too, own a book of three Shakespeare tradgedies - mine's of MacBeth, King Lear, and Hamlet. Yours?
from souldancing :
Clicked on your banner... I than added you to my fav's. I am moving out of my future in-law's house on your last day of work... Funny, parallels...
from emperorincxt :
I just finished moving with two hours between my place and this new place.. hehe you are packing while Im unpacking..
from sunny2005 :
banner clicker nice diary
from banefulvenus :
absolutely love the layout of your site. Clicked on your banner.... :)
from d1gg3r :
your diary is so interesting. hope you don't mind me reading it.
from emperorincxt :
your current entry was the most beautiful thing Ive read in a long time. thank you for writing it. I needed to read something like that. keep writing darling.
from dicentra :
Yes. I am really mormon. I can prove it, too; ask me anything. :)
from goldieknox03 :
clicked the banner. Beautiful writing and photos. Are you really mormon?
from f-i-n :
Don't be sad! ((hugs))
from suta :
Nice diary, like Jack said..peaceful. ^_^V And hey I have that Moulin Rouge soundtrack... I like it pretty much too. Have some fun. Love, Luc.
from jackthripper :
Glancing at your page, the first thing that comes to mind is quite simply "beautifully peaceful". Alas, there is hope again.
from ceciliaruns :
i'm baaaaack
from compclass :
I clicked ur banner. Your diary is...interesting. I hate the smell of pee too. I guess I just never thought about it...hmmmm NEways cool diary.
from metame :
Hi... clicked your banner... and had to comment on the butterfly... beautiful! btw, I'm a long-time regular ranting about the no-walk phenomenon. I recently moved to my current location from a city and stubbornly refused to buy a car for ONE YEAR. People always forget that you don't have one so you constantly have to tell them that (I gave up after a while) and then if you do tell them they think WOW you must be really really strapped for funds and look at you with great pity. Sigh. :)
from raven72d :
lovely photo of those houses... and where i live, no one walks, either.
from dicentra :
Well sure, you know I'm always up for a good bitch-fest. :)
from ceciliaruns :
so enough with the pained expressions and the vulnerability. i want you to take some tough bitch pictures of me. got any tough bitch assignments coming up? check out the 'this is love' music video by pj harvey if you can find it. god she's hot.
from preshusthorn :
good luck! ex oh, letti
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from preshusthorn :
i added you, hope you dont mind. ex oh, letti
from raven72d :
Glad to hear it was a good Xmas...
from raven72d :
I believe Emma Thompson is in the film... It came out c. 1990 or '91...
from raven72d :
Have you seen the film of "Handmaid's Tale"?
from raven72d :
I couldn't leave a comment today (9 Dec 04)... But your entries continue to fascinate and intrigue.
from raven72d :
Thank you... I hope you'll read my diary and stay in touch. I'll be reading yours.
from raven72d :
You're a discovery linking out through D-Land. And the writing is excellent and intriguing.
from theturtle :
"I wonder why you seem to pick these women. Perhaps there is something happening with you? Perhaps you need someone who needs you in these ways?" The thing is, they're a pretty tiny minority out of all the women I've been with in the last 25 years, both in number and time. It's the brains and the good looks that draw me in, and the teeth sort of blind-side me.
from ceciliaruns :
um, yeah i forgot your personal email address. i want to do some trade. i paint a series of small "portraits" of you, one of which you'll get, you take a series of pictures of me... i want to start a body of small marketable semi-abstract figurative work... you in?
from cdghost :
i enjoyed reading your entries..all the best..cdghost
from gettingnaked :
Thanks so much for filling out that survey for me! I really appreciate it.
from chehedgehog :
Hi. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading your diary. Your writing is both honest and dynamic and this combination is refreshing.
from chauffi :
I'm not gone. Just hibernating.
from groovebunny :
Hiya.:) I found you on disco's comment page. Yes I had a hot date! Anyways, just wanted to drop by and give ya a read. I know what you're saying about not feeling a connection really with women. All my life I've just connected more easily with guys. I had a weird concert dream myself the other night too. I used to sing in a band and I dreamt I was back on stage with them. The microphone stand I was using was bent in half so I had to bend over to sing into it. Then midway through the night I pulled out a sleeping bag, laid it out, crawled into it and fell asleep on stage. So I love that you're an artist. I'll be back to read more of your writing. Take care. :)
from onewetleg :
nice. i really like the entry about cosmo vs maxim. i have never read cosmo. well, not since about the 6th grade. and we won't talk about how long ago that was. but maxim. now there is a magazine to challenge your intelligence. i thought it treated men like they were pretty stupid. sex, cars, clothes, stereos. well, what the hell can you expect from a magazine. weren't they just made to put in waiting rooms to take your mind off of the blood work that is about to be done? i think i shall add you to my buddylist and take you for a spin. love,
from dicentra :
Dicentra is a genus of flowers, and is the home of the Bleeding Heart flower. Just so's y'all know.
from bandchick182 :
i did that too, had my phone sent in for repairs and was without it for a week. walked around for a bumbling idiot most of the time. our society is so technologically dependent!
from awittykitty :
hi fellow artist. I enjoyed seeing your artwork. I just started doing figure drawing. I just don't have the courage to post them. I guess if I had talent like you I might.
from neangel :
Wow that is pretty damn cool!
from neangel :
hello & welcome to d-land. what does dicentra mean?

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