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from rocio717 :
Hi! I remember taking a look at your diary a couple of years ago and just suddenly I found out your diary here again!! That must be a fate :)
from red-scribe :
good to know you are still alive!
from janus23 :
I don't know if you still check these notes. I'll probably send you an e-mail regardless, but congratulations on graduating! Fitting that as the last one on your favourites, that I'm one of the last ones still here. Good luck, and maybe we'll see you around again.
from euphoria21 :
Here's to May 17th and the beginning of hopefully a beautiful start for my fellow lesbians, gays and transgendered couples.
from euphoria21 :
I'm glad you're back, now if only you can get some time to sit in front of the computer and write something, I'm practically waiting to piss in my pants!!!
from blu-ta2 :
dizboy you are deffinitly: un belle melange!
from vomitmachine :
I am just the happiest camper now that I know you're not dead. I've had nothing to read for the last 3 months.
from yellowscribe :
welcome back
from twinker-bell :
glad your back, sounds like the trip was amazing, and good luck with the new (well altered you) :-)
from bluebonnet :
from twinker-bell :
amazing in memory entry, u never know what will help others pain and how much they will appreciate your words, thank you so much for sharing that, it's helped me with things i've struggled with for years now... hope cancun was fun.. :-)
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays:)
from euphoria21 :
I'm sorry that the way you came back to write was because of your loss. Atleast you know that she's in a better place. My condolences go out to you and yours. It brought me to tears.
from rite153 :
my condolences. it's great and admirable how you dedicated the entry. very touching (i know it drove me to tears).
from diva35 :
I'm sorry for your loss.. I know just how you feel I lost my grandmother in Aug... I didn't cry either.. and I miss her so much... she always had my back.
from leftunspoken :
That was beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss, but share your joy that she is at peace now. Bless you for sharing and for reminding us what true love looks like. My prayers are with you.
from ariawoman :
Wow, I'm really sorry about your grandmother's passing, but it sounds like she will be much happier now. It is amazing to see people that stay together that long. My grandfather to this day, wears his wedding band, even though his wife of nearly 50 years, passed away in 1996. I think that says a lot about how he felt about her. My thoughts are with you, I know all to well how hard it is to lose someone that special. -- Jennifer
from lifes-a-bich :
You got the quote from CLUE wrong. Its "that 1+1+2+1 not 1+2+1+1"
from bluebonnet :
from deepellum :
nice job on the today show, very impressive! have a good thanksgiving
from tom-seb-jak :
I know this is going to sound really, crazyly, amazingly lame but i was reading your diary and your sorta an inspiration.
from rite153 :
aww! i'm not gonna miss seeing you in a straw hat on friday! (i think)
from yellowscribe :
are you still here
from sycorax :
Oh, my god. Nothing in the world annoys me more than asking someone what their favorite musical is and hearing "Moulin Rouge". Moulin Rouge made my head hurt. Bah. Whenever my 'friends' insist on watching it with me, I annoy the hell out of them by constantly critiquing the singing and dancing in it.
from fakingcool :
oh my gourd! I am so glad your diary has not been left for dead. I added you to my profile oh so long ago. I even shared the hilarity of your entries with my mom. John...We are both intelligent people. we are both aware that we don't know each other but I missed your writing anyway. Welcome back.
from rite153 :
i'm so glad to see you're back!! i hope it's for some time! i LOVE your writing style! i dunno, just glad to see one of my favorites is back! ok.. i'm ranting and raving like some 15 year old at a backstreet concert.. so i'll leave this thing alone now.
from euphoria21 :
Okay, so it's been roughly 3 months since you haven't written. Mind you people leave you messages(i.e. me) and you're the type who doesn't seem to respond unless it has a penis and a pulse...well, atleast a penis. Anyways, this dyke is happy to finally get to read up on your life. Congrats on the higher education shit, I'm back at school after a 5 year hiatus. I hope you write again, soon. It's been quite boring without you around. Take care, Vy
from mondocurio :
glad to see ya back. always enjoy your entries
from twinker-bell :
hey i really enjoy your entries and i'm glad your back... btw i'm trying to figure some shit out so the way you put things is really refreshing to me.. i call myself "curious"
from cazzy :
Hey there Dizboy... I joined your Orlando Diary ring... Actually, Im straight but I think evryone should be able to express themselves whatever way they want... I have a Club on Yahoo with 80 Orlando bands in it...and I also have MP3's on my website. (I play guitar and was playing guitar and touring with the late Shawn Dale Barnett, a deaf drummer who played with Alice in Chains) He died in Fenruary 23rd,2003 from cancer, though. You can occasionally see me playiing at some Open Mic in Orlando... My main website is here... Later, Cazzy The Alien Blues Dude
from greenthinker :
you make me happy! I wish I got to watch a gay parade in seattle- the closest we come is when assorted men and women have a naked bicycling fest. Now THAT'S fun to watch. whew. Anyhow- I htink you're lovely and funny- so I'm going to add you to my list. yes! -sally
from ordinarykat :
i love your diary...very addicting
from snowduckie :
hon, you're such a hoot! w/o your diary, I never would've been able to laugh at rainbow penises. Btw, you look v. east European, like Georgian or Turkish. Take it as a compliment, believe me
from fakingcool :
john!!! where the crap did you go?
from ind2006 :
Happy 4th of July!!!
from touchmenot :
damn why are all the good looking ones gay!lol Don't change a thing gorgeous, I bet you get all the good looking guys. *jealous* Love the jeans it makes you stand out :D and those frozen rainbow dicks are hillarious. You must send me the recipe. Keep writing :D
from darkfairy13 :
cool diary, to lazy to suck up right now, come backafter he beep.
from dry-tears :
I absolutely love your diary. It's so intriguing. Please, I would love it if you would add another entry. I see you have a lot of fans. Well deserved because of the exceptional writing skills. Good Job!
from gonecasegurl :
you are beautiful. XD go you!!
from touchmenot :
Hey there your way of writing is so cool. I love how you drone on about everything *not being sarcastic at all* I love reading long diaries. This is one of the best I hav read! Your lucky to have such understanding parents, and good luck in the future.
from girlwcurls :
Hey :-) I got here through a banner ad, I wish I knew how to make a good banner ad.. Congratulations on coming out to your parents -- I can't imagine the amount of courage that must have taken. Kudos.
from astro-vamps : rock. you just sound so cool. note-leaving skills are horrible but oh well. Once again, you rock. leave me a note if you want to. It would make me happy. :)
from myfamilysux :
Hey, I saw your banner ad, made the wise choice of clicking it, and I read some of your entries. I must say, you rock. Can I add you to my favorites?
from ind2006 :
Good for you! ^_^
from enoki :
good luck with the commin' out.
from phyntosia :
Grr. I hate that non-spam feature in the guestbooks that disallow you from signing twice within the hour. Just wanted to write back, apologise if my first note sounded slightly tart (the old meaning of the word), and after having read your diary and seen your pic... dang, boi, i've (a) found a new favourite diary - great writing! :), and (b) found another gay guy that i could really wish wasn't. Why is it always the gay guys that're cutest?!
from angelshadow :
ACK!!! i was reading through your profile and i HAD to leave you a note! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE CLUE!!! lol. sorry. I just got all excited because hardly ANYONE i know has seen it and i'm just like "You're kidding me, right?" Okay enough ranting :). Like the diary ;).
from brightnoises :
i came across your diary by accident and its neat stuff. you seem like an interesting guy.
from euphoria21 :
Good nipple story!!!!!!!!!
from gonecasegurl :
bloody amusing diary you have.XD
from euphoria21 :
Wow! Finally glad you showed up. I've missed reading up on your stuff. It really sucks looking at the name dizboy and not having it in red because you haven't written!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!! Sorry, dyke on the rag!!
from fate13 :
Score. You're finally back! I love the outline. Its a bit less intimidating than the black, if that's what you mean by "inviting." Um, its just good to hear from you. And the train of thought I had just pittered away. >:O <3ethan
from cruel-irony :
I like it! And, it'd work if I learn how to say it really fast like: "Hey, this is 'Joe'." I'd use the acronym - HPT - but I'm afraid people might think I have a condition or maybe a disease.
from cruel-irony :
Okay, "Boyfriend Emeritus" has to be the best label I've come across for exes. I'm a 38 year-old hetero chick whose never been married, so when I mention exes, well, they sound numerous. And, well, unofficial since I've never married any of them. What would make me happier though, is to discover what to call a current "boyfriend". "Boyfriend" sounds high-schoolish; "significant other" is vague and "partner" either sounds gay or all about business. And, "lover" is just too blunt. Anyway, you're a favorite of mine and I've missed you greatly so thanks for updating.
from mondocurio :
Glad you're back. Look forward to reading. Cheers!
from euphoria21 :
I've written a few, so when you get the time go and read...
from euphoria21 :
I've kept on reading on your journal, you have me cracking up.
from christa02 :
yeah you're cool in my books cuz you love john cameron mitchell lol
from christa02 :
hey, have to say, love the new haircut :) happy writing and take care
from euphoria21 :
Honey, I have just spent the past hour reading your diary, and not only are the titles a crack up on their own, I don't know how you come up with them but you're good, and I know a couple of gorgeous guys here in Miami that would go crazy for you. By the way, loved the haircut. My gf thought you were adorable, too!!!
from doghigh :
New haircut is great...I've been experimenting with the shaggy D.A. look as of late and planned to shed the locks in favor of a sleeker've inspired me to act sooner rather than later.
from emjayxo :
Hey whats up? lolz I'm just kinda reading every one in orlandos diary's. So I thought I'd drop ya a line. :)
from ihateshoes :
Seriously, you have just jumped to the top of my respect pyramid. Me and my bud Hali thought we were the only two people alive on this Earth who had heard of Clue. Just for that alone you kick ass. ~ihateshoes (Kyle)
from doghigh :
What? No pookah shells??
from ddrboy :
Damn, if only the cam went a bit lower. That's my way of saying I love your diary! Keep it up!
from lizsummers69 :
hey, you don't know me, and probably never will, but i love your diary.. and i do support gays and lesbians for adoption.. i am not a lesbian, but i think everyone should have the oppurtunity to adopt if elagible.. keep writing, and i will keep reading.. go visit mine sometime.. peace out.. Liz
from trousersnake :
nothing new to say that hasn't been said several times over on your notes have a gift for writing as well as bitter cynicism! your diary always manages to put a smile on my face...
from doghigh :
"Screaming, I flailed, and sent the panties crashing back to the terra firma from which they had just been liberated." Thank you for making me laugh so hard I nearly blew coffee out of my nose and all over my boss as he approached my cube...CLASSIC line!!!
from desertwitch :
Fuckin-a! You're back!
from blue-scribe :
will the golden crane fly again?
from gwydion10 :
yo, you dead or something! you've been gone nearly a month, man, GET WITH THE PROGRAM, DUDE! you have adoring fans who are waiting for your next entry, you know... *files nails and dusts them on her robes* so. how 'bout it? ^_~
from jaytee578 :
hey--i'm really enjoying your diary. my friend jenn stumbled upon it and suggested that i read... lots of fun. keep writing :)
from kyousha :
Do.. you have a boyfriend? Eh heh, just asking, cause your.. gay and all. ^___^ Don't cha worry, I totally support you. :: Coughcheckoutmydiarycough:: And you'll know why
from bluetoast :
Hey. Your banner caught my attention, so I thought I'd leave a note and say Hi. And from now on every time I hear Jeff Corwin's name I'll think of areole-sized spiders. :)
from crankymostly :
Aw, I think you look like you're 20 at the most. And don't say 24 is old. 24 is...youthful and exuberant. Not troll-ish at all. Especially not for men. You last incredibly well compared to women... You'll look just fine at 70, while we'll be sagging down to our ankles. Have you seen Paul Newman lately?
from queerme :
Your diary is one of the few gay diaries that doesn't post 9 out of 10 entries exclusively regarding drama over some tragic incident. You're cute too.. ;o)
from ciara2 :
hey! just wanted to say that i think your are really cool!! put you on my buddy list if thats ok!! :)
from natski :
hey about your banner...I hope to god for your own sake you're not calling Pok�mon or japanese anim� gay
from dsdiary :
last night. sorry about that. i was falling over. i wasn't upset at all. i was kidding. but if i didn't go away i would have ended up talking all night with you. which would have been fun, admittedly, but i DO need my beauty sleep, grad (prom) is tomorrow. wish me luck. maybe i'll scan you some pictures. love.
from skruff :
Hey guy, interesting weekend you had. Sounded evenful. Sorry to read about your car. =( Hope all is well. =skruff=
from patholgia :
you can count me as one of the alloted 42..... I suggest fulfilling your ambitious (and facetious) boyfriend quota by accumulating them sporadically from the high (internet) brow(ser)s who peruse you diary and holding auditions..... (or you can try asexual reproduction and find out if you can subdivide 42 times.... whichever one seems most plausible (and of course by plausible I mean neither choice...) Though on a serious note boyfriends are ineffectual, being single is AWESOME!!!! (now I think I'll retire to my room for the habitual crying myself to sleep) -Toodles, Michael
from quatrelenium :
Hey, fellow gay boi who likes Harry Potter, I thought I'd say hi and I love your diary! You like Kinetix too, you just rawk! :o) Drop me a line sometime!
from witchy24601 :
You have a gift. And you made me smile.
from diya :
i really like your profile.
from divaspeak :
You're totally fabulous, dahling... Tres entertaining! Just thought you should know it.
from typicalme :
Just crusin' on by. I like yer new boyfriend ;-) - me
from typicalme :
Hi :-) Yer pic's adorable. Just stopin' by for my weekly *caugh* ok, bi-weekly (no pun intended) visit to your page. Have a nice day! - TypicalMe!
from oddone :
Hey John, I'm the guy who saw you at Southern last night (12/6). Just decided to stop by to say hi, and let you know who I am. =) --Chris
from patholgia :
your comment about Tony Bennett struck me as funny because I was thinking the same thing as I witnessed him slur the unknown words to Rudolph (guiliani) the Red nosed reindeer.... Then I forgot to mention it (so I guess I can't make fun of Tony Bennett too badly).
from aasvogels :
Ah what the hell, I'll admit it. I am a slobbering fan. Read your entire diary a few days ago, great stuff. In fact the mention of your shoes made me go out and buy the red pants I had been slobbering over for the past two weeks! I owe my pants to you *grin*. Keep it up and thanks! -Chris
from gayforme :
; )
from punkroxbabe :
Readin ur profile, know what u mean about the Southern Baptists here. Not gay, but glad there is some diversity left here!
from red-scribe :
have a nice firework celebration
from gay-xtc :
I guess I'll be the SECOND!!!!! Oh well.. just wanted to leave notes with everyone's DIARY!!!!!
from wingd-pony :
YES! I'm the first to leave you a note!! WOO HOO!! (i need alcohol)

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