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from dangerspouse :
Feb. ' gonna stick around this time? Welcome back!
from ddrboy :
from pwm :
r u married? if so does ur wife or husband(i cant tell) know that you go to this website? do u live with ur parents? do u have 10-20 pet cats? how about snakes? well leave me ur answers sum time. later dayz!!!
from rainy-daze- :
hey up, just a note to say I did your survey today :) xxxx
from djsparkle5 :
hey darling- Happy Pride month, i hope everything is jus a bowl of 6color joy with you:) -everyonez fav Les-bi-dyke- DJ Sparkle
from gay-n-out :
Hi Edd. I am sorry if you thought I locked you out of my old diary (eddiemonsoon). I had it locked and it was supposed to email the password. well, it selectively locked when it felt the need. I got sick of a lot of crap, so I changed diaries. I do have a new diary at Feel free to read.
from lagrimitas :
OMGOSHIE!! hehe I love kittiesss and easily amused hence the time I spent having the kitty follow me around your page soooooo adorable! =)
from christa02 :
just wanted to let u know the kitten on top of your page is CUTE!! :)
from eddiemonsoon :
Just thought I would stop by and say hi. I am like a diaryland ghost nowadays. I rarely have a chance to update or read, but I managed to make some time today. BTW- thank you for linking me.
from clauren :
Cool hair style. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well......
from gayfraud :
715, eh? I never liked that number anyway.
from ddrboy :
OMG....that guy you, ultraboy, on live journal...damn, I had to jack off to him. Thanks!
from kammie101 :
well...i did your survey. i'm 13, so a lot of what i said is just a matter of thinking what i'd like in future. go!
from djsparkle5 :
Hey love, u left me a note and im returning the favor,i find u intreing with a pink cupcake twist....
from the-grinch :
I saw your diary on one of those advertisement things...*is too dense to know what they're called*. Anyways, I clicked and started reading, and, well, here I am, posting a message. I suppose there's no real point in this, except to say that I'm sorry about your infection, get well soon, and keep writing, I like your perspective on things :)
from cleopatragb :
Im not disappointed. I just got a wee bit worried when you hadn't written. I know I know... it's just a diary. :)
from blushingcece :
I am completly jealous that you have her paintings. I had the fish one on my diary for quite awhile. The Cake version of I will Survive was my theme song for awhile.
from recogen :
Hi! Kool diary. I really like what i read. (Thanks to Aj, i found ur diary b/c of him). Luv the wedding pics. I really envy u and those michigan guys. Take care . Have fun . Luv to john. Have a nice trip. Plus i also luv the 6 flags. Have they added any new attraction. When i went there , Suprman thing was new but wasnt working then. bye
from blushingcece :
If at all possible I REALLY like the flower picture or the fish (survive) picture on but whatever works.
from blushingcece :
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Could you just put the line "when all words fail, she speaks" (song lyric) and I don't know some kind of picture. Right now my diary has art by so that would be nice or something that you can come up with. I would be forever in debt.
from blushingcece :
Hey thanks for the quick response. I would love, if you have the time, for some help making one. I have absolutly NO computer skills so you may want to rethink your offer to help. >'.'<
from blushingcece :
I REALLY like your banner, simple and to the point. How do you go about getting one?
from mikalb244 :
hey great banner.... could ya help me with one?? love to ya in CA

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