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from strippedmind :
your life reminds me of my own, not really interesting but fun enough to read cause our sence of humore is so mean god i love life! do you feel it? how old are you? you picked the right occupation, huh? the sub. you think when your little im gonna be the coolest sub or teacher but then you grow up and say screw these little fuckers. ok i'll shut now and get back to my boring life. have a godd day;) masterbate it helps with the pain.
from elliorange :
♥ Happy New Year, darling!
from tincan815 :
Happy Thanksgiving!!
from vanoonoo :
click click click. Hi. :)
from bottledbitch :
the picture with the fountain in the background is absolutely wondrous/ your traveling experiences sound exciting. - it's a passion of mine/ egoists are only horrid if they have no basis.
from ravengreen :
K Street huh? I opted for Carnivale.
from sdk :
Tegan and Sara are great! From Calgary.
from unsought :
thanks for the note. at least theres someone out there... haha. Well not to be off topic but is, 25th hour really a good flick? Just wondering. thanks again -brynn
from elliorange :
♥ Awe baby, I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*
from paxus :
thanks for the note... i checked out your site and had a blast reading your current entry. I am sympathetic to what you wrote... we need more happy people! :)
from pt3blank :
lolz.. okay, so you're not singaporean.. (upon further reading...) haha...
from pt3blank :
heyz, i'm new to blogging, and was bored so i was surfing around (i'm in sch, duh... where else can you be bored?, when i came to someone who recommended your diary.. interestin read. r u a singaporean?
from racie-rachie :
Hey I like your musical taste, I guess thats all I really wanted to say. Oh, and I know a curly red-head with freckles that would be more than happy to slap you around
from ravengreen :
I think you could be on to something with your theroy of an internation language incompassing all other language. It is already happening somewhat, people speaking in one language and then instantly switching to another. ie Spanlish or Franglais. and aren't the most common languages derived from Latin? mixing Russian or Japanese...that would be an accomplishment.
from sleepynoise :
alright, so maybe i don't know idaho well enough to come to the decision that she is my nemesis, but driving through her makes me think "idaho is my nemesis" type thoughts....if that makes sense.
from meeyapede :
PS. About the meat: Im watching this stupid Disc. channel caveman thing (complete with full frontal nastiness) and they say the meat=brain thing is true. HOWEVER, this'd have nothing to do with now, AND I've even read about scientists who doubt the whole caveman thing anyway- they say we probably were *aquatic* to begin with & that the caveman story is just bullshit misogyny. Which wouldnt surpirse me one bit- and the evidence seems good. JL
from crosover :
hey, 4 in the morning to get ready for a garage sale. Hope its worth it. Have a good weekend.
from meeyapede :
Damn, looking over yr guestbook, you really do seem pimp-tastic. But! Do you walk like a pigeon? Aha! I thought not!-JL (ps. this isnt creepy enough to deserve gbk status. OH & fix the "Back to my page" link there.)
from elliorange :
You can link text through your diary, for example, like this: <a href=">Ellen</a> You can also go to your Diaryland page and look under Other Stuff. From there you can click on Help Sections and FAQ's. Under that you can click on Diaryland Basics. There's tons of little things in there that would be helpful. If this was helpful, YAY! If not, that's okay! :)
from meeyapede :
Hm. I really need to travel again. Like, NOW. And moving to Kalamazoo does *not* count. Sigh. -JL Ps. Grrr! Yr guestbook still doesnt work! Pps. It's "hygienist" (call me the spelling nazi) and yah that story freaked me out too, esp about her breasts on yr head-- is this what my students think about when I lean over their desks? It is? Aw, shit.
from connie-cobb :
I am totally freaked out about your hygenist. Is that spelled right? Ok - root word: hygiene. Or hygeine? No, hygiene. So - hygienest? Oy! That looks perverted!
from meeyapede :
I always feel like that(the always-future-next-next thing) when I do acid, which is why I stopped doing it. And yah I know what you mean about filling life w/ experiences. Man oh man, do I. -JL (yr guestbk isnt working yet.Boo.)
from connie-cobb :
Do you have a guestbook? I like the new template - and maybe if you'd move out of the armpit of the southwest, you wouldn't have to sell yourself, you know. You can't go 'round the world with cookouts and nudity in Europe back to Lubbock. We all expected this reaction. Hee.
from meeyapede :
I like the template, though it takes a bit of an effort to get to yr notes/profile. And I love yr idea: Pigs in Spaaaace! Or like the big fetus in 2001! (its a pro-life ad in the making) -jL
from tincan815 :
Just a quick little comment on you possibly attending church to satisfy your mother, in part: I go to church every Sunday and I know that there is a great deal of hypocrisy in a lot of religious institutions, but maybe if you look at the experience as an opportunity to learn from others and just generally observe what it is that allows many of these people to draw so much comfort from their religion your perspective can be expanded. Obviously you will not lose your identity by attending church, but in my humble opinion that means absolutely nothing to you I would try and give it a chance again. If the experience truly frustrates you and you find it utterly pointless, you don't have to go again. I don't have enough perspective to say more, but I definitely appreciate your point of view.
from meeyapede :
Hey, I just realized youd written a lot more "older" entries than Id originally noticed - can you tell me which entries are best for me to read? Either most telling or most entertaining? I assume the cockroaches thang is cos theyre so top(back) how huge-plastic-boobie girls are so easy to tip forward (try it! its way more humane than w/ cows)...And yr so right about the church- and the Orthodox folks (the Original church, btw- but you dont want to hear a medievalist's rantings, do you?) have even more beautiful stuff (hagia sophia,andrei rublyev,etc). Ah, its so hard to be succinct on a Sunday afternoon-appy-polly-loggies.-JL
from connie-cobb :
I hate the dentist. And in high school I used to make myself watch Oprah as a sort of deprivation thing - I hated it so much I forced myself to watch it, confused & bewildered at why oh why did I hate Oprah - we'll find out the reasons! Anyway - I graduate on Saturday! Woooooo!
from meeyapede :
Yah, please come back- I feel awfully strange about people from my "real" life reading it, because I talk about my filthy mind oh-so-much, but not people who I don't know. And I'll take yr word on the TX thing- I've never been west of Iowa, & only went there to visit my bfriend @ gradschool. I probably feel about "youze" the way you feel about "yall." Also, you should feel no shame at spending yr time that way- no, no, reading about ME is an excellent way to pass a Sunday. Speaking of which, you won't be watching the Simpsons tonight? I am aghast. -----Actually, I managed to sit and read yr WHOLE diary, since there isn't much yet, and here's my comment: you write a LOT about waking up at 5:30am. A lot. So, I really hope you either acclimate or get a new job. Also, since I don't know you, I don't get yr references sometimes, like what articles you have fans from. Then again, maybe you don't want me to know, or read this. If you do, I so like the idea of having read something from the start, I'll come back. See, now I'm babbling too. -JL
from connie-cobb :
You have to admit that the Rules of Attraction was absolutely disruptive in that first 5 minutes where Shannon Sossaman gets the ol' puke-o. I admire that movie for the pure appalling sense I got from that first scene.
from connie-cobb :

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