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from mrs-roboto :
where you at?
from lonelylatina :
haven't heard from you in a while. hope all is well.
from dinahsoar :
Thank you so much for your note. It's fun getting back in the swing of my story & it's great to be appreciated. I really got alot from your entry today. I like what you said about playing at being out of control until you actally get out of control. I can definitely relate (mine has to do with a current relationship issue). I also liked your conscious acceptance of your behavior, good or bad. Bringing things into the light of consciousness really helps! I keep trying to stay in the moment & feel whatever it is that wants to become an obsessive thought followed by a compulsive behavior. If I can just stay present in this moment (the hardest part) and really let myself sink into the scary feeling without judging it, it hurts like hell but seems to pass naturally. I'm getting to know myself better all the time. Your insights help.
from dinahsoar :
Yeah, I'm way too easily catapulted out of Itchycoo Park myself. But I like the way you think & look at the bigger picture (much like, say, Hamlet) and find compassion even for the phlegm-spewing probably somebody's dad.
from dinahsoar :
Hi! Thanks so much for your note. I'm glad you're enjoying my diary. When I started, it was just for some cathartic purpose & now it's taken on a life of its' own. I would love to turn it into a novel (your comment was very encouraging), but I don't have the first idea of where to start. Thanks for reading & for your feedback!
from dinahsoar :
Hi I-M-F! Any chance I might be given the key to the locked diary? I really enjoy your insights, perceptions & writing style. My email's [email protected]. Hope so!
from brunette99 :
Hey...Congrats on the investment prop!
from dinahsoar :
I enjoyed reading about Mr. Mouser and Frida. Cats are so intuitive and sensitive. My boyfriend's cat is named Butter. I was calling him "the sweetest boy" which has now evolved into "the Swedish boy". He has a huge vocabulary for a cat and a very contentemplative spirit.
from dinahsoar :
Thanks for your comments & support. I am always touched by your references to you dad. I can relate to how hard the role reversal is. I lost my dad in 2003, but I remember how strange, awkward & almost embarassing it could be for him to feel so vulnerable around me & to need me. I look back on that last year (of taking him to doctor appts, etc.) as very precious now. I wouldn't have missed it.
from dinahsoar :
I'm lovin' your writing! Witty, urbane, sly and personal. I especially loved your reference to that little-known Yoga position, the "Barfing Cat". I usually walk around with a 'pain in the neck' so I totally relate! And, being a Californian myself (L.A.), I know how beautiful the Bay area is. Still, why do you think the bumper sticker reads, "Don't Mess With Texas"?
from krugerpak007 :
I miss you muchos gracias. Hope you are ok honey. Let us know whats going on. Ok? I worry. xoxoxo
from lonelylatina :
i can't believe i did it. all i did was remove the % signs that were next to my username. thank you so much for your help. so how do you know about all this html stuff?
from lonelylatina :
lol...i so totally need help with the html stuff. i don't really want a guest book and i will try to change the font, but i can't figure out the notes. they don't seem to be working, but then again how did you leave a note? help.
from brunette99 :
user name: miriam password: teresaisabitch
from lonelylatina :
it's all good now. i unlocked it. take care.
from brunette99 :
ok... well maybe I can spare a few details I just gotta figure out what happened on what head is just a mush of memories! :)
from brunette99 :
laying people off sucks! I know both how it feels BEING laid off and DOING the laying off.
from lonelylatina :
where can i put my order in for an Edamame 2K5? Feliz Navidad
from hamiltonian :
hi.. nice journal..
from krugerpak007 :
Miss you honey. I hope you are ok. Please smile for me! Just one smile a day!!! Take care! And keep me updated. xoxox
from tuff517 :
I'm totally already working on a swap for you! I have 3 CDs ready and a couple more to do. Hoo hoo, I beat youuuu.
from tuff517 :
Yep, my emusic name is tuff517. How ever did you guess!? When we link up we can check out each other's downloads. Yippee!
from krugerpak007 :
Again thanks for all your advice and comments. What about you? How are you doing, how are you feeling? I joined your notify list now. I am waiting for some updates...Hope you are having a good weekend. xoxox Kathy
from tuff517 :
Hey, hey mama, tell me your emusic username and I'll add you as a friend to me! I got the new Interpol. If you liked the last one, you'll like this one. I downloaded Hefner, they're pretty good, pretty Brit-Pop.
from krugerpak007 :
Thanks for all your amazing notes etc. Very very very much appreciated you are! I hope your week is going well. Looking out for an update. I am counting down the hours for this day to just end. I am trying to think of a good excuse to get out of here early, but I have run out... xoxox Kathy
from tuff517 :
So yeah, when are you going to update? Looky my crappy entries! If I can write that poo, you can write something bettah. You know what I do all day? Go to and "Improve My Recommendations" by rating stuff. All. Day.
from mrs-roboto :
No one is left as far as I can tell. Joey is gone, Dee Dee is gone, and Pete swears Marky is gone too....Marky was my question mark.
from krugerpak007 :
I hope you are having a nice, relaxing, happy weekend. That you are being spoilt. That you feel better. And that I will hear from you soon. Kathy
from krugerpak007 :
I wanted to drop a line and see how you are feeling. If you are feeling a little better, a little happier? I hope you have a good weekend, and relax a little Thanks also for all your comments. xoxo Kathy
from kstyle :
huh-huh-huh...she said "pulled"...huh-huh-huh... - beavis
from tuff517 :
OH NO! It says the package from was delivered on July 9th!! Oh my gosh. Someone signed for it, too. I'm going to hyperventilate.
from dearedwin :
thanks so much for the happy thoughts. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't *slightly* nervous, given that it is a very different way of life than i'm used to living. but i think i've been wanting that change to come along for quite some time, and i just needed the right person to experience it with. and i'm thrilled you like the orange and red! mr. ex '80s mod can't help himself, nor can i. :)
from myra-lee :
Ha! I'm so horrified/excited about "The Swan." It's hideous, but I'm shameless when it comes to filthy reality TV. Thank you for the encouragement regarding this job prospect. If I learned anything from my interview with CB, it's that I really need to exude confidence and stop worrying that I seem full of myself. I recently read something that said (for "creative" jobs) you should pretend you're on Letterman, just sit back, relax, share a funny/charming anecdote, etc. And, here I go...assuming I'm even going to GET an interview! Anyway, I hope you're feeling a little more steady after all the whirlwind shower/parental visiting/etc. Very, very soon, you will be Se�ora Edamame! Besos!
from influence :
Oh, we talked about it, decided to be friends, and then I didn't hear from her. And apparently she and the Greek Goddess got into a fight and stopped speaking so she doesn't come by the house anymore.
from tigerpat :
Thank you for dedicating a portion of your entry to me. I feel your anxiety. You must be so nervous with all the wedding stuff, and having him go so far away... But it will soon be a memory, and most likely you will look back and be glad the stressful parts are over. Your freind you had dinner with, souns ALOT like one of my friends. I know! How shocking about the terror attack in spain. That is just too sad. I keep informed with world events, and it was too shocking! Its sad. How many moms lost their kids? How many kids lost their moms? How many couples were seperated for life? Too sad.
from tigerpat :
If you dont mind me asking, how much weight are you trying to lose? I understand you not wanting to go to dinner with your friend. Let us know how it worked out. I hope you dont stop writing, I have gotten used to your entries now.
from tigerpat :
Have a good dinner with your friend. I understand your stress about your finace going to Thailand. What exactly are you nervous about? Bird Flu? Prostitutes? Plane troubles? Just trying to understand your anxiety. I think of everything that could go wrong too.
from tigerpat :
A wedding is a stressful time in ones life. Try to keep cool, even though its probably impossible. I wish you well. I hope your dads health improves, but at least you know his heart will be withyou, if he isnt able to attend.
from tigerpat :
I wanted to add, I am also hispanic and its nice to meet other Latin people. My mother first came to this country from the Dominican republic.
from tigerpat :
Hi I stumbled accross your journal and I think it's very intersting.
from sweetsci :
Thanks for the note, K. I guess I need things like that right now. Boo had another visit to the vet today and got liquids and an antibiotic. Now he's pacing around the house, which he's done a lot of today, which leads me to believe he's okay for now. I'm still gonna worry, tho.
from ethelalcohol :
Congrats, Chica on your upcoming nuptials. Feliz Navidad. Happy New Year and all that jazz! I hear you on the unsentimental thing. I don't really feel a need to go all out for the holidays anymore either. Maybe if I had kids I would - but I don't (thank god) so I don't have to.
from raven72d :
Joyeux Noel!
from kstyle :
ok, hunnybunny, you're finally on the cribs page! hooray! nice place, too!
from raven72d :
I spend my nights watching reality TV about people half my age... And I wish I had a fire escape to sit on.
from hyacinthgirl :
hi! scrabble747 has moved to cheers!
from candora :
more to explore than I have time just now, but I hope to be back.
from kymee :
Jega - find some of their music, if you like Tosca, then I bet Jega will tickle you're fancy!
from nagvioli :
thank you for your condolences. death is always so hard to handle but friends and family always shine the light in the darkness. GRACIAS, AMIGA!
from sweetsci :
Thanks for the note. "The fullness of my feelings was never made clear" is a line from the Waterboys' "And A Bang On The Ear," from their "Fisherman's Blues" album. It's a song that celebrates past loves that says, in story form, "No matter what happened in our relationship, no matter where you are now, I send you my love." I'm wondering if I should do a clarification entry. Nah, not yet. She did call last night, so, as I said in the entry, I was wrong about thinking she wouldn't. Do you have the day off? Hope so. It's sunny up here. Hope you're getting some of that sun, too.
from jen69 :
Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day. xx
from elliorange :
Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, fun, and relaxing day! :)
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the edsufferer diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from sweetsci :
Thanks for your note, K. It does help to write this stuff down. And you've never come off to me as being "needy" - just honest, smart, and sincere. There's nothing wrong with needing a hug now and then. Rob
from sinecure :
It is frustrating, and I thought to clarify the situation. This has been circulating since 1997. Maybe we can put an end to it once and for all.
from storm--- :
You Rock!
from strummer- :
Hey, I really like your site and that G.W.Bush thing, hillarious! I guess the countdown to war is on. Yikes. I'll hide in my imaginary igloo!
from bannerreview :
You've been reviewed!
from tornlace :
ohh much luck on that diet. i sometimes dream i am eating cake and muffins and omelettes and i feel full the second i wake up but then it goes away and my stomach is like "wait- you lied!" and then proceeds to make me want to actually eat all those things so don't be surprised if you dream of eating and eating too.. :)
from erato :
I agree completely. And I would want to go doing something I enjoyed. As a good friend of mine brought up, we wouldn't want to spend our last hours here on Earth waiting in line at the DMV.
from bettyalready :
Sorry I haven't written sooner! I'm a mess. I did not ease into it at all. Cold turkey, 100%. AGH! I want something like a BLT. I was vegan before this though. I started the vegan thing in July of 2002. It's hard! This is so hard! I can't wait until I can get a food dehydrator.
from seventigers :
Nice diary. I randomly clicked on your wishlist and found that, lo and behold, you have the Doves - The Last Broadcast on your front page. Guess too. Anyway, just thought I'd stop by and say that. Not to mention the fact that the Longpigs CD you want rocks, and so does that Dandy Warhols. Yeah. And Stereolab, too :)
from sambadelic :
from sambadelic :
I find the fact that anyone, anywhere, thinks of me when they overhear a stranger speaking Portugese to be absolutely charming. (And I'm not the kind to ever use the phrase "absolutely charming" in any normal conversation.)
from keryanna :
I just saw a vibrator the other day that had different attachments to maximize your pleasure. It was intriguing and a little scary.
from i-bled :
i like the picture at the top
from greatgadfly :
I LOVE the new layout!
from musiclovesme :
"You were the first person to tell me that I was beautiful, at least in a way that I could hear and understand. I wish I could believe you today, but please know that this isn't a reflection of you. This is merely one of many issues that I need to continue to work through. Still today, despite not feeling beautiful when I look in the mirror, I love it when you reach over to brush the hair out of my face and look deep into me. Your gaze warms me in a way that only the truth can, and the sincerity of your love makes me forget what I think of myself." That. Is. So. True. I hope you don't mind, I used it on my diary. :)
from sambadelic :
MC Solaar- Yeehaw! I'm always so clueless when I want to buy new music and run across most of my faves after blowing $ on randomness, but your favorites list overlaps w/my tastes enough I shoud use it as a "to buy" list!
from streetfaerie :
Hey woman - i just wanted to say THANK YOU first of all and sorry for being a deadbeat and not dropping by sooner to tell you they arrived.
from yburuby :
i will join your mexican artsy fartsy colony. besides, i can even speak spanish, and i hear that such skills may be useful in mexico.
from irisheyes70 :
Help me out here! Did you say you have a link to your Swappingtons profile somewhere in your diary? I can't find it. I want to see your stuff. :)
from mrs-roboto :
Well I am excited to read the entries whenever you get them up. The first couple were so good and real, you know?
from theaterdiva :
I want to join the artists' colony! Your diary is a pleasure to read!
from starlight42 :
I clicked on your banner...I really like your diary. I'm going to come back & read when I have a little more time. But I really enjoyed the "sex" entry. I can relate to you about certain parts...great writing!
from cuntgirl :
You've got one of the best done banners I'd ever seen, and a collection of words I am taking an awful liking to
from laila726 :
Thanks for leaving me that nice note. The outpour of support that I have gotten has been truly amazing. I really appreciate all the kind words. Thanks. =)
from splorch :
Hee! I do like "Save Tonight"! Catchy. Though I also have a sneaking fondness for Nickelback. Tell no one.
from twistybass :
thanks. it's frustrating that i can't find the words to say what i really want to say, but it's reassuring to know even my failed attempt was able to convey some of what i felt. and you're right about headmusic. she is the beesiest kneesiest person i've never met!
from sipthis :
Stumbled across your diary and felt the need to leave a typical note. Your words are beautiful, and your layout is amazing. Take care.
from kstyle :
remember: b.f.b4 m.t.p., b.f.b4 m.t.p., it's a mantra...a little kabbala mixed with the church of the poison mind. peace out, girly
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from sweetsci :
You're so right. There are only so many hours in a day. Now how do we work it so our energy and motivation peaks when we need it to?
from headmusic :
hey. thank you so much--really. it's been so hard re-hashing this, even though it's always on mind. it was impossible to mention any of this before when the boyfriend read it. i can only hope to god he doesn't locate this, as i'm sure it woud be really hurtful. i still have reservations, but i think it might be doing some good.
from myra-lee :
Oh dear - I've been accused of having no sense of smell. And I think it's true; I have a low aptitude for smelling. I'm always the last to notice when someone/something has blundered. What I'm trying to say is: I'd rather be on your side of the smelling dilemma.
from queenserena :
I really like the way you write and I don't people should put themselves because of what they write even though I do that too. I'm contradicting myself but I don't think you write bad you write better than I ever could for me it needs alot of work... well keep posted on any other entries... Have a good day and I hope you had a good time with your sis after all... ~*~ Queenie~*~
from sweetsci :
You are indeed the VERY FIRST person to leave a note at my diaryland page! You get the prize! Now give me time to figure out what the prize is... Rob C.
from bother :
i'm glad you felt suitably fuzzed. it was very self-indulgent of me, and of course rather lazy, but i have a feeling it's going to end up as the best entry i ever made. if you want more pictures try, for that is where i stole it from. kisses,
from sophetia :
you are the still one the greatest people i have come to "know" on dland ... MWAH!!
from somatic :
ryn: i'm somatose on 3WA. i've been more of a lurker than a poster (i think i'm only on 22 posts or something silly like that). However, i joined the Writers Group Thingy and have started to show up more often in various threads. : ) Hee.
from myra-lee :
I am forever indebted to you for the word "Rantypants." I just love that.
from myra-lee :
Yay! Rantypants! That entry made me smile quite a lot. Yep - OC Girl in the house: 949 is South County. I worked there for five months not too long ago, and it made me so very, very Rantypants.
from myra-lee :
I'm convinced you ARE, in fact, the nicest person on the planet. Mr. Blue and Frida...I'd love to think they could be soulmates, but Mr. Blue is even more rude than I made him out to be, and he's done awful things to other cats. I am embarrassed by him. Does he care? No, he does not. Frida is probably kinder at heart than Mister. But I promise you - Mister and me - we're not completely crazy. Or bad. Mostly. Thank you for lending your eyes and mind to my diary. I am so inspired by your honesty.
from sarahjanet :
oh my goodness! Would you really design a layout for me? You are the nicest person in the world! Drop me an email or something - [email protected] *goes off full of warm fuzzies*
from myra-lee :
Hah! Thanks for your note. (The one about wanting to slap yourself really hard across the face.) It made me smile. I hope you're feeling better. Those symptoms sound awful. (Oh - and I didn't realize when I posted the last note: the new Coldplay doesn't come out till 8/27. But then, you already knew that.) Take care.
from paley :
Hi, I hope you're feeling better. Good thoughts for you.
from myra-lee :
Thank you so much for reading my diary. The Coldplay song is called "In My Place." And it's on the new album, "A Rush of Blood to the Head." I think.
from sheilasrs :
All I have been doing in my diary too is complaining. I would like to talk about different things, but I end up bitchin.
from coltpixy :
Thank you so much for leaving me a message, and yes Terri *is* the coolest. *poof*
from dreamutopia :
let me know what you think of it. I remember this movie being really funny and you don't have to like soccer to like the movie.
from castigada :
Much�simas gracias por doing my survey! I appreciated (as always!) your creativity and candor. Did you enjoy your chicken parmigiana?
from tuff517 :
Thanks for doing the survey, I used to watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island on Friday nights with my grandma, too. I would always fall asleep before Fantasy Island ended. How funny.
from nonce :
a belated birthday present is in the'll know it when you find it.
from iona :
Hi, just thought I'd take a look. You are so with it. & you know, its really smart and wise to stay home these days. Of course, that means no shopping on the internet, either. Anyway, my hubby seems to smile more when he knows I haven't gone shopping today when he comes home from work.
from sam :
Happy birthday! I got here through the talkative Nonce's site (he's taken over your guestbook!) and stayed to check your site out. Some pretty interesting stuff...I'll have to come back.
from nonce :
The google I tired to rig on you was "obsessive Weight Watchers hamster wheel exercise binge". Plug that into google...and you will find yourself...and yourself alone...but sadly you can't get to you...
from nonce :
Whoops....I obviously mean KJT
from nonce :
Sorry KTJ,

You are currently ungoogleable. It was hard enough to find you as "in" "my" "life" are common words to appear in d-land. I did find you eventually. You've got about 20 or so instances in google.

Sadly they are all under "" even if someone comes at you from one of your occurences in google...they will never get to

Give it a couple more months...and the google bots will crawl through your more recent entries....and then I'll google ya proper...okay?
from nonce :

Party is over (always is as soon as theshivers and MG arrive).

I'm leaving a note her cause I've left you too many g-book comments today...and do not want to appear as the stalker that I am.

Don't bother changing anything in the g-book. It's in there...and it's in there for good.

Just like put it out there...if it is have to face the music. That's what living in real-time is all about.
from sheilasrs :
I just wanted to let you know that I am still reading your diary. I just never know what to write in the gbook or in here. =)
from migrainegirl :
INDEED! Mr Nonce does NOT own these notes. We shall clear this matter up right now. These notes belong to the Shivery One and myself. No boys allowed. Or nonces. are those "needy" hugs you requested. They are only virtual, but we do what we can. (((HUGS!!)))
from theshivers :
ha! Nonce does NOT own your if...oh wait, I better be nice to him...hmmm...anyway, i'm just dropping by to offer you one of those much-needed hugs...sorry your Sunday was so *ick*--here's to a better week!
from nonce :

You liked Breaking the Waves...and The Idiots. I told a friend to go see Breaking the Waves...cause it was awe-inspiring. But I didn't tell her any details. So she rents it one night....and ends up huddled in a ball in the kitchen with a bottle of scotch.

I think she was expecting Amelie...I figure after the first 10 minutes and nearly throwing up from motion sickness...that you would figure out it wasn't what you were expecting.

Oh ya...the reason why I'm leaving this wants i change back comments as were before....yes, no?

Well then......shhhha-dup!!!
from nonce :
I own your notes!

No...really...I do.

I re-wrote cause I think I might have mixed you up with someone else...who posted that they were broad-shouldered and also a bit obsessive. When I saw your photos...I figured I likely had mixed up one of the other "new" diaries to me. Cause I see no broad-shoulders. You may, however, indeed turn out to be obsessive...

Just kidding...
from nonce :
Nobody else posts here? Is this some kinda weird twilight zone thingie?

RE: lost love searches on google
Well....not really. There is nothing out there on either of the good ones I want to peek in on. And if there was I already pretty much know what would happen. It's all a matter of me wishing to keep in touch. But the reality being that that is just not possible. After a little time re-interacting with them I'd come face to face with an inability to get over past impressions (on their part moreso than on mine...after all I'm the one trying to get back in touch).
I figure, when people are not present in your's for a likely very good reason. Perhaps even a reason to your advantage...(i.e.:it's better for you not to be in touch with them...cause they've got no sparkles left in 'em).
As I mentioned, I did call up one of 'them' yesterday. But I precisely left the ball in her court as to whether we get in touch. I don't really expect to her from her....which could mean that I will be pleasantly surprised. Like when you see a "bad" movie...that everyone puts down...and it turns out to be quite good. For instance...BubbleBoy.
from nonce :

And got to be the first person to leave you a note in this diary...

from nonce :


That has to be some of the nicest feedback I've gotten in a while.

I'll make sure to check in with your diary and see how things are going with you.

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